Sports Broadcasting Resources

Other Sports Broadcasting

  • Soccer News – Fresh daily soccer updates. In addition you will find standings, scores, tournaments, soccer player transfers and latest news.
  • Sports Illustrated – This widely recognized magazine is now available online. Excellent resource for sporting news, updates and information.
  • Muscle Fitness – Great publication for information on resistance and strength training. Some of the features include: nutrition, sports medicine, cross-training.
  • ESPN – The largest broadcasting network dedicated entirely to sports. Find up to the minute highlights, scores, schedules as well as commentary on virtually any sport in the USA and the world.
  • CBS SportsLine – Up to the minute information on what’s happening in the field of all sports! Highlighted sports are hockey, football, golf, basketball, tennis and more.
  • Fox Sports – Looking for a great source to keep updated as to what’s happening in the sporting world? Fox sports can provide you with highlights as well as up to the minute scores.

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