Mental Toughness in the Face of Bullies

“Discover How To Help Your Sports Kids Be Mentally Tough and Confident When Bullies Strike!”

Your Athletes Could Be The Targets Of
Bullies Trying to Force Them Out Of Sports!
And You May Not Even Know It….

From: Lisa Cohn and Patrick Cohn, Ph.D.

Dear Sports Parent:

We had no idea we were opening up such a can of worms when we began talking to parents, coaches, and bullying experts about how bullying causes kids to lose confidence and in many cases quit sports.

Your heartfelt, sometimes angry, often frustrated letters poured in, revealing painful stories about how your sports kids have lost confidence and been hurt by bullies who tease, taunt, intimidate, socially isolate and threaten sports kids.

And the bullies, you’ve told us, aren’t only kids. In some cases, they’re coaches and even jealous sports parents!

What’s more, our research revealed that many young athletes feel embarrassed about being bullied, so they don’t want to tell their parents. When they do open up, sometimes it’s too late…

Kids are quitting sports because of the harassment and intimidation from bullies and coaches! When kids no longer enjoy sports, they drop out.

Today, we offer a solution to help you take action and stop the madness!

We reveal how to teach your kids to focus and perform their best when bullies strike. We need you to help us stage a revolution aimed at removing the power bullies have over your kids, a phenomenon that’s rampant in sports today, among both girls and boys.

Who Are We, And Why Should You Listen to Us?

We’re a brother-sister team, an award-winning parenting writer and a leading sports psychology expert. We are co-owners of the Ultimate Sports Parent and the The Ultimate Sports Parent online mental training web site.

Dr. Patrick Cohn is a dedicated mental game coach, sports psychology expert and sports parent. He has studied, researched, and worked with thousands of athletes for nearly two decades. He has worked with some of the top athletes in the world–including PGA tour winners and NASCAR winners–on techniques to improve confidence, focus, and composure in sports.

He has interviewed many top athletes in the world, including Thurman Thomas, Michelle Akers, Ernie Els, Mario Andretti, and Helen Alfredsson to uncover the strategies, techniques and skills that keep these professional athletes at the pinnacle of performance.

Dr. Cohn has authored and produced an extensive library of sports psychology books, videos, audio programs and training seminars. (Visit the mental training proshop or sports psychology seminar page for details). He has a Ph.D. in education from the University of Virginia.

Lisa Cohn is an award-winning parenting writer and book author whose stories have appeared in Mothering, the Christian Science Monitor, Parenting and other publications. She’s been quoted about parenting by the New York Times, Associated Press and Time Magazine.

Lisa is a mom and step mom to five young athletes and a former youth sports coach. She’s the host of the popular podcast series, “Ultimate Sports Parent Radio,” which has more than 65,000 subscribers. Lisa played three sports as a student at Wesleyan University, Middletown, Ct.

Bullying is Out of Control in Sports

As sports parents, we’ve both seen how prevalent and destructive bullying is in sports.

All kinds of sports kids can be the targets of bullies….

  • Gifted athletes are often targeted because others are jealous.
  • Kids who are smaller and less physically advanced also can become the focus of bullies.
  • When kids are competing for a ladder position on a team, bullying is also common.
  • Girls taunt, tease, exclude, and hurt one another in sports just as much as boys do.

What’s more, bullies aren’t just sports kids. There are lots of bully coaches out there, too, who do a lot of damage. We’ve seen many of them first hand. They yell at, intimidate, harass, and threaten their young athletes—often in the name of winning.

When sports kids become the target of bullies—whether the aggressors are athletes or coaches–they often lose confidence and in many cases self-esteem.

And this affects their performance, too. They play tentatively, worry constantly about what others think of them, and live in fear. This hurts both their performance and enjoyment of sports. Ultimately, some kids can’t cope and they simply drop out of sports altogether.

We’ve also learned sports kids don’t tell their parents what’s going on. That’s why sports parents and coaches must be more aware and understand why bullies behave the way they do, how to stop them, and how to ensure sports kids stay mentally tough when bullies strike.

