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Can Sports Psychology Improve Your Performance?

Sports Psychology coaching is an effective tool to help you improve your performance and get into the winner’s circle more often. We are lucky to have a great deal of success with our athletes over the last 25 plus years. Below is a partial list of athletes who have provided testimonials to Peak Performance Sports and Dr. Patrick Cohn.

Please note that these are just a few examples of the sports for which we help athletes improve their mental game and performance.

At Peak Performance Sports, we work with athletes from all sports, ages, and backgrounds. Learn what athletes and clients have to say about Peak Performance Sports. You can also browse our sports psychology case studies and listen to actual athletes discuss their experience with mental game coaching.

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Auto Racing

“Better And More Confident Racecar Driver”

Racing Psychology

“I think Dr. Cohn’s mental coaching has helped me immensely. It has taught me what to focus on in and out of the racecar. How to stay calm and focused have been key skills that I have learned which have helped me be a better and more confident racecar driver.”*
~AJ Allmendinger, NASCAR Driver

“Gave Me the Competitive Edge to Win”

“Your program helped me to regain focus and confidence. Our sport is all mental. I am very proud the last two races of the year. I was able to get back to enjoying what I loved to do-RACE. Your program gave me the competitive edge that I needed to win races. Thanks so much again.”*
~Chip Ellis, Pro Stock Motorcycle Racer

“Harness the Power of Confidence”

“Every serious race car driver needs to work with a mental game expert, such as Dr. Cohn of Peak Performance Sports. Dr. Cohn taught me how to harness the power of confidence, focus, and composure on the track. Even better, I am able to apply his mental game strategies for racing to the rest of my life!”*
~Burney Lamar, NASCAR Driver

“My Results Improved Dramatically”

“Dr. Cohn, with your help I won my last race at Hockenheim. Your mental strategies really helped me improve as my results improved dramatically during the year. I received a 3rd, 2nd, and then won my final race of the season!”*
~Jonathan Summerton, F3 Euro Series Driver

“Tune Out Distractions Easier”

“With the help of Dr. Cohn, my son is very focused and confident as a race car driver. In races, he now can tune out distractions easier and focus on driving.”*
~Alan Summerton


“My Coaches Were All So Proud of Me!”

Mental Training for Ballet

“It was amazing!!! Before the show, I really felt like I was becoming the part. I was oddly calm, which concerned me because I thought my nerves might kick in on stage! But, they didn’t!  I stayed focused in each moment, and remained calm, and actually did the difficult tricks better than I ever have! My coaches were all so proud of me and the one who I know the best was marveling at my calm, poised manner throughout the ballet. They said it seemed like I was doing it for the 15th time, I looked so comfortable. This is the result of my work with you! You gave me the tools to tackle this huge mountain of a role, step by step! I am beyond happy!”*
~Professional Ballerina

“The Last Competition Went Perfect.”

Mental Training for Dancers“The last competition went perfect. I would say it was a very positive performance. If I look at the videos and ask, do I look confident? Yes. Am I letting go of mistakes and staying in the moment? Yes. Am I instinctual? Yes. Am I positive towards my partner? Yes. So over all from a mental game point of view I would say this was a successful competition.”
~Tal Livshitz, Amateur Latin Line Dancer, Top 3 in USA


“I Feel Great at the Plate”

Sports Psychologist for Baseball

“Dr. Cohn I’ve been tearing it up lately! Every single thing you taught me works perfectly in every situation I’ve been in. In the playoffs I’m 5-7 with 2 home runs and 5 RBIs. I feel great at the plate and focusing is a breeze now. I just wanted to thank you for everything and keep you posted with how everything was going.”*
~Jalen Phillips, High School Baseball Player

“Help Improve My Mental Game This Fall”

“The mental game lessons really helped me focus on the process of my performance and not the outcome. I now realize the difference between confidence and trust, in that confidence comes before competition. Your coaching is really going to help me improve my mental game this fall.“*
~Trey Mancini, Collegiate Baseball Player

“He’s Soaring with Confidence Right Now”

“I want to thank you for the great work you are doing with Ty. He seems to be soaring with confidence right now. We are flying out to see him pitch next weekend. He threw well Friday night and is drawing a lot of interest from several Division 1 schools. I’ll let you know how he looks.”*
~Randy Sullivan, Ty’s Father

“Deal Better with Stress and Pressure of the Game”

“With your help, I have been able to deal with stress and pressure of the game of baseball more efficiently. I have learned what it means to focus on the process to help me keep my focus and disregard negative thoughts and energies. Thanks for your help. I look forward to speaking with you again.”*
~Keith Donnell, College Baseball Player

“A Systematic Approach to the Mental Game”

“Dr. Cohn has put together a program that has enabled myself and our players to approach the mental game in a systematic way that is easy to use and apply. Our awareness level has greatly increased.”*
~Marty Hunter, Head Baseball Coach, George Fox University

“Takes Performance to a Higher and More Consistent Level”

“The mental aspects definitely separate the great performers from the unsuccessful ones. Dr. Cohn’s programs can help athletes improve the mental aspect and take performances to a higher and more consistent level.”*
~Rick Hall, Baseball Coach, Daytona Beach C.C.

