2007 Peaksports Mental Training Bootcamp

Attention Coaches, Athletes, and Sports Parents…

The 2007 Peaksports Mental Training Boot Camp DVD’s

“Mental Toughness Secrets Revealed by
Leading U.S. Sports Psychology Experts!”

From the desk of: Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D.,

Dear Athlete, Coach, or Sports Parent:

Did you miss the 2007 Mental Training Bootcamp Seminar in Orlando, Florida this year? No problem. You can reserve your copy of the Bootcamp DVD’s and learn the secrets to championship mental toughness from the comfort of your home!

Regardless of your sport or level in competition, you can learn and apply the secrets professional athletes and coaches use to boost confidence and improve focus instantly.

You and others begged me to offer a live mental toughness seminar. I promised to conduct a live seminar this year. I kept my promise… And I did one better! We recorded the 2007 Bootcamp and have DVD’s on the way for all that could not attend!

Cutting-Edge Mental Toughness
The 6-DVD Set Includes:

  • How to Mentally Train for a Zone Focus – Again and Again. Learn yours truly (Dr. Cohn’s) secret focusing strategies that have helped Professional Athletes win and break free of performance slumps!
  • The Mental Secrets to Peak Performance . The master of peak performance, Dr. Ken Ravizza, shares his mental game strategies to help athletes find the zone more often by defining their unique zone “triggers”.
  • How Champions Build Confidence and Keep It! – Dr. Tom Hanson’s cutting-edge techniques to building Confidence based on his research with baseball Hall of Famers such as Hank Aaron, Rod Carew, Pete Rose, Nolan Ryan, Tommy John, Ferguson Jenkins and many of today’s top stars.
  • The Psychology of Sports Greatness! – Dr. Robert Winters teaches you his ground-breaking system on the mindset of champions and how to achieve greatness in sports.
  • Improve Motivation and Learn Goal Setting! – Al Miller, Hall of Fame soccer coach, inspires you with his life-ling lessons on sports motivation, goal setting, and commitment in sports.
  • The Power of Words – Learn the lingo that top athletes use to stay positive and mentally tough!
  • Pregame Mental Routines for Competitive Success – Learn how to mentally prepare for competition with a unique mental routine that helps athletes transform into mentally tough “warrior athletes.”
  • And much more

What Are the Peaksports
Mental Training Bootcamp DVD’s?

With over 80 years of combined mental toughness expertise, the Peaksports Mental Training Bootcamp brought together coaches, athletes, and top sports psychology experts to share the latest methods to boost mental toughness and improve performance over a 2-day weekend in Orlando.

The Bootcamp DVD’s gives you hundreds of strategies, ideas, and practical mental game tools to apply and enhance your athletic performance, coaching, or sports parenting.

You’ll learn everything we offer to athletes yearning to improve themselves. The newest mental training and applied sports psychology strategies used to reach peak performance in sports – in the real world!

Not only will you learn cutting-edge mental training strategies from leading mental coaching experts, you’ll also get a unique insight into the mindsets and experiences of professional athletes and top-level coaches at the top of their sports.

Al Miller on the 2007 Peaksports Bootcamp
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Who Can Benefit From The Peaksports
Mental Training Boot Camp DVD’s?

  • Athletes who want to learn HOW TO apply the latest methods to improve performance in sports.
  • Sports Coaches who want to learn HOW TO boost their team’s confidence, focus, and composure, and/or learn how to enhance teamwork.
  • Sports Parents who want to learn HOW TO boost their child’s confidence and success in sport.
  • Mental Game Coaches or Sports Psychologists who want to get on top of the latest mental training strategies, as well as gain new insights from the top mental game experts in the country.

What Mental Toughness Experts Presented At the 2007 Bootcamp?

Dr. Patrick Cohn

Dr. Patrick Cohn is revered as one of the leading authorities on mental skills for entering the zone and pre-performance routines based upon his extensive research in this area.  As the president and founder of Peak Performance Sports (Orlando, FL) and the founder of the Peaksports Mental Training Boot Camp, Dr. Cohn has been the driving force behind bringing mental toughness strategies to all athletes for nearly two decades!

