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Sports Psychology for Yips

Sports Psychology for Yips

Do you putt, pitch, or throw well in practice, but can’t take your game to competition? Do you look like a different golfer on the course or baseball player in games? If you’re losing control or accuracy with putting, serving, or throwing, there’s help.

Learn how to cure the yips with our Mental Performance Coaches who have helped golfers and baseball players solve the yips cycle.

If you want to improve your putting, chipping, throwing, or serving, or your entire mental game, sports psychology coaching can help! Dr. Cohn is the author of “Breaking The Yips Cycle” DVD and workbook program.

Peaksports mental coaches have helped golfers, tennis players, and baseball players win at all levels–from amateur to pro athletes–improve their mental game and win.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a junior athlete, college player, serious amateur, or seasoned tour pro, sports psychology coaching can help you improve your confidence, focus, and composure on the course, field, and court and give your performance the boost it needs.

And if you struggle with the putting, chipping, pitching, throwing, or tennis serve yips, you can get expert sports psychology coaching from someone who knows how to help you overcome the yips.

Cure the Yips with Mental Performance Coaches, Dr. Patrick Cohn, Jaclyn Ellis, M.S., and Georgia Miller, M.A. to:

  • Uncover fear of failure and perfectionism that keeps you stuck in the yips cycle.
  • Learn the mental game strategies to free up your stroke, serve, or throw once again.
  • Improve practice efficiency to free you up in games or matches.
  • Learn putting and throwing drills to help you take your practice to competition.

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How do you know if you have the golf yips?

golf putting yips

Not every golfer will experience the putting yips during a career. Mayo Clinic researchers found that more than one-third of all serious golfers have had the yips at one time.

Long-time golfers, who have played for 30 years or more are more likely to get the golf yips. That’s a pretty big number, but at least half of all golfers never experience the yips in their career.

And you don’t want to assume you have the yips after having a poor putting round. Most young golfers do not get the yips because they are fearless and putt with a child-like mindset.

What might the yips feel like if you have them? Many golfers describe that they make a stabbing or flinching motion at impact. I call this a “hit impulse.” Other golfers use terms to describe the yips, such as twitching, jerking, or flinching with their stroke or arms mostly near the impact zone when the club gets close to the ball.

How do you know if you have the baseball yips?

If you lose control of your throwing or pitching accuracy in games, but throw on target in practice, most likely you have the yips. Or if you tighten up and over control your throwing action in games, but get worse results than throwing BP or catching BP, then you may well have the throwing yips.

Often with the throwing yips in baseball, players worry too much about what others might think about their game. This can lead to fear of embarrassment or fear of getting benched.

Another sign is when you can only use one of three or four pitches in a game situation–the same pitches you can throw effortless in practice every day.

And if you are a catcher, you might struggle to get the ball back to the mound after every pitch or you can’t make an accurate throw to second or first base.

How do you know if you have the tennis yips?

Tennis Mental Toughness

The yips in tennis can affect any stroke, but it’s more common with the tennis serve. If you pause in the middle of your serve and can’t finish the stroke, you may well have the yips with your serve.

Also, at impact you feel yourself tighten up or jerk your racquet head hit a serve you normally don’t hit in practice, then you might have the yips.

Get Yips Coaching from Anywhere in the World

You can get expert yips mental coaching with us from anywhere in the world. You can meet with us via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or phone. With today’s video technology, we are able to connect with athletes and coaches all over the globe.

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Learn how to free up your stroke or throw while you develop your entire mental game with one-on-one sports mental training!

One-on One Yips Coaching Programs

You can improve your mental game with Mental Game Coaching. You can opt for one-on-one sessions in Orlando, Florida, or get coaching from anywhere in the world via Zoom, Facetime, Skype or phone.

All yips coaching programs include the Athlete’s Mental Aptitude Assessment (AMAP), a custom Mental Game Plan, weekly coaching sessions, unlimited email correspondence, and products to do in between the sessions.

One-on-one mental coaching is the fastest and most effective method to improve your mental game, overcome the yips, and make lasting changes. We have a variety of mental coaching programs to choose from. Please call us at 888-742-7225 with your questions.

The key to success with yips coaching is to have consistent contact with a mental coach–once a week. You can join a monthly yips coaching program or start with just one month. Then, you can evaluate your progress to see if you want to continue. Most athletes with the yips complete one to three months of mental coaching for yips.

Peaksports Mental Performance Coaches

Peak Performance Sports offers expert mental performance coaching with our certified mental coaches. Please click a photo below to visit the bio pages of our certified mental performance coaches.

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Yips Tips & Coaching Success Stories

“I Felt I Was Throwing Completely Free”

“Today was a really good day. I felt I was throwing completely free, had maybe one or two tense throws and after coach told me it looked very good.”*
~Chris Fetters

“Your Response To The Throwing Problem Covers Many Situations In Life”

“Your response to the throwing problem in front of the coach covers so many situations in life…that is the beauty of playing sports…the life learning experiences. Keep up the good work…you are the best coach.”*
~Bill Brennan

“The Yips Program Has Helped a Lot”

“I write you because it’s been 6 months since I started the program Breaking the Yips Cycle. Before that I was putting with a long putt and due to the ban on anchoring I switched to a short putt and started your program. The yips program has helped me a lot. I have been able to focus on what matters instead of thinking about the outcome or fearing a yippy stroke.”*
~Ricardo Abogabir C.

“I’m So Glad I Found You”

“I’ve had the yips for 30 years. With the anchor ban, I thought I needed to quit golf. It was frustrating hearing golf experts and commentators state that no amateur was going to quit golf because of the anchoring ban. Obviously, these experts don’t know anything about the yips. I’m so glad I found you. Your drills really helped. It might sound silly, but the biggest thing that helped me is knowing that the yips is mental. It might sound crazy, for someone to have the yips for 30 years, and not know it’s mental. I also believe I know my reason for having the yips, and I see how my insecurities in every day life contributed to the yips. Thank you for your help.”*
~Kevin Stankewicz

“Awesome Tips and They Worked Great”

“Yes! Awesome tips and they worked great. I was having a tough time mentally with putts inside of 4 feet for self imposed fear of missing them. After doing all of your drills I found myself just looking at the hole on the shorts putts similar to a free throw. Seems to be working. Thank you so much!”*
~Shawn Barr

“I Owe You Big Time”

“Yes Patrick, I’m a five handicap and also mentally handicapped by the yips. What worked for me was the aim, set and go drill. You don’t have time to think about yipping. I played today and not one yip. I owe you big time. Thanks again.”*
~Mike Helms

“I Feel Like I’m Stealing From You”

“Patrick–something seems really weird here. You are giving out so much good material to help with the yips, and I feel like I am stealing from you! I really like your style! You don’t see that very often–ever as a mater of fact! You are an amazing guy!”*
~O’Jay Omlid

“What a Great Feeling or Freedom”

“I went on to the putting green right after receiving your mail. What a great feeling of freedom. No tense at all, smiling and more consistent than ever before. I have a very low handicap and of course I have great rounds during the years, but you have taken me to a new level by curing the yips. I have just read your report again, and now I get the point in your comparing with throwing darts. I am very grateful – if you visit Denmark I will invite you out for dinner.”*
~Søren Meinertsen

Success Story with Chipping Yips

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*Testimonials found on this site are examples of what we have done for other clients, and what some of our clients have said about us. However, we cannot guarantee the results in any case. Your results may vary and every situation is different. No compensation was provided for these testimonials.