“I Can Now Just Relax and Play”

“Thank you so much for talking with our team. You are a great influence. The confidence material really helped me, and I will be working on that as long as I play and after. I can now step out there and just relax and play.”*
~Melissa Riesberg, Clarke College Softball

“The Most Relaxed and Confident Game at Bat Ever!”

“I wanted to say that your program is one of the contributing factors that has helped Michelle improve her hitting. Last week she had the most relaxed, confident games at bat ever! The mental exercises have started to make things click. The mental program is something she can practice in other facets of life. I am pleased that we decided to invest in your program: the results are showing.”*
~Jim Ellis, Michelle’s father

“Had One of His Best Baseball Seasons Ever”

“I want to thank you for your attention with my son Keith, Jr. You helped him to focus his attention on the sequential steps necessary to make the most of his at-bats. Keith went on to have one of his best baseball seasons ever. He led his team in batting average, stolen bases, RBI, and runs scored. He ended the summer with serious interest from several Division I colleges and eventually signed a letter of intent to play for Pennsylvania State University. He received a partial baseball scholarship and is now on the roster. Thanks again for your help.”*
~Keith M. Donnell Sr.


“Achieved the Goal of Qualifying for the Tour!”

Golf Psychologist for Golfers

“Thanks for all your help Dr. Cohn. You can rest assured that all our work came in very handy when I successfully qualified for the European Tour. I’m very happy and extremely thankful to you for helping me achieve this massive goal of qualifying for the European Tour! Thanks a lot again.”*
~Alex Rocha, European Tour Player

“A Great System to Improve Confidence”

“To play well, you have to believe you can play well. Confidence goes a long way in golf. Dr. Cohn has developed a great system that helped me improve confidence and my overall mental approach to golf.”*
~Brian Watts, 11-time Winner on the PGA Japan Tour

“Helped me Trust My Game”

“The mental side is everything in golf—the ability to see your shot or line and trust that you can hit that shot or putt. Dr. Cohn has helped me trust my game and putting stroke.”*
~Frank Lickliter, PGA Tour, Nike Tour Winner

“Helped Me Become a Better Putter”

“To win at any level, you have to train both your mind and body. Dr. Cohn does an excellent job of teaching you how to develop confidence and touch around the greens, both of which are vital to any player’s success. Dr. Cohn has taught me excellent practice drills for putting that have helped me become a better putter.”*
~J.L. Lewis, PGA Tour winner

“I Feel Relaxed But Ready”

“I am so grateful for your insights and experience. My focus is sharp and I feel relaxed but ready to meet whatever challenge comes up. If I make a mistake, I am able to let it go and move on immediately. You have really helped me to get back on track and get things going again.”*
~Suzanne Strudwick, LPGA Tour

“My Self-Talk and Confidence Have Improved Tremendously”

“I am a PGA Professional and when I connected with you, I just wanted some ideas to help my students. But thanks to you, my own game has improved! I think I will shoot 69; negative thoughts have vanished; and my self-talk and confidence has improved tremendously. I will be referring my students to your web site.”*
~Bill Allen, PGA Pro

“She Played Great and Won”

“Last weekend Lisa played in a Florida Junior Golf Association tournament in Gainesville. She played great and won (74-70=144) over 43 other competitors! She’s starting to really believe in herself and her stats are improving each tournament. She is thinking better and making much smarter decisions on the course. Thanks again for your help Dr. Cohn.”*
~Scott Tyler, Father of Lisa Tyler

“Mental Game Techniques for His Success”

“Hank has consistently improved over the summer. He is getting stronger and more confident. He often talks about the mental game techniques that you have shared with him for his success. We visited my home in Wisconsin last week and he shot a 69 on my old home course which is a one-under round. Thanks for your help.”*
~Billy Dettlaff, Hank’s Father


“Your Mental Training Web Site is the Best!”

