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From the Desk of Dr. Patrick Cohn

Dear Fellow Mental Coach,

If you just started your mental coaching career or you’re sports-psychologist-in-training, or even an experienced mental game coach, being credible in the eyes of your potential clients MUST be a priority. The more credible your clients view you, the higher chance for your success as a mental game coach.

Based on my 25 plus years as a mental game coach, you can learn from my mistakes and successes.

Just a quick story I want to share with you…

About 28 years ago, I was in graduate school at The University of Virginia in studying sports psychology. My training at UVA prepared me to teach sports psychology to students at the University level. When I finished, of course I did teach college students as an assistant professor in sports psychology.

I enjoyed teaching, but within two years, I realized my passion was helping athletes improve their mental toughness. So, in 1994, after having worked with a handful of athletes, I decided to start my career as a full-time mental game coach…

I was unprepared for what would follow…

Coming out of school and doing two years of teaching, I was NOT prepared to start my own business as a mental coach. I was prepared to teach sports psychology and motor learning at the college level…

Working with Ken Ravizza and Bob Rotella, I learned a great deal about sports psychology strategies, but I didn’t know anything about how to start work as a mental game coach. Jobs in mental coaching just did not exist in the early 90s. I was forced to go out on my own and create my own business…

I was clueless in the mid 90s trying to figure out how to find my niche. How do I make a living as a mental game coach? Who is my target market? Do I specialize in one sport?

Early on, it was difficult to make a go of it. Luckily, I was a mental coach for golfers in graduate school and that helped when I started my own business. But how was I supposed to branch out and make a living in this area? I was not really sure about how to find work with athletes as a sports psychology professional.

I had lots of questions (and doubts), but no good answers…

  • Should I spend my time writing a book or talking to coaches and athletes?
  • Should I offer my services for free initially?
  • Do I just need to advertise my services to let others know I exist?
  • Should I do a web site? How do you get a website up and running, anyway?
  • Can I really make a living as a mental game coach to athletes?
  • Who should I contact to find athletes and coaches to hire me?
  • How do I find work with athletes and teams?
  • What if I can’t make this career work? Do I need to find a teaching job?
  • Will athletes think I’m a credible mental game coach?

You’ve probably asked yourself some of the same questions… Besides my frustration with not having the skills to get my name in the mix with the right group of athletes, I didn’t have a plan to help me succeed… I was “winging it.”

And how do I become a credible mental coach like Bob Rotella and Ken Ravizza? Did I have the right credentials?

Here are a few common barriers to credibility that get in the way of success:

  • Lack of experience working with athletes as a mental coach.
  • Lack of knowledge about mental strategies.
  • Lack of endorsements from recognized athletes.
  • Other professionals are viewed as more qualified.
  • Lack of reputation as a credible mental coach.
  • No credentials as a mental game coach (Ph.D., AASP certification, etc.).
  • Lack of sport-specific knowledge or experience.
  • Low confidence in the ability to teach mental game strategies.
  • Lack of proper communication skills to be effective.

First Steps to Improving Credibility

YouTube video

I wasted thousands of dollars trying to find answers…

I contacted potential groups to do seminars, but those turned into dead ends. I had an awful website that did not attract any visitors. Was I in the wrong area of the country? All the dead ends and wasted time in the early years caused me to question whether I had made the right career choice…

But I still loved working with the few students I did have, and I stayed focused.

OK, fast-forward about 28 years… After countless years of trial and error, frustration, and lots of hard work, I began to understand how to turn my passion into a successful career. Over the years, I polished my programs, learned who I should contact for work, worked on a referral system, and learned how to how to get more work with athletes.

One confession to make…

I was not an expert in business. Today, I see myself as a successful mental game expert helping athletes reach their goals. I don’t have all the answers and I’m still learning how to grow my business.

But I know, without a doubt, that you need to take some basic, but critical, steps to improve your credibility so you can get more work with athletes and teams. How do you think Bob Rotella became so successful with golfers? And why did Ravizza work with so many pro baseball teams over the years?

I only have one answer: These mental coaches were viewed as experts in the field of mental coaching, they gained notoriety, and used one critical strategy to catapult them to the top of the credibility charts.

I’ve made lots of mistakes and learned a lot of lessons over the last 25 plus years as a mental game coach. Today, I teach other mental game experts, life coaches, and therapists my mental game coaching profession system.

Now you can learn from my mistakes and triumphs with a new manual for mental game coaches….

“Improving Credibility: How to Obtain More Clients As a Mental Game Coach”

Learn My Secrets to Improve Your Credibility

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Mental Coach Credibility

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My new program helps new and experienced mental coaches gain credibility in your field of expertise. In “Improving Credibility,” you’ll learn how to get organized with your business documents so you can look professional, how to harness social proof from athletes and coaches, and learn the top tactics to improve your credibility as a mental coach.

