The Fearless Athletes: A 14-Day Program for Unbeatable Trust

“Athletes & Coaches Discover Powerful Mental Strategies To Overcome Fear, Perfectionism, & Perform With Trust.”

Mental Training Strategies You Absolutely Must Know to Overcome Anxiety, Fear, And Perform with Complete Freedom and Trust in Competition!

Dear Athlete or Coach,

I’m master mental game coach Dr. Patrick Cohn, and as you will read here, I have powerful trust-boosting mental strategies that you absolutely must know about! First, please answer three important questions…

  1. Are you frustrated with practicing harder and harder in your sport only to have your efforts undone by your mental game during competition?
  2. Are you envious of your competitors who seem to take their sport less seriously, but end up winning or beating you nearly every time?
  3. Do you feel like your stomach is in a ball of knots and you can’t think clearly because you are so anxious and tense stepping onto the field, court, course, or track?

If you said “yes,” you’re not alone! Many athletes experience these same feelings of anxiety and frustration. Your feelings and thoughts will directly impact your success in sports.

As a sports psychology expert for many top athletes in the world including NASCAR and PGA Tour champions, I know that the two biggest obstacles to reaching your potential are fear of failure and lack of trust. Perfectionistic athletes damage their chance for success because of fear of failure, anxiety, and tension…

Perfectionist or fear-driven athletes:

  • Are motivated by fear of failure and avoidance behavior
  • Focus on avoiding mistakes at all costs in competition
  • Limit themselves with strict or impossible-to-achieve expectations
  • Beat themselves up after mistakes, dwell on errors, or blame others for problem performances
  • Suffer from a lack of self-confidence in competition
  • Are trapped in the web of anxiety and tension, which leads to a lack of trust

For the last two decades, I’ve been working with athletes and helping them optimize their physical ability by teaching them the secrets of top performing athletes. Now, you too can learn how to regain that child-like fearless attitude.

Mental toughness is what separates the winner from the loser in any competition. Champion athletes train hard in practice, perform without fear in competition, and trust their skills in crunch-time.

Fearless Athletes…

  • Are success-driven and strive for positive outcomes
  • Don’t limit themselves with strict or impossible-to-achieve expectations
  • Are able to raise the bar of their performance during crunch-time in competition
  • Thrive in the heat of battle and love the thrill of crunch time performance
  • Have a massive amount of self-confidence in competition
  • Perform free and effortless in competition

How much better would you perform if you
could overcome fear of failure and other
disabling perfectionist habits?

If you are like most athletes, you probably assume that more practice should translate to better performances. But, this theory is flawed! For many athletes, they already have the skills to perform which shows in practice. However, when in competition, the mind can override the most dedicated athlete.

Here are some real life examples of how a mindset might be undermining performance.…

Gymnast Worries About Disappointing Her Coach or Teammates

“When performing at meets, I worry that I will not perform my best and disappoint my coaches and teammates. I become very anxious and try not to make mistakes during my routine. I just can’t let it go and perform freely.”*

Golfer Gets Anxious About Hitting a Shot Out of Play

“On the tee box, all I can see is trouble. I worry about hitting my ball out of bounds or into the water. I become so worried and anxious, I can’t make a smooth swing, steer my shot, and as a result I hit it poorly.”*

Swimmer Becomes Intimidated by Competitors on the Blocks

“I compare myself to my competitors before I get on the blocks. I worry that the fast swimmers will pull away early in the race. This causes me to try too hard to keep the pace early in the race and I tire myself out on the first leg.”*

Hockey Goalie Thinks He Needs to Score a Shut Out Every Game

“I expect not to let the puck get by me in any game. Winning for me is having  a shut out. When I do concede a goal I think to myself ‘you messed up another game’, no matter if we win or lose the game. I feel like I failed to perform up to my ability.”*

Baseball Player Performs Great in the Bill-Pen, But Chokes in Games

“In the bull-pen during batting practice, I always feel relaxed and confident in my ability. But when I get into a game, I feel like a different person. I become tight and don’t want to make any mistakes. The pressure of competition causes my confidence to erode. Trying not to make mistakes makes me feel tight and I can’t make good decisions.”*

Can you identify with any of these real-life scenarios?

All of the above scenarios are born out of fear of failure, which causes athletes to over-control and tighten up – leading to a lack of trust. Perfectionism and fear of failure are closely linked. If you are perfectionistic (and highly motivated), your mind interferes with performance because of the fear of failure.

