Mental Training for Teams

Great Coaching + Teamwork + Mental Strength = More Wins!

Train your team for superior confidence. You understand the importance of high confidence, composure under pressure, and teamwork! You too can learn the sports psychology strategies that are used by winning coaches, athletes and teams–and lead your team to victory more often.

Mental Edge for Athletes

Learn confidence-building strategies to strengthen determination and resilience in competition. You’ll learn how to: (1) Build confidence that takes great performance from practice to competition. (2) Sharpen concentration to overcome distractions and remain focused. (3) Teach athletes to quickly regain composure after mistakes or criticism. (4) Improve teamwork and give your athletes the mental advantage to excel in competition!

Teach Your Athletes a Championship Mindset…

  1. MENTAL TRAINING SEMINARS – Learn about team mental training and helping your team get the mental edge.
  2. CD & WORKBOOK PROGRAMS – Browse our library of sports psychology Workbooks and CDs.
  3. MGCP CERTIFICATION – Get certified as a mental game coach and teach your athletes mental skills.
  4. ATHLETE’S MENTAL EDGE WORKBOOKS – Accelerate your athletes’ learning of mental game skills!

1. Mental Training Seminars for Teams

Softball Psychology

Mental training programs designed for coaches and teams help you build confidence, boost concentration, and improve team communication. It doesn’t matter if your team is in a performance slump, not communicating well, or just needs to improve consistency–mental toughness training can help you and your team develop a  winning mindset.

From local teams or groups or across the USA, Peak Performance Sports can help with your mental training needs. Local Team Seminars Starting at $300. Outside Florida? Contact us. Learn More About Sports Psychology Seminars for Teams and Groups Now…

2. Sports Psychology CD and Workbook Programs

The Focused Athlete CD

Boost your team’s confidence and build your mental toughness library with mental training CD and Workbook programs! From “The Confident Athlete” series to our full-blown mental training program for coaches, “The Athlete’s Mental Edge” workbook system, you can improve your team’s performance and consistency with simple mental training exercises and lessons.

Coaches can also purchase sports-specific CD and workbook programs to share with team members. Programs starting at $79. Learn More About Sports Psychology Programs for Teams Now…

3. Get MGCP Certified as a Mental Game Coaching Professional

Sports Psychology Certification

If you are a coach or assistant coach, learn a system for improving mental toughness in athletes! You, too, can learn Dr. Cohn’s proven mental coaching system for instilling confidence and success in athletes! You’ll tap into Dr. Cohn’s 30 years of experience as a mental game coach for youth to professional athletes.

A one-of-a-kind mental coach certification course, the Mental Game Coaching Professional (MGCP) program teaches you how to assess athletes mental game and teach mental toughness skills to athletes 10 years and up. Starting at $1500 *Payment plan available. Learn More About Mental Coach Certification…

4. Improve Your Athletes’ Mental Skills for Success

Mental Edge Workbook System

Accelerate your athletes’ learning of mental game skills! Make your mental training seminars as a coach more efficient and organized. The Athlete’s Mental Edge workbook system was designed for coaches and mental coaches to use with their athletes.

The Athlete’s Mental Edge workbook system can complement your existing mental training program or help you develop your own system. Simple and easy-to-use workbooks help your athletes learn mental skills faster using The Mental Edge Workbook system Program at $599 for entire 15 workbook set. Learn More Now About The Mental Edge Workbook System…

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