The Improving Credibility, 40-page Mental Coach Manual, Program Teaches You:

  • How to get organized with business documents, mental coaching programs, athlete intake forms or coaching agreements, and more.
  • How to define your role as a mental coach.
  • The importance of credibility as a mental game coach.
  • Tactics to building credibility and the steps I’ve taken.
  • One must-have tactic you must do to become more credible in the eyes of your clients.
  • And much more!

My Program Also Includes These Bonuses…

I’ve bundled several supplemental documents–this bundle alone is valued at $200. We’ve made my credibility system super easy for you to implement and use with your athletes or teams. The bonus programs include:

1. Athlete Intake Forms For Mental Coaches – an example of my athlete intake forms that I send to my athletes before the first session (NOTE: I’m not a lawyer and can’t give you legal advice).

2. Mental Coaching Programs – an example of my mental coaching programs that we send to parents, athlete and coaches that are interested in my one-on-one coaching program.

3. Helping Athletes Overcome Myths in Sports Psychology – an eBook to help athletes, parents and coaches debunk myths about sports psychology (NOTE: We included the title page as a Word and Pages document so you can add your own logo or watermark)

4. What is Mental Game Coaching? – an brochure you can give to athletes, parents and coaches so they can understand what sports psychology is and how it can help them. (NOTE: We included the title page in both Word and Pages documents so you can add your own logo or watermark).

5. Can You Benefit From Mental Coaching – a one page mental game assessment that you can send to potential clients to identify areas of their mental game that they can improve and help clients identify with potential challenges.

We designed this program to help you get organized as a mental game coach and accelerate your credibility.

What Are Mental Coaches Saying About My Programs?

“Provides a framework and step-by-step method”

“I’ve been involved in coaching for over 30 years and included mental skills to help close the gap between potential and performance. I’ve attended numerous workshops relating to sport psychology throughout my career along with receiving a graduate degree in behavioral studies. Dr. Cohn fully shares his knowledge and extensive library of audio, visual, and printed materials with his class. What I found most valuable is that this program provided a framework and step-by-step method of evaluation and implementation of the sound principles that he teaches; all of which are research-based, accepted, and on the cutting edge of sport psychology.”*
~Jim Bonfiglio, M.Ed., Certified MGCP, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73134

“Helped me to become a better coach”

“I just wanted to thank you for sharing so many of your ideas which has helped me to become a better coach. Last week, you sent me a handout about compiling a game plan when playing a practice round. I used that this weekend with one of my junior golfers that I have been working with for a month and today he won his first tournament of the year. I am not writing because he won, but because of your effort, I am better prepared to teach the mental skills of golf. For that I am thankful.”*
~Chuck Yaeger, MGCP

“Workbooks Provide a Great Framework for Doing Workshops”

“I am really pleased with the Athlete’s Mental Edge workbooks – they are fitting in really well with my coaching! I find they offer a great framework for doing workshop sessions. I have also used the workbooks with a few individual athletes – for the younger ones (12 and under). They are giving a good structure and framework to our sessions. The workbooks have worked well with all of them!”*
~Kerri Morgan, Mental Game Coach

Willingness and Openness to Share His Assets

“I am impressed with the willingness and openness of Dr. Cohn to share all of his assets (intellectual, products, etc.) with the MGCP students. You have developed an incredible model/package for mental training. Even though we are paying for your service, you are passing on a legacy built on your contribution to the world of sports. Thank you for that.”*
~Tony Melito, MGCP

Who Is The Program Perfect For?

  • A full-time or part-time mental game coach or sports psychologists who wants to gain credibility and expand their mental coaching business.
  • A psychologist or therapist already working with athletes, but who wants to do more with athletes by expanding your market.
  • A life coach or sports coach who works with athletes already, but wants to break further into the athletics world and do more coaching with athletes.
  • A student in sports psychology who wants to learn how to break into the field as an entrepreneur.

What’s the Cost of Improving Credibility?

As a fellow mental coach or coach, you have earned the right to receive the best pricing I can offer. The entire package–including all bonus documents–is only $299.00.

Improve Your Credibility as a Mental Coach

Digital Download – Get immediate access to the program.
No shipping costs! Avoid costly international shipping charges!

Mental Coach Credibility

ONLY – $299.00

Or Call to Order: 888-742-7225

Thanks for taking time to read about “Improving Credibility” to help improve your success as a mental game coach or sports psychology professional. Please contact me if you have any questions about the program.

Your Master Mental Coach,

Master Mental Game Coach

P.S. With the purchase of this program or any of our other mental coach programs, you can upgrade to the MGCP Certification program. Learn more about the MGCP program options…

ORDER NOW with confidence knowing I stand behind my work as a master mental game coach. If you want to order via phone, call 1-888-742-7225.


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