Sports Psycholoogist, Florida

“ website is so exciting. I researched them all and without a doubt your mental training site is the best! The vast amount of programs you provide helps athletes and coaches achieve higher levels of excellence in sports.”*
~Doug Bolander, Hockey Coach

Boxing & Martial Arts

“You Have a Great Program”

Judo Mental Toughness

“I am a Brazilian coach in Tempe, AZ. I am the vice-president of the Arizona State Brazillian Jiujitsue Federation, long story short, I would like to say that you have a great program; you have been able to help me and my competitors. My fiancee, Kristina Barlaan, who just won two medals at the 2012 World Championship has also mentioned your program as a big help.”*
~Gustavo Dantas, Coach

I trusted in my skills

“Thanks a lot for your help with the mental coaching. I’m so happy I won against David Allen. I was nervous earlier in the day, but when I got to the arena, I was so calm and ready to trust in my skills. I stayed patient and stuck to the game plan.”
~David Price, British Heavyweight Champion 2012 & 2013


“He Finally Put It All Together”

“After your session, Mason had a game. He had the best game so far! He hustled, shot, no goals but two assists but he was cool with it because his focus was on shooting and not scoring (finally), defended well with his hands – finally put it all together. It was fun to watch and you could tell he felt really good about it.”*
~Kelly, Lacrosse mom

“The Sessions Have Been So Helpful”

“The sessions have been so helpful. Dawson has been playing really well and more importantly feeling great about it all.”*
~Kecia Muller, Lacrosse Parent


“I Was Able to Perform with Confidence and Shine”

Sport Psychologist for Equestrian

“WOW!!! What a week I had. I was able to perform with a confidence that allowed my style to shine through–no more entering the arena with that “deer in the headlights” look or feeling. I stopped evaluating myself while I was performing, and I actually left the arena after my patterns feeling like I had experienced a lot of fun. Thank you so much.”*
~Julia Dreyer, National Champion Equestrian

“The Best Show I Have Ever Had”

“I came across your website and ordered the Equestrian Confidence CD program.  My competition yesterday was amazing and probably the best show my horse partner and I have ever had. I targeted reasonable objectives and broke things down. It was just us; no noise getting into my brain and creating those storms.”*
~Susan Mong, Equestrian

“Thank You for Such Great Programs”

“I finished ‘The Confident Athlete CD’ and I am half way through ‘The Focused Athlete.’ Thank you for such great programs. I had come to the realization that I was overthinking things, not feeling my horse and relaxing (keeping it simple). You have given me the tools to RELAX and let my horse do her job.”*
~Kay Evans, Equestrian

“She Handled it Better Than She Ever Has!”

“Maddy had a great show in OKC! She placed in the top 10 out of huge classes in the horsemanship class! She also had really great placings in the western riding classes. Her horse acted up a bit around one of the arenas, but she handled it better than she EVER has! Thank you for your guidance so far!”
~Jennifer Carter, Sports Mom


“I’m Feeling Great Mentally and Playing Well in Practice”

“Dr. Cohn, I went 3-3 for 37 yards in the first game of the season. I felt really confident all day and looking forward to more opportunity this weekend! I can definitely tell my mental state has improved from before we started working. I’m feeling great mentally and playing well in practice. I will definitely stay in touch.”
~Kevin Davidson, Collegiate Quarterback

“Seminar Was Very Well Organized”

Sports Psychology Football Teams

“I felt the time spent in your seminar was very well organized. The topics were great and you had the coaches communicating in an open atmosphere. Thanks again for your time and effort and I look forward to talking with you in the future.”*
~Coach Dave Wannstedt, Miami Dolphins

“I Was Perfect on Three Field Goals”

“After going through a week of practice using your pre-kick routine, I was perfect on three field goals on a muddy field and a windy day in my final college game. Now I am entertaining the idea of trying to enter the professional ranks. Thank you for your help!”*
~Nate Littlefield, Collegiate Kicker


“Dramatic Improvement in My Racing Performance”

Motocross Mental Game Coach

“Since working with Dr. Cohn, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my racing performance. Dr. Cohn has helped me to be much more confident in my racing and the results prove it!”*
~ Matt Boni, MX National Champion

“Helped Me Get on the Podium”

“Your mental coaching has helped me be mentally prepared ready to go racing. To be a MX champion, your body and mind have to work together on the track. Dr. Cohn helped me get on the podium even under tough circumstances and  strengthen my mental game-side of racing. I am ready to win this championship now.”*
~ Max Anstie, Pro Motocross racer

“You’re Our Secret Weapon”

“Your work with my son Taylor has really helped him perform better under pressure. Your coaching is so good that I don’t want our competitors to find out about our secret weapon: and that’s YOU! Thanks Dr. Cohn!”*
~Kevin Johnson, Taylor’s Father