To help your kids stay in sports, have more fun, and be mentally tough around bullies, check out our unique program designed just for sports parents, coaches and their young athletes:

“Helping Young Athletes Stay Confident
And Mentally Tough In The Face Of Bullies”

Help Young Athletes Stay Confident In The Face Of BulliesHelp Young Athletes Stay Confident In The Face Of Bullies

Order Sports Psychology CD

You’ll learn:

  • Why athletes and coaches bully
  • How much bullies hurt sports kids’ performance and enjoyment in sports.
  • Why kids often drop out when they’re bullied
  • Powerful, proven sports psychology tips for ensuring sports kids remain confident and mentally tough in the face of bullying
  • How kids can stay focused when bullies strike
  • How kids can refocus when approached by bullies
  • How to help kids stop obsessing about bullies
  • What kids should say and do to bullies
  • How to identify bullied kids and intervene before too much damage is done to your kids’ confidence and enjoyment in sports
  • How girls’ bullying is slightly different than boys’ bullying, but just as devastating
  • How to start the revolution by telling parents and coaches how they can protect sports kids and put an end to bullying.

Your athletes will learn:

  • Why bullies act the way they do in sports
  • What mental game issues make kids susceptible to being bullied in sports
  • How to stay focused when they’re distracted by bullies
  • How to keep their confidence when intimidated, harassed, and insulted by bullies
  • How to avoid making comparisons when bullies point out weaknesses.
  • What to say to reach out for help from parents and others
  • What to say and do when bullies strike
  • How to get bullies our of their heads and focus on more positive things
  • How to surround themselves with supporters instead of focusing on bullies’ negativity
  • How to deal with friends who are bullies

What Other Parents Are Saying About Our Work

“We Don’t Want to Become Typical Sports Parents”

“We appreciate your newsletter so much. Especially with our son an elite athlete, it helps us so much. It helps us understand how he thinks, what he needs, and how not to become one of those typical sports parents.”*
~Kirsten Lenko B.C., Canada

“We Applied Your Tips and Got a Fast Response”

“My wife and I immediately applied your tips and luckily we got a fast response. Our 16-year-old daughter reads like a case study for lack of confidence. She matches the profile your e-book describes: high technical ability and successful in soccer practice but looks like she forgets how to play in games!”*
~Glenn G. New Jersey

“Using Your Tips, He Busted Loose for a Career Game”

“I used your tips to help a sophomore high school student athlete. Last night, after I gave him some of your email tips – relax, get in the flow of the game, have fun, play by instinct, etc. – he busted loose for a career high 20 points and 15 rebounds!”*
~Bob Heidkamp

“I Love the Impact Your Are Making on Children”

“I love what you do on your web site and the impact and influences you’re making on children’s lives across our great country.”*
~H. Rothenberg

Protect Your Kids From Bullying Today!

We are on a mission to help sports parents, coaches, and young athletes learn strategies to deal more confidently with bullies. Our program is really two programs in one. One part of the program helps parents and coaches teach kids to cope with bullying, and the other part teaches young athletes–ages 8 to 16–how to stay confident, focused and composed in the face of bullies so they can stay in sports and enjoy sports more.

Help Your Kids Enjoy Sports More!
Here’s What You Get:

Program #1: A 34-page Manual For Sports Parents E-book

A comprehensive e-book for parents and coaches researched by Lisa Cohn, an award-winning parenting writer. The e-book, based on interviews with bullying experts, sports parents and coaches and our own sports psychology programs, gives a roadmap for stopping bullying: what parents should do, what coaches should do and how adults can help kids can stay confident and mentally tough by using our proven sports psychology strategies.

Program #2: A 35-page How-To Guide and Workbook for Young Athletes

Our workbook, “How Young Athletes Can Stay Confident and Mentally Tough in the Face of Bullies,” is packed with sports psychology tips and exercises by Dr. Patrick Cohn that will ensure young athletes know how to respond to bullies—both peers and coaches—and remain unshaken and confident. With this workbook, kids will learn strategies that will help them in sports and other areas of their lives such as:

  • How to change how they think so they don’t let bullies get under their skin
  • How to use sports psychology to remain confident and unshaken when bullies strike
  • What to say to bullies to make them go away
  • How to change how they look when bullies approach them so they won’t be targets of bullies
  • How to practice staying mentally tough in different sports situations when bullies approach or strike—before a game, during or after
  • How to get bullies out of their head

But Wait! There’s More! Get SIX Free Bonuses

We include a series of audio interviews with bullying experts and coaches that explains why sports kids and coaches bully, how it affects young athletes, how girls in sports are different than boys in the way they bully, and how sports parents and coaches can take action and help their kids. Download the audio mp3 files immediately.

