Brock McCormack – Mental Performance Coach

Brock McCormack, M.S., is a mental performance coach with Peak Performance Sports. He is finishing the requirements to be a Certified Mental Performance Consultant through AASP. He is a professional member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). He’s also an certified MGCP or certified mental performance coach by Peak Performance Sports.

Brock has delivered mental performance programs for various team at the high school and collegiate levels. These include baseball, softball, golf, soccer, wrestling, and track and field. Additionally, he has provided one-on-one mental performance coaching for athletes at all levels.

After playing collegiate baseball, and coaching at the youth and high-school level, he earned his Master’s degree from Florida State University. He is passionate about working with different athletes, coaches, and teams at all levels. Brock is also an accomplished golfer.

Sports Psychology Certification

Brock faced significant obstacles in sport due to injuries and mental setbacks, and these experiences profoundly shaped his understanding of the crucial role mental resilience plays in athletic success. Navigating through these challenges for athletes has fueled his passion to help athletes, and he is eager to apply this firsthand insight in his work.

Brock does mental performance coaching with athletes in all sports and levels including baseball, basketball, and golf, softball, football, wrestling, tennis, soccer, track and field, and volleyball.

What Others Say

“When I first started with Brock, I thought I had a good mental game for baseball. I quickly learned things lashing out throwing things, yelling, and blaming others wasn’t helping. I also learned that I fear failure more than anything. Baseball is a game a failure and Brock helped me learn ways to accept failure in a positive way so I could be more successful. Understanding that the lows don’t last and to just keep pushing with a good mindset worked wonders this season. Trusting Brock and his strategies was the best thing I could have done for my career and my mental game in baseball.”

~Boone Hosey (Baseball Athlete)

“Transitioning from playing professional sport to coaching has been a very challenging landscape to maneuver. I truly thank Brock for his ability to listen, add value, and aid in a more seamless transition both professionally and personally in my new career path. In today’s every changing world of sports, the mental side is more important than ever. Brock brings a wealth of knowledge and ideas that has added extreme value into my daily coaching and life. As a sport psychology consultant, he has the skills to be able to help any athlete, team, or organization perform at their very best!”

~Jonathan Bornstein (2010 U.S. Soccer World Cup Member, Current Florida State University Women’s Soccer Assistant Coach)

“Seeking help for me is never easy, but talking with Brock was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was battling numerous injuries and in a dark place at the time but with the guidance and help from Brock I was able to navigate my way through it all and come out the other end with a new perspective! Understanding my true value allowed me to succeed on and off the field thanks to Brock!”

~Brennan Baker (Baseball Athlete)

“Brock was a great asset and resource for our baseball team at Tallahassee Community College. His ability to connect individually with each player made our mental skills sessions enjoyable and something our players looked forward to each week. I have no doubt Brock will be successful in continuing his career. He will be missed at TCC”

~Coach Bryan Henry

“Before I started working with Brock, I had never done psychology practices at all. I was very down on myself due to recent circumstances in my life. Brock showed me a new way to look at the game whether it be routines, mindset, and making goals to help me become the player that I can be. I wouldn’t have ended my season as strong as I did without the help of Brock and all the ideas that he presented me with and without his words of encouragement and guidance.”

-Nick Smith (Baseball Athlete)

“After having a rough freshman year I wanted to find a way to elevate my game. I did that by working on my mental side. I was able to play the game and have fun and worry less about the results and just focus on what the team needs. Brock helped me realize that in a game of failure you need to embrace the success and failure and just play the game.”

~Luis Gomez (Baseball Athlete)

“My experience with Brock has been nothing but amazing. Coming in to work with Brock I was struggling with performance as well as mentally in most aspects of my life. The stratgegies that Brock has taught me and helped me learn have helped me to become mentally strong but also improve my performance on the field due to the tips he taught relating to on the field as well as real life. If you have any chance to work with Brock, I would highly recommend this as well as be open minded to the thought of sport psychology. I was very closed off to starting something new but once I started to open up I made leaps and bounds and became extremely mentally strong on the field.”

~Austin Asbill (Baseball Athlete)

“After playing my first year of college baseball at Tallahassee community college, I learned many things about myself. I was a having a great year on the field, but it was very inconsistent and took a toll on me mentally. I started to question myself, wondering if I still had what it took or if I was good enough to play. That is when I decided that I needed to find help and it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Brock also taught me something I go by in my everyday life, control the controllables. Not only do the things we talk about and techniques we use help me on the field, but this also helps me on a daily basis. Meeting with Brock was the best decision that I have ever made, and it helped me play one of the best years of my life.”

~Ryan Meekins (Baseball Athlete)