Dr. Cohn is an author, speaker and instructor on ground-breaking mental training skills for athletes, coaches and sports parents.  He has worked with thousands of individual and team athletes including the Miami Dolphins, NASCAR winners, National Motocross Champions, and PGA Tour professional golfers, as well as with powerful corporations such as IBM Canada and USA Today.

In addition to his work with athletes and coaches, Dr. Cohn serves as a mentor and trainer through his Mental Game Coaching Professional (MGCP) certification program.

Dr. Ken Ravizza

Considered one of the “fathers” of modern sports psychology, Ken Ravizza has conducted over 1000 Sport Psychology programs and workshops nationally and internationally. Ravizza is a highly sought after mental game expert in the world today.

Ken has worked with some of the best athletes and coaches in the world including the New York Jets (National Football League), Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (Major League Baseball), Los Angeles Dodgers (Major League Baseball), Los Angeles Galaxy (Major League Soccer), and the Toronto Argonauts (Canadian Football League).

Ken Ravizza is also one of the most experienced consultants at the Olympic and international levels having worked with the United States Olympic Softball, Field Hockey, Equestrian, Water Polo, Baseball and Figure Skating Associations for over 20 years.

Dr. Tom Hanson

Professional mental game coach Tom Hanson, Ph.D., guides business and sports performers to breakthroughs in performance, learning, and enjoyment.  He has a doctorate in education from the University of Virginia where he specialized in the study of sport psychology and extraordinary performance. His research included interviewing baseball greats such as Hank Aaron, Stan Musial, and Pete Rose on the mental aspects of hitting.

He was the full-time director of Performance Enhancement for the New York Yankees in 2001, and has also consulted with the Texas Rangers, Anaheim Angels and Minnesota Twins professional baseball teams.

Dr. Hanson is co-author of the educational fiction book “Who Will Do What By When?  How to Improve Performance, Accountability and Trust with Integrity,” and “Heads-up Baseball: Playing the Game One Pitch at a Time.”

Dr. Bob Winters

Dr. Robert K. Winters’ is a mental coach to all levels of athletes from a variety of sports. Although his main focus has been within the sport of golf, he has been equally successful working with numerous men’s and women’s collegiate sports teams, as well as business executives, corporate groups, and private clinics and individuals.

Dr. Winters is a leading authority in the field of confidence enhancement, putting confidence and sports vision. He was the mental game consultant for NBC Sports and also Quokka Sports networks on golf.com. Dr. Winters has appeared several times on The Golf Channel and is sought after as a popular motivational and educational speaker.

Al Miller

An All-American soccer midfielder in college, Al Miller was inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame in 1995. During his collegiate coaching career, he led his team to five NCAA NY Division I Championships and the NCAA semifinals in 1970. In 1973, he was recruited to coach the Philadelphia Atoms. In his first year with the Atoms, Miller won the 1973 NASL Championship, and was named Coach of the Year.

Al Miller was named as the 1974 United States Men’s National Team coach. Later, he coached the Dallas Tornado from 1976 to 1980, leading the team to the NASL semi-finals in his final year and coached the Calgary Boomers to the playoffs in 1981.

Al Miller also narrated thirteen soccer films entitled “Soccer for Everyone” and is the author of the popular book “Winning Soccer.” Today he is an experienced motivational speaker on goal setting for kids in sports.

Marc Anderson, MGCP

Marc D. Anderson heads Mental Performance Sports in Batavia, Illinois.  He earned his certification as a certified Mental Game Coach Professional in 2006, prior to founding Mental Performance Sports.  He earned his B.A in sociology at Beloit College and his Masters in Social Work at George Williams of Aurora University 1994.

Marc is a seasoned mental coaching clinician with over 20 years of experience working with athletes and non-athletes. His philosophy is athlete-centered; empowering athletes to conquer the mental challenges that are hindering their peak potential.  Marc’s clinical expertise, combined with his extensive experience as a high school coach and collegiate athlete, allows him to equip athletes and teams with mental strategies and skills to maximize their mental edge and improve their performance in competition while maintaining balance in their lives.