“Gain Confidence in His Riding”

“Dr. Cohn’s mental coaching has really helped our son Justin gain confidence in his riding and teach us how to improve teamwork on and off the track.”*
~Stephanie Starling, Justin’s Mother

“Helped Matt Get to the Top of His Class”

“Your powerful mental game coaching strategies have really helped my son Matt improve his racing and get to the top of his class in motocross racing. In fact, he won a National Championship with your help. Thank you.”*
~Dan Boni, Matt’s Father


“I Finished Top 5 in the State with Your Help”

Sports Psychologist for shooting

“Dr. Cohn was very helpful in helping me get focused for competition. He taught me how to focus on the process, be confident in my abilities, and develop a preshot routine for shooting. I finished top five in the state with his help.”*
~Dave Gatlin, masters-level shooter

“My Scores Increased Tremendously”

“First, I would like to thank you for the help given to me through your programs, ‘The Confident Athlete’ and ‘The Focused Athlete.’ I have made tremendous sacrifices though all these years to become a top Olympic Trap shooter but something was missing. This missing piece was my mental game. My scores increased tremendously in record time and others said that I was a different shooter.“*
~Marios Kapodistria

“Improved my Shooting Skills and Performance”

“I liked your e-book “Confidence! Mental Strategies To Think Like a Champion” even more. And found that I had deficiencies in my confidence that has hampered my game performance. I have instituted some of the concepts discussed in these books into my shooting preparation. These changes have improved my shooting skills and performance and are proving to be very beneficial. Thanks for your help.”*
~Charles Bremer


“She Won the Short and the Long Program and Had a Personal Best”

Sport Psychologist for Figure Skating

“Ashley wanted me to let you know that she placed very well at her competition this past weekend, thanks to you! She won the short, won the long, and had her personal best.  She now looks at her competitions like ice shows and has fun. It is really nice to see her thoroughly enjoying the skate. She is very focused and very confident. We definitely attribute this to you.”*
~Brenda Glassco, Skating Parent

“He Scored a Personal Best And Won Regionals”

“I just wanted to let you know that my son skated this weekend at our Regional Competition.  He worked his mental game and everything you taught him.  He skated two wonderful programs, scored a personal best and ended up with the title of Regional Champion.  Thank you for your wonderful training.  He had the right focus and had so much fun at this competition. The title is sweet icing on the cake.”*
~Pamela, Sports Parent

“Kayleigh Handled the Pressure Very Well”

“Kayleigh handled the pressure very well while many of the girls around her crumbled. She skated very well & ended 6th among the top 40 in the country. She achieved her personal best in both her short program & overall & tied her personal best in the long. I think you have really helped her!”*
–Kathy Maksymec, parent


“Best Weekend of Soccer She Has Every Played”

Soccer Mental Game Coach

“Michelle had the best weekend of soccer she has ever played.  I’m not just saying this because you have been working with her (I promise!). She was relaxed, did not get frustrated with herself or teammates, never once ‘shut down’ and actually smiled a couple of times. Numerous parents noticed a difference in her composure and attitude.  A college coach sent an email last night expressing interest–commenting on her level of play during the weekend. Thanks again for EVERYTHING…Michelle is in a very good place right now!”*
~Diana, Michelle’s Mother

“Thanks for Your Assistance”

“I have enjoyed and benefited from your emails over the past year or two. I have been a player, parent, and coach in soccer over the past 40 years. Thanks for the assistance with the mental game resources.”*
~Kyle Congleton

“A Lot of Parents and Kids Need This Information”

“We try and spend 20 to 30 minutes a day working on the mental aspects of the game. My daughter is really enjoying it and feels it has helped and I know it has worked for her mother and I. I think you need to open a branch up here in Detroit, Michigan because there are a lot of parents and kids up here that need this information. Keep up the good work!”*
~Scott Burgess

“A True Success Story”

“Adam is truly one of your success stories. We purchased the CD program for him last year around this time. He is a soccer goalie and needed more confidence. The change was dramatic and he still goes through the exercises before a big game.”*
~Stella Prevost


“I won ASF and Surfing America Prime”

The Mental Game of Surfing“I thought Dr. Cohn did a great job with our mental coaching. I won ASF with a score of 9 and won Surfing America Prime. I was able to really tune in my focus and not get distracted during heats.”*
~Nicole Fulford, surfer


Sports Psychologist for Tennis“Great Job on Mental Skills for Tennis”

“Dr. Cohn did a great job working with my son Joe on his mental skills for tennis. He taught him the mental skills and discipline necessary to move to the next level. Thanks Doc!”*
~Mike Withers, Joe Withers Father

