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Dr. Patrick Cohn, Sports Psychology Expert

Sports Psychologist, Dr. Patrick CohnSports Psychology Expert Dr. Patrick Cohn has been an athlete and a coach. He has experienced firsthand how beliefs, attitudes, and mindsets influence performance. Dr. Cohn’s passion for sports and sports psychology started early in life and continued to grow as he participated in sports such as football, hockey, baseball, lacrosse, racquetball, and golf.

Throughout high school and college, Dr. Cohn experienced both the joys of winning and the lessons of failure. After competing in sports for many years, Dr. Cohn went on to study and research sports psychology and the way that mental attitudes shape physical performance.  Ultimately, he earned a PhD in Applied Sports Psychology.

The more that Dr. Cohn studied champion athletes and their mindsets, the more he realized that winning attitudes are the key to performing well in competition.

Armed with the know-how needed to build champion athletes, sports psychology expert Dr. Cohn has dedicated his mental game coaching practice to helping every athlete—whether junior, amateur, or seasoned professional—excel in his or her sport.  His sports psychology programs also help coaches, athletic trainers, and even parents of aspiring athletes.

Sports Psychology Expert

Today, largely based on Dr. Cohn’s research and work with high level athletes,  experts in the field of sports psychology consider him to be the leading authority on pre-performance routines and mental skills for entering the zone. He is the president and founder of Peak Performance Sports in Orlando, Florida, where he provides mental toughness training to individual and team athletes.

Dr. Cohn is also a mentor to many others in the field of sports psychology.  As a sports psychology specialist, many recognized sports figures and teams have sought out Dr. Cohn’s expertise. He has consulted with high profile teams such as the Miami Dolphins, NASCAR winners, NHL Players, National Motocross Champions, as well as PGA Tour professional golfers such as Brian Watts and J. L. Lewis.

Golf Psychologist Dr. Cohn

In addition to his work with athletes, Dr. Cohn has also worked with powerful corporations such as IBM, Canada and USA Today. Furthermore, he’s been a sports commentator on the Golf Channel and has been featured in trade publications such as Golf Magazine and Golf Digest. Most recently, he participated in USA Today’s “Soul of a Champion” series and developed the “Soul of a Champion Test.” He was also recently featured as the sports psychology expert on Versus network.

In the midst of all these activities, Sports Psychology expert Dr. Cohn has still found the time to author CD and workbook programs, such as his best-selling series, The Confident Athlete CD Series and The Confident Sports Kid CD Series.

If you need an expert’s answer for your mental game question, Dr. Cohn would be happy to answer you via email: Contact Dr. Cohn today!

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