Matt Darby

As a retired NFL player, Matt Darby Played pro football for six years in the NFL, which includes two Super Bowls with the Buffalo Bills. Matt attended UCLA on a football scholarship as a four-year starting Defensive Back. As a coach and trainer, Matt personally knows the sacrifices athletes must make to achieve success in sports.

Today, Matt coaches athletes, students, and other performers on how to achieve success in sports and life. Matt Darby, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Personal Trainer, is currently the founder and President of Play2Win, a life coaching firm, which he began in 2006. Matt’s coaching philosophy comes from his experiences with both success and failure and his research on the most successful leaders and thinkers in the world, such as John Wooden and Vince Lombardi.

Karen Wheeler

Karen Wheeler, MGCP, is a nationally certified mental health RN who has practiced a variety of meditation styles, earned certifications in yoga and massage, and interned at the UMass Medial School Stress Reduction Clinic. Karen Wheeler has over 30 years of experience in healthcare, sports, and wellness education, which led to her own consulting firm.

Today, she is the owner of BEwell*PLAYwell, which offers individual and group training in many relaxation response techniques, lifestyle enhancement programs, and mental game coaching for athletes. Karen is also a certified BreathWalk® instructor and accomplished golfer in her own right.

Karen earned a sports hypnosis certification with Bob Reese, a prior Jets trainer and recipient of awards for his work incorporating peak performance concepts into NFL sports medicine. To further enhance her mental coaching skills, Karen earned an MGCP certification from Peak Performance Sports in 2006.

Tracy Reed

Tracy Reed is a Mental Game Specialist and Golf Biomechanic who has taught golfers, amateur and professional in 37 countries around the world. Tracy teaches golfers how to isolate “the task at hand” and develop a method of super-focus that help high level golfers to concentrate without distraction during competition.

Tracy wrote and edited “Golf Swing Control” and has taught over 6500 golfers of all handicaps, using his methods around the world. While teaching, Tracy called on his experience in the ARMY to apply mental training to performance. His mental training strategies help athletes clear their mind for better focus and enhanced performance.

What’s Included With The Bootcamp DVD Program?

DVD Number 1:

  • Al Miller — 212 Degrees: Motivation and Commitment in Sports
  • Ken Ravizza — Controlling Emotions: How to Feel Comfortable When You Are Uncomfortable

DVD Number 2:

  • Robert Winters — The Psychology of Great Thinking
  • Expert Round Table Discussion with Cohn, Ravizza, Hanson, and Anderson — Proven Mental Strategies that Work with Our Athletes

DVD Number 3:

  • Tom Hanson — Applying Mental Preparation Strategies: Routines for Improving Consistency
  • Matt Darby — Overcoming Adversity in Sports: Learning and Growing from Setbacks

DVD Number 4:

  • Patrick Cohn — The Focused Team: A Step-by-Step Plan for Coaching Athletes to Zone Concentration – in Just 7 Days!
  • Marc Anderson — The Power of Words & Boosting Athlete Self-Confidence

DVD Number 5:

  • Karen Wheeler — Breath While You Walk: Simple Focusing Strategies for Athletes
  • Expert Round Table Discussion with Dr. Cohn and Julia Dreyer –From Novice to World Champion: An Athlete’s Perspective of Mental Training

DVD Number 6:

  • Tracy Reed — When Less is Better: The Missing Secret to Bridge the Mind and Body
  • Patrick Cohn — Applying Mental Preparation Strategies to Improve Consistency in Sport

Also Included with the DVD Program…

  • Bootcamp Notes Workbook – 60 Page +
  • Post-Bootcamp Teleclasses (Partake Live or Download the Audio Recordings)

What Attendees Have to Say…

“Absolute Must for Athletes!”

“The 2007 Peaksports Bootcamp was an absolute must for athletes hoping to improve their mental games. The Bootcamp offered a HUGE variety of speakers, topics and information and had something to appeal to every type of athlete. The roundtable discussions touched so many areas of interest that everyone left with “nuggets” which they could apply to their individual sports. Listening to actual athletes talk about how they applied their mental techniques in competition was invaluable.”
~Julia Dreyer, World Champion Equestrian

“The Speakers Were Awesome!”