“She’s more grounded and focused after working with you…”

“Maggie had such a great weekend. As always, after she works with you she just seems more grounded and focused. She’s less likely to look around and get distracted during her match. She’s more focused on one point at a time. Also, as a parent, I’ve learned to encourage her process goals and not outcomes. Consequently, she played well and won her first doubles match, upsetting a seeded team in a really really close match!”*
~Katherine Johnson Cannata, Maggie’s mother

“National Ranking Improved from 349 to 148”

“Since you last worked with AJ in early September, his National ranking has improved from 349 to 148. His tournament record at one point, since talking with you was 17-4, with 3 of the 4 being in third sets or tiebreakers and 2 of those matches being the same player, whom he has since beaten (you may recall he was on an 0-9 losing streak when we contacted you). His tie-breaker record is at least 90% through last weekend when he won the 18s District tournament with a semi and final match tiebreak win. Your help has definitely improved AJ’s results and his on-court demeanor has substantially improved.”*
~Dawn Woodman, A.J.’s Mother

“Helped Me Overcome a Lifetime of Performance Anxiety”

“I want to let you know that your “Tennis Confidence” CD program has been extremely helpful to me. I listen to the CDs in the car and the program is helping me overcome a lifetime of tournament performance Anxiety. Thank you!”*
~Wing Yu, Tennis Player

“Awesome Changes in Less Than 24 Hours”

“She did really well with controlling her emotions during the matches today. We were very proud of her for not showing her frustrations during the match; I think that was a big accomplishment. She really looked in control of her emotions even when she double faulted or made mistakes. The changes we saw in her behavior in less than 24 hours were AWESOME! Thank you for your guidance!”*
~Jennifer, Tennis Parent

“Thank You for Your Guidance”

“Thank you for all the knowledge, tools, material, and guidance you have given me throughout the MGCP course. It was truly a great experience. I am looking forward to integrating your mental training system to students at the club, as well as to athletes that truly are committed, and strive towards reaching their peak performance.”*
~Tim Whitehead, Tennis Coach

“An Outstanding Clinic for the Benefit of Our Coaches”

“On behalf of all of our coaches who attended the 2004 ITA Coaches Convention, I would like to thank you for serving as a featured clinician. I know that the coaches felt it was both enjoyable and informative. We greatly appreciate your taking the time to prepare and present such an outstanding clinic for the benefit of our coaches.”*
~Nancy Breo, ITA Convention


“I Had The Best National Meet Ever!”

“Patrick, with your great instruction on the mental game, I had the best nationals I have ever had. And even more important, I got through the five days relaxed and had fun – a new concept in my life! The bottom line – I got five firsts and one second! Thank! You are just what I needed.”*
~Dennis O’Brien, swimmer & member

“A Great Job of Simplifying Sports Psychology”

“The books/CD’s in ‘The Confident Athlete’ are very good. My swimmer has responded very favorably to them.  In fact, her father purchased all three programs. You have done a great job consolidating and simplifying the myriad of ideas in sports psychology.”*
~Nick Baker, Peak Performance Swim Camp


“We Had a Great Season and Finished 2nd in the State”

Sports Psychology Wrestling“Dr. Cohn, we had a great season. We finished second in the State Tournament. We scored 163 points, which is 11 more than we scored the year we won the state tournament. We had three individual state champs. We really improved our mental preparation in the post season. The kids bought in and really worked at it. We will definitely need you again next year. Hopefully, you can help us reach our goals next year.”*
~Coach Jim Bird, Head Coach Osceola High School

“I Have Never Seen Him Demonstrate Such Composure And Sportsmanship”

“My son Jake has struggled with composure for as long as I can remember. He is doing the Composed Athlete program and is about half way through. He had the biggest, most stressful wrestling tournament of his season this past weekend. I have never seen him demonstrate such composure and sportsmanship -ever. I was so happy I was fighting back tears. It’s been a long and frustrating road. I am so thankful for your program.”*
~Laura Grogan


“You Have No Idea How Far Walker’s Come With His Mental Game”

“Walker did another medal, 2nd place time of 7:56 in the 2-mile relay. He shattered Doug Butlers and Brevard County school records. You have no idea how far Walker’s come with his mental game! Walker never loses anything. I can’t thank you enough Dr. Cohn for helping Walker!”*
~Lesa Hersch, Walker’s Mom


*Testimonials found on this site are examples of what we have done for other clients, and what some of our clients have said about us. However, we cannot guarantee the results in any case. Your results may vary and every situation is different. No compensation was provided for these testimonials.