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Now, you can improve your mental toughness with the leader in online sports psychology programs, Dr. Patrick Cohn. And you don’t have to attend any sports “boot camps”; in fact, you don’t even need to leave your home because Dr. Cohn’s programs are available online!  With just a modest yearly fee, coaches and athletes can now have unlimited access to confidence-boosting tips from this highly-regarded  leader in online mental training programs.Dr. Cohn’s program is ideal where ongoing, self-paced learning is desired to improve individual or team mental toughness. Participating athletes and coaches will get new content each month, with the newest methodology in  online sports psychology and mental training strategies. With just a mouse-click, a little time, and a little note-taking, coaches can keep their team on the cutting-edge with the fresh monthly content they can share with their players.

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For older competitive athletes ages 15 years and up and high school and collegiate sports coaches, you’ll learn how to improve confidence, composure, and overall mental toughness with our exclusive online mental training program.

You can learn the same cutting-edge mental training strategies used by the pros to perform with consistency. And all for one low yearly fee!

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