“This Bootcamp was something that I couldn’t miss. I am so glad I was able to get there, even after my flights were delayed… I knew how important it was for me to be there to learn everything I learned. I missed half of the first day and still came away with over 8 pages of notes just that ONE DAY!!! The speakers were awesome and I can’t wait to go back next year. It can’t come soon enough!
~Jen Croneberger, Softball Performance Coach 

“I Feel Pumped Up!”

“I feel pumped up and motivated to help myself prepare for dance events, life events and help my personal training clients achieve their goals. It was great to see such a diverse group of athletes, coaches and speakers from around the nation.”
~Niki Lin, Professional Dance Teacher

“Ravizza Has The ‘Wow’ Factor!”

“I enjoyed your boot camp. I thought the group was a great mix and the staff was fantastic. Ken Ravizza is a great individual and one hell of a speaker.  He definitely has the “WOW” factor. Thanks for inviting me.”
~Al Miller, Speaker

“Focus & Relaxation Refined!”

“Talent is not the indicator for success. It’s about the individual Will that slowly permeates others around us. Eventually it becomes the collective Will. This collective Will is sustainable and continues to take on a life of its own over the course of a long season due to the daily practice of mental skills. Concentration, Focus, and Relaxation can be learned, improved, and refined by applying many of the concepts discussed at the Peaksports Bootcamp.”
~Brandon Stokes, Collegiate Tennis Coach

“A Plethora of Real World Experiences!”

“A plethora of knowledge, information and real world experiences from some of the best sport psychologists in the business that I will be able to use throughout my graduate studies and subsequent career.”
~Chris McCalmont, Sports Psych Grad Student

“The Speaker Lineup Was Excellent!”

“The 2007 Bootcamp inspired many great ideas to apply with the athletes I coach. The speaker lineup was excellent and the two days flew by too fast.”
~Marty Hunter Head Baseball Coach George Fox University MGCP

“I Got a Workout For My Mind!”

“This was my first time and definitely not my last attending the Bootcamp! I thought it was awesome and I definitely got a lot out of it and I learned a lot important information! Instead of going to the gym for a workout for 2 days I got a workout for my mind! It was definitely worth it!
~Jacqueline Ross, Motocross Racer

“A Great Start to My Sport Psychology Career!”

“The Mental Training Bootcamp was a great way to start my career in sport psychology. I already want to go out and see how all the technique I learned over the past two days work with athletes.”
~Jason Diaz, Sports Psychology Student

“Would Not Trade It For Anything!”

“The Bootcamp was an amazing experience.  I learned more than I possibly could have imagined. Learning new techniques on focus, concentration, confidence, breathing techniques, etc. from Dr. Cohn and some of the best mental game experts in the country will not only help golfers, but any athlete, coach, or sports parent. I wouldn’t trade up the experience I had at the bootcamp for anything.”
~Mike Wheeler, Professional Golfer

“Meet the Masters One-One!”

“The camp was tremendous for Sport Psychology consultants and Mental Game coaches because it provided the opportunity to meet the “masters” one-to-one and learn new tricks of the trade.”
~John R. Ellsworth, MGCP

“Inspirational and Informative!”

“The Peaksports Bootcamp was inspirational and informative for athletes and coaches that want to elevate themselves (athlete) or their team (coach) to a level way above the rest.”
~Michael Linton, Professional Golfer

“Thanks for the Great Experience!”

“In the 2007 Bootcamp, I learned that….”Less is more”. Breathing is the engine of our success. When I have a challenge I just “stand naked before the Gods”… and if I think negative I just… “Let go of my Ego” Thanks for all the great experience I’m bringing with me and for all the high achievers I met.”
~Rossi Saldivia, Certified Life, Mental Coach, Caracas, Venezuela

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Participants Paid at least $500 and as much as $750.00 to attend the live 2-Day Bootcamp. The 6-Disk DVD set is less than half the cost of live admission! And you receive 60+ pages of notes/workbook with your purchase.

6-DVD Set with 60+ Page Workbook
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You will love the Bootcamp DVD’s as much as the participants loved the live Bootcamp!


Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D.
Master Mental Game Coach

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2007 Peaksports Mental Training Bootcamp
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