To succeed in competition, you must learn to trust the skills you mastered in practice. To perform your absolute best, you must embrace a functional mindset void of the tension and anxiety that comes with a fear of failure.

What Athletes & Coaches Say
About The Confident Athlete Series

“Great Job of Simplifying the Myriad of Ideas in Sports Psychology”

“The workbook/CD programs in ‘The Confident Athlete’ are very good. My swimmer has responded very favorably to them. In fact, her father purchased all three programs. You have done a great job consolidating and simplifying the myriad of ideas in sports psychology.”*
~Nick Baker, Peak Performance Swim Camp

“I Can Now Once Again Enjoy the Game”

“The Confident Athlete workbook programs have worked absolutely wonderfully for me!  The quality of my shots has improved 1,000 percent, and my scores are consistently lower, by far!  Also, I have a sense of peace, and quality enjoyment of the game that had been sorely missing.  I love it!  Great work Dr. Cohn! Thank You!”*
~Randy, golfer

“Great Instruction on the Mental Game”

“Patrick, with your great instruction on the mental game, I had the best nationals I have ever had. And even more important, I got through the five days relaxed and had fun – a new concept in my life! The bottom line – I got five firsts and one second! Thank you!  You are just what I needed.”*
~Dennis O’Brien, Swimmer

“Keep Positive Thoughts Flowing”

“My son finished the entire Confident Athlete Program. The CD Program helped TREMENDOUSLY.  He used it to keep positive thoughts flowing.  He was able to focus on his fight instead of on his negative thoughts.  He fought at his very best.  We are thankful to God for leading us to your website. The CONFIDENT ATHLETE was perfect.“*
~Wanda, Sports Parent

“These Programs Really Work!”

“I have just completed ‘The Confident Athlete and The Focused Athlete’ programs. What a major difference your programs have made to me. I was thinking I wasn’t good enough and almost gave the game up. Your web site was recommended to me by another athlete (a shooter) and was the best thing that happened to my mental game. I started to get excited for the first time in a long while and the program was so much fun to do. These programs really work and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone, (although I don’t want my fellow competitors to know about them).” Thank you so very much for providing a Mental Training Program, which is the best I have come across, having tried many other tapes, books, etc.”*
~Peter, New Zealand

These are actual success stories from athletes and coaches who have used my Confident Athlete Series Programs. A winning mindset is possible when you accept that changes must be made and then take positive action!

If you can overcome fear of failure and improve trust, would you be able to…

  • Finally take your practice game to competition?
  • Have more fun by being more relaxed and poised?
  • Break through your fears and perform up to your potential more often?
  • Or enjoy sports more because you are not a bundle of nerves or afraid to make mistakes?
  • Know you can perform well even when you are not perfect?

What Are My Credentials?

As a dedicated sports psychology expert, I have researched and worked with thousands of elite athletes for nearly two decades. Over this time, I have compiled an impressive list of accomplishments and credentials such as:

  • Working with some of the top athletes in the world including PGA Tour winners and NASCAR winners on techniques to improve confidence, focus, and composure for sports – over 15 years.
  • Interviewing many top athletes in the world including Thurman Thomas, Michelle Akers, Ernie Els, Mario Andretti, and Helen Alfredsson to uncover the strategies, techniques and skills that keep these professional athletes at the pinnacle of performance.
  • Authoring and producing an extensive library of sports psychology books, videos, audio programs and training seminars. (Visit the proshop or seminar page for details).
  • Earning a Ph.D. in Sports Psychology from the University of Virginia having published more articles than any other students at the time.

Now, you too can tap the same mental strategies I have used to help my students play to their potential and reach peak performance.

With my step-by-step practical CD/Workbook program, you can quickly learn and immediately APPLY the key mental game strategies to overcome fear of failure, uncover self-sabotaging perfectionistic traits and perform with unbeatable trust.

I’ve developed my CD/workbook program to “package” myself
as your personal mental game coach using the same strategies
I teach to my one-on-one mental coaching students.

My system in The Confident Athlete Workbook series is a ground-breaking program to help you overcome the mental handcuffs of perfectionism, fear of failure, and learn to perform with unbeatable trust. I deliver my new program in a step-by-step practical workbook format – for you to do just 15 minutes a day!

My program is called…

“The Fearless Athlete:
A 14-Day Program for Unbeatable Trust”

The Fearless Athlete program is ideal for any athlete that wants to overcome fear of failure and uncover inhibiting perfectionistic traits; or for any coach or parent who wants to teach athletes to perform with trust and freedom in competition.

