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Peak Performance Sports teaches athletes, coaches, and sports parents practical, easy-to-learn and easy-to-apply sports psychology strategies.

From one-on-one coaching to CD programs, you’ll discover sports psychology secrets champion athletes use to perform with confidence and consistency…

  • Athletes: Discover mental toughness secrets to help perform your best.
  • Coaches: Learn how to boost your team’s confidence and win more.
  • Parents: Learn the secrets to instill confidence in young athletes.
  • Mental Coaches: Get certified and improve your mental coaching skills.

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Sports Psychology for Coaches

Discover cutting-edge sports psychology and mental toughness secrets to perform your best in competition.

Improve Your Confidence for Sports

Sports Psychology for Coaches

Tap into proven mental toughness secrets to improve your athletes’ success in practice and competition.

Get the Mental Edge for Competition

Sports Psychology for Young Athletes

Discover the mental game strategies that will improve young athletes’ confidence, focus, and success in sports!

Instill Composure in Sports Kids

Mental Coach Certification and Mental Game Resources

Learn about Dr. Cohn’s Mental Game Coaching Professional (MGCP) program to help your athletes’ succeed.

Tools for Success for Mental Coaches


Dr. Patrick Cohn, Sports Psychology ExpertPeak Performance Sports :: Sports Psychology Experts :: Since 1991

Dr. Patrick Cohn, is the owner of Peak Performance Sports, LLC and Dr. Cohn founded in 1996 after starting Peak Performance Sports in 1991. Athletes, performers, coaches, sports parents, and mental coaches learn practical sports psychology strategies to improve performance and consistency in sports.

At Peak Performance Sports, you’ll discover the secrets to think like a champion. You’ll improve confidence with mental training for athletes and young athletes, mental toughness seminars for teams or groups, and online mental training programs.

In addition, sports psychologists in-training can get expert training from master mental game coach Dr. Patrick Cohn with the Mental Game Coach certification program for Coaches, Athlete’s Mental Edge Workbook system, or by joining our Mastermind program for sport psychology professionals.