Sports Psychology for Kids

Help Your Athletes Improve Confidence to Succeed in Sports

As a parent, you naturally want the best for your child, whether it’s at school, at home or in sports competition. But knowing how to help your child improve performance in sports without pressuring them is a fine line to walk. If your athlete looks like a top performer, but freezes up or tanks in competition, then sports psychology can help…

Mental Game Training for Youth Athletes

As a sports parent, you can accelerate your child’s confidence and mental game prowess! With programs made for younger and older athletes and sports parents, your kids can excel in sports and life! Sports parents: Learn how to instill a strong mental game.

Instill Confidence and Success in your sports kids…

  1. MENTAL GAME COACHING FOR YOUNG ATHLETESGet expert mental game coaching from anywhere in the world.
  2. CD & WORKBOOK PROGRAMS FOR SPORTS PARENTSBrowse Peak Performance Sports’ extensive library of proven and tested audio and workbook programs.
  3. FREE MENTAL GAME TIPS FOR PARENTS & KIDSDownload a free youth sports psychology eBook to improve kids’ confidence.

1. Mental Game Coaching for Young Athletes

Sports Psychology for Karting

It’s no secret that sports success is linked closely to an athlete’s mental toughness. If your young athletes struggle to perform well in competition, are frustrated with their performance, talk about quitting or display low confidence levels, mental game training can help.

Mental training helps young athletes gain the mental toughness they need to excel in competition! Packages Start at $600 a month. Learn More About Mental Coaching for Young Athletes Today…

2. Sports Psychology Audio & Workbooks

focused sports kid

Dr. Patrick Cohn and his sister, Lisa Cohn, help parents and coaches of young athletes improve mental game skills in an easy-to-learn and simple but powerful format for confident sports kids.

Each program in the Confident Sports Kid series is two programs in one: you get a CD and workbook for young athletes plus an additional CD and training manual for parents and coaches. Boost your athletes’ confidence with our mental training CD and Workbook programs! Starting at $89 per CD program. Give Athletes The Mental Game Edge Today…

3. Free Mental Toughness Report & Weekly Tips

Youth Sports Psychology E-book

Learn the top 10 mental game strategies to improve confidence and success in sports and life. And get weekly mental game tips to help improve your sports parenting skills and knowledge of the mental game for young athletes. You’ll learn:

  • How one change can boost sports kids’ confidence fast.
  • How athletes can let go of mistakes faster.
  • How to help athletes take their practice skills to competition.
  • How kids can learn top mental strategies to perform well.

Download a free youth mental game report to learn more about what hurts kids’ confidence and how to boost kids’ confidence in sports! Free for sports parents. Download a Free Sports Confidence Report Today…

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