The Fearless Athlete” program is presented on two 75-minute CD’s with a 78-page step-by-step workbook. I combine a practical and real-life workbook with a step-by-step CD program that takes you through each day of the 14 day program – like having your own personal mental coach. It’s a complete system for reprogramming your mindset for unbeatable trust in competition.

You can use these CDs at home with the practical workbook or download them onto your iPod so you can listen to them in your car or van repeatedly until the strategies are stored in your sub-conscious mind.

What’s in the “The Fearless Athlete” Program?

Here’s a peek of what you’ll learn in “The Fearless Athlete:”

DAY 1: Fear, Anxiety, and Fear of Failure in Sports
DAY 2: How Perfectionism Instills Fear of Failure
DAY 3: What is Functional About Perfectionism?
DAY 4: Identify Beliefs & Thoughts That Support Perfectionism
DAY 5: Modifying Expectations for Fearless Performances
DAY 6: Being Your Own Best Coach and Letting Go of Errors
DAY 7: Do You Strive for Success or Fear Making Mistakes?
DAY 8: Worry Too Much About What Others Think
DAY 9: Trust and Striving for Perfection
DAY 10: How You Block The Performance Mindset
DAY 11: A Functional Mindset: Getting the Job Done Fearlessly
DAY 12: Becoming the Fearless Performer
DAY 13: Practice Strategies for A Performance Mindset
DAY 14: Beyond Sports: Finding Balance in Your Life

“My Son Has a Totally New Attitude!”

“After your session with Tyler, he is hitting Awesome! He got his first out-of-the-park home run and is scoring lots of doubles. He has a totally new attitude thanks to you!”*
~Debbie Hartman, Tyler’s Mother

Below, you can order the digital download version or have the program shipped to you.

The Fearless Athlete

Digital Download CDs & Workbook

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| $79 Digital |Order Sports Psychology CD

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Order Sports Psychology CD

I am literally giving away ALL MY TRUST-BOOSTING STRATEGIES in this 14-day step-by-step workbook program!

The 2 CDs and workbook guide you through 7 sections every day for 14 days…

A Warm Up
An introduction to get you ready for the upcoming daily exercise.

Assessing Your Attitude
A self-test to help you identify mental game challenges

Daily Objective
The objective of each “Daily Fearless Strategy”.

Daily Fearless Strategy
The primary task you will need to complete, practice, and apply.

Success Mottos
A short relaxation, guided imagery, and daily mottos or affirmations.

Bold Action Plans
Action plans to help you put the plan into play and apply it to your sport.

Assess Your Progress    
A measure of how well you are applying the daily task to your sport.

Ideal For Coaches, Young Athletes,
and Professional Athletes

The Fearless Athlete” was developed for any level coach, parent, or junior to professional athlete who wants to improve trust and gain a competitive edge. It does not matter if you are a fledgling junior athlete or a seasoned professional plagued with distractions, or you just want to learn how to teach others to overcome fear of failure.

The strategies I teach you in The Fearless Athlete work because I have used these same mental game strategies successfully with my students for over 20 years!

If you have any reservations about the appropriateness of my program for a young or junior athlete, don’t worry. You can sample the program and return it if you find that your athlete is too young or not mature enough to apply the principles – for a full refund! However, we recommend parents work through the program with children aged 12 or younger.

A Small Investment in Your
Mind Can Yield Big Returns

I love to work with athletes, one-on-one, and am happy to help you with a personal coaching program. But working with me in person isn’t within everyone’s budget.  That’s why I created “The Fearless Athlete” Program, so that anyone can have access to the powerful mental toughness strategies I use when working with athletes one-on-one!

“The Fearless Athlete” program provides everything you
need to help you uncover and abolish your fear of failure.

What would it be worth to you – to enjoy your sport and learn how to balance your training with performance? Do you want to invest in your mental game and give yourself the best chance to have your talent shine in competition OR do you want to continue to work harder and harder and hope that your fear of failure disappears on its own?

You can own your personal copy of “The Fearless Athlete” today at a special introductory offer price of only $99.00 $89.00 (plus shipping). This special program with two premium bonuses is worth at least $199 retail, but as a devoted reader, I am offering it to you at more than 50% off retail price!

We only produced a limited number of copies in the first printing and I’m certain these will sell really fast just like the others programs in The Confident Athlete Series. Reserve your copy today before we sell out of the first printing and the cost increases.