Special bonus #1:

Interview with Carl Pickhardt Ph.D., a seasoned psychologist and author of “Why Good Kids Act Cruel,” who explains why kids bully and gives concrete tips for dealing with them.

Special bonus #2:

Interview with Mark Hamilton, a professor of philosophy who teaches college courses in sports ethics at Ashland University and a former college player and a coach, youth sports coach, and sports parent who explains why kids don’t talk about being bullied and why they often drop out of sports. He tells how to start the revolution against bullying.

Special bonus #3:

An interview with C. Roger Rees, a professor in the Department of Health Studies, Physical Education and Human Performance Science at Adelphi University who gives statistics about the bullying epidemic and describes how commonplace “hazing” is in sports.

Special bonus #4:

An interview with Timothy A. Dimoff, a youth coach and founder and president of Sacs Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc. And he is an expert on violent behavior and author of the book, “Life Rage,” who explains why bullying is more commonplace now, why coaches bully and how to deal with them.

Special bonus #5:

An interview with Paul Coughlin, a sports dad, coach and anti-bullying expert whose son dropped out of sports in response to bullying—but learned the secret to warding off bullies and returned a few years later.

Special bonus #6:

An interview with popular youth sports coach Doug Donaldson, president of PlaySportsTV, who explains how he deals with aggression, intimidation and harassment on his teams.

Special Bonus #7:

“Appreciate You Talents: How To Avoid Making Comparisons” eBook. Athletes who are victims of bullies fall into the trap of comparing themselves to other athletes. In our program we teach athletes how to stop making comparisons to other athletes. This sports psychology e-book, written for kids, helps young athletes avoid making comparisons that hurt their confidence. It teaches them to focus on their own positive qualities.

Extra Bonuses!

Extra Bonus # 1:

Adolescent and Child Psychiatrist Dr. Anandhi Narasimhan, who has a private practice in Los Angeles, explains why bullying is bad for kids and why parents and coaches need to take action.

Extra Bonus # 2:

Andi McCormack, Founder of Penny Lane Dance Academy in Los Angeles, who has performed around the world, explains why dancers bully and why coaches/teachers are responsible for putting an end to this behavior and ensure kids stay composed and confident.

VALUE of all Bonuses Alone = $180.00!

What Does the Program Cost?

Today, you can get our program for our low price of $97. Let us recap what’s included… Get our program, the 34-page guide for sports parents, the 35-page workbook for sports kids, and nine special bonuses for an low price of $97.

Are you a member of The Ultimate Sports Parent? Members get this program for free and discounts on many other mental game programs for sports kids and parents.

What’s more, you can download our program immediately after purchase. You’ll have no shipping and handling fees!

Try Our Program — We’ll Take All the Risk!

We’ll assume all the risk to make this purchase easy for you. We are so confident that you and your kids will benefit from our program that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

All we ask is that you read, use, and apply the strategies in this program completely. If you don’t like our program–for any reason at all–email or call us for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase date. And you keep the free bonuses!

No questions asked. Fair enough?

When you click “Order Now” below, you’ll be taken to an order page where you can order your program. You just need to have a valid credit or debit card handy for your order.

Bully E-book for Parents
Bullying Workbook for Athletes

Help Young Athletes Stay Confident In The Face Of BulliesHelp Young Athletes Stay Confident In The Face Of Bullies

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Thank you for reading about helping young athletes stay confident and mentally tough when bullies strike. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.


Lisa Cohn and Dr. Patrick Cohn
Owners of The Ultimate Sports Parent

P.S. Let’s ensure your kids stay in sports. Give your kids the tools to be confident, focused and composed when intimidated and harassed by athletes and coaches. Order today.


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