In summary, with THE FEARLESS ATHLETE, you get:

  • 2 CDs packed with trust-boosting strategies that you can enjoy many times and download to your iPod so you have a refresher course once a month.
  • A 78-page workbook to help you learn, practice and apply my mental game strategies, and individualize the exercises to your needs.
  • 14 Days of unique exercises and actions plans to commit to each strategy and help you take action immediately.
  • A daily exercise to assess your progress and test how well you are engaging with the actions plans.
  • Two additional peak performance bonuses (see below) that make this purchase a no-brainer – packed with value.

Learn Powerful Mental Strategies
to Maximize Your Trust Immediately!

Below, you can order the digital download version or have the program shipped to you.

The Fearless Athlete

Digital Download CDs & Workbook

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Act Today and Get Two Special
Bonuses to Download Immediately!

Special Bonus #1 – Start Today with Your Program!

Pregame Checklist for Unbeatable Trust and Fearlessness

My students sometimes can’t remember the important lessons I teach them or they get too concerned about preparing for competition. For this reason, I have created a checklist or summary of the top mental strategies needed to be applied in your pregame warm up.

Download this PDF immediately after you order to remind yourself of the most important pregame mental strategies you need to employ for unbeatable trust in competition, while you wait for “The Fearless Athlete” to arrive via mail. PDF report value: $15.00

Special Bonus #2 – A One-Hour Teleclass on MP3!

“Crunch-Time Tactics: 5 Steps to Performing with Winning Trust”

A free one-hour bonus audio program of a live teleclass taught by yours truly. Do you look like a pro when you practice only to not play up to your potential in competition because you choke or lose your trust in crunch-time or big games?

Lack of self-trust is the number one challenge for many athletes who can’t play free in competition. In this one-hour audio program, I teach you how to take your practice game to competition, play freer under pressure, and trust your game when the pressure is on to perform your best and get the job done.

Begin your program today by downloading this special audio program while you wait for “The Fearless Athlete” Program to arrive by mail. Note: This is one of 20 teleclasses in member area you can listen to as a member. Downloadable MP3 Audio program value: $30.00.

Below, you can order the digital download version or have the program shipped to you.

The Fearless Athlete

Digital Download CDs & Workbook

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Order Sports Psychology CD

“I Stand Behind My Work”
Money-Back Guarantee!

I stand by my work and reputation as a leading mental game coaching professional. If you are not completely satisfied with “The Fearless Athlete” program, you can return the CDs and workbook (within 30 days) for a full refund, no questions asked!* And you can keep the special bonuses to boot!

*Guarantee applies only to the Fearless Athlete Program. Offer not valid with a purchase of any of the package offers.

What are you waiting for? Grab your copy today of my unique, real-life tested program, available to you at this low introductory price. When I sell out my limited supply of first-printing copies, the next printing will cost more. Take advantage of this price-saving offer today!

Two Easy Methods to Place Your Risk-Free Order:

  1. The easiest and most efficient way is to place your order online today and immediately download your two bonuses within seconds after you complete your order. Click Here to Order Now.
  2. Call toll free 888-742-7225 and place your order with a valid credit card. Have your email, address, phone number, and credit card handy.

Coaches: If you want every member of your team to get a personal copy, email or call us for a special team rate. Tell us the number of athletes you have on your team.

Teachers: If you want a copy for your entire class, email or call us for a special education rate. Tell us the number of students you have in the class.

The Fearless Athlete

Digital Download CDs & Workbook

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| $79 Digital |Order Sports Psychology CD

Shipped to you!
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Order Sports Psychology CD

Thank you for taking the time to read about “The Fearless Athlete” – the best investment you can ever make to overcome fear of failure and perform with total trust. I look forward to helping you reach your athletic goals with more confidence, focus, and self-trust than your can imagine.


Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D.
Master Mental Game Coach

Peak Performance Sports
P.O. Box 3188
Windermere, FL 34786-3188

P.S. You can learn the same trust-enhancing strategies I teach my personal coaching students for a fraction of the price. In “The Fearless Athlete,” you get a step-by-step, proven system for creating unbeatable trust contained on the 2 CDs and a copy of a 78 page workbook shipped to your door step. Plus, you get my two special peak performance bonuses all for the small investment of $89.00. Click here to orderThe Fearless Athlete – Guaranteed to turn you into a fearless athlete and improve your trust in crunch-time!


*Testimonials found on this site are examples of what we have done for other clients, and what some of our clients have said about us. However, we cannot guarantee the results in any case. Your results may vary and every situation is different. No compensation was provided for these testimonials.