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Dear Triathlete or Coach:

Mental Toughness for Triathletes

You (or your triathlete) might be the most skilled competitor in the event and train harder or longer than anyone else, but if self-doubt enters your mind prior to or during competition, you simply will not reach your true potential in races.

If you are ready to improve your mental toughness and perform with ultimate self-confidence in races, we have a program that will do just that.

Your triathlon mental game experts Andre Bekker (formerly ranked #1 in age category 50+ for 70.3 distance) and Dr. Patrick Cohn (over 25 years of experience as a mental game expert) want to share with you powerful mental strategies to help you perform your best in races.

A Real Life Story from Andre Bekker’s Career…

When I started bicycle racing, I arrived at the races always looking at the other competitors. They looked more experienced, had more defined physiques, and they appeared lean and mean. But when the racing started, they were not in the lead pack.

Early in my career as an amateur cyclist, I had no choice but to race in Pro-Am fields. This forced me to raise my game or get left behind. Many years later, I competed in my first 70.3 Ironman race and had the same experience as when I started bike racing. I saw super fit competitors on the start line, but I knew that these were not the guys that would end up on the podium.

Competing in Ironman events is both physically AND mentally challenging. The toughest competitors were the understated competitors; the quite ones with drive, the mentally tough. They were the top competitors that were ready to race hard. After a few events, I quickly realized that my mental game was my biggest asset.

I wasn’t the most talented competitor in the event, but I was able to race against them and still win. My love for racing and inner drive was more important than physical appearance or VO2 Max. I recall one race when I lined up for a 70.3 IM with a broken toe and still finished on top of the podium in my age category.

The only reason I finished the race was because I was determined to be first. Your mental game is THE most important asset as a triathlete.

You can choose to focus on newer equipment, better training, improved diet, etc., which are all important, but these will only take your racing so far. I have witnessed pro’s eating chocolate before a big race and win it. When Chrissy Wellington won Kona, she didn’t even wear an aero-helmet.

I believe that determination, commitment, and mental toughness are the key ingredients that make a champion. In order to have the best mental game, you must be committed to your goals, engaged, composed, and confident. Please do not neglect the most important ingredient to achieving your potential in racing–your mental game!

That’s why I helped Dr. Patrick Cohn create “Triathlete Confidence: Mental Toughness Training For Peak Performance in Racing.” Our goal is to help you and other triathletes and coaches develop the mental game skills to be successful in triathlons.

Our “Triathlete Confidence”
(Workbook Program)

Triathlete Confidence

About the Authors

We’ve helped thousands of elite athletes including top youth, collegiate, and pro athletes from many sports for nearly two decades.

About Dr. Patrick Cohn:

As the founder of Peak Performance Sports in Orlando, Florida, Dr. Patrick J. Cohn is dedicated to instilling confidence and composure; and teaching effective mental game skills using sports psychology strategies.

Having earned his doctoral degree in Education specializing in Applied Sports Psychology, Dr. Cohn has extensively studied and interviewed hundreds of athletes to develop strategies to enter “the zone” faster and stay there longer. Experts in the field of sports psychology regard him as the leading authority for entering the zone and routines for peak performance.

Dr. Cohn has been a sports psychology coach to athletes, teams, and coaches worldwide from a variety of sport backgrounds for nearly 15 years. He has consulted with the likes of the Miami Dolphins, A.J. Allmendinger, Brian Watts, and J.L. Lewis. His experience as an athlete, researcher, and sports psychology coach has helped hundreds of athletes as well as athletic coaches, trainers, and therapists identify the mental obstacles that prohibit peak performance.

We’re on a mission to teach you proven and effective mental game strategies so you can overcome any mental block, take your practice game to races, and boost your confidence in triathlons.

About Andre Bekker:

Andre Bekker is a lifetime athlete and has been involved in sports all his life. In 2013, ’14, and ’15, he was ranked #1 in age category 50+ for 70.3 distance. He’s coached triathletes for 5 years and more recently he has been helping triathletes with their mental games.

He’s competed in several sports throughout his life, from karate to professional cycling. More recently in his career, he’s competed in Ironman races, including 70.3 and full distance.

Competing successfully in any sport requires these qualities: drive, confidence, and commitment to goals! Today he helps triathletes develop mental toughness to perform at their peak.

What people are saying about our mental training programs

“I Appreciate You Give Usable Information”

“Yes the video series was excellent and very helpful. I appreciate that you give usable information and don’t “bait” people. Much respect for you for that. I’ve been cycling for a few years and joined a race team last year. I moved from a cat-5 to a cat-3 my first year and now am racing masters Cat-1,2,3 here in central California.”*
~Blake James, Cyclist

“It Keeps You Focused And Taking Constructive Action”

“This is a good kick start to anyone in need of “finding” their way through the mental training underbrush. It keeps you focused and taking constructive action day by day.”*
~Dean Hebert, RxRunning & Racing Coach

“Performs Much Better Under Pressure”

“Your work with my son Taylor has really helped him to improve his focus in races. He performs much better under pressure. Your coaching is so good that I don’t want our main competitors to find out about our secret weapon-Dr. Cohn!”*
~Kevin Johnson, Taylor’s Father

“Had Their Best Meet Ever”

“We used your mental training information on how to kick perfectionism and my daughters had their best meet ever. Thanks for your help.”*
~Paul Patterson, Father of Swimmers

We won’t waste your time by boring you or your triathlete with psychobabble! We provide simple, proven mental game strategies to help you have greater mental toughness—when it matters!

The best part is that you too, can tap into our expertise and experience the coaching that helped athletes improve their mental game over the past two decades, so you can perform your best in practice and events!

You’ll learn the top eight mental game lessons for triathletes – the same lessons we teach our personal coaching students, who pay thousands of dollars for our strategies. We’ve made sure that our lessons are easy and effortless for you to improve your mental game.

Who Should Purchase “Triathlete Confidence”?

“Triathlete Confidence: Mental Toughness Training For Peak Performance in Racing” Workbook program is ideal for any competitive triathlete. In addition, coaches and parents would also be wise to teach the strategies we provide in “Triathlete Confidence” to their athletes.

  • Triathletes: Get the mental edge by learning how to take control of your confidence, mentally prepare for races, and perform with composure under pressure.
  • Coaches: Boost your athlete’s confidence using simple, proven mental strategies.
  • Parents: Help boost your athlete’s performance. Don’t let their mind hold them back any longer.
  • Mental Coaches: Learn a proven system for helping your athletes boost mental toughness.

What’s Included In The “Triathlete Confidence” Program?

Triathlete Confidence” is a complete workbook program of the TOP eight mental training sessions we teach our triathletes to help them boost racers’ mental game and improve consistency – from how to mentally prepare for races to performing under pressure with mental toughness.

8 Triathlete Confidence Session Workbook:

  • Session 1: How to Overcome Pressure-Packed Expectations
  • Session 2: Get Into The Zone: How to Stay Focused For 90 Plus Minutes
  • Session 3: Dominate With Confidence: How to Be Cocky on The Inside
  • Session 4: Trusting Your Training: How to Become a Fearless Competitor
  • Session 5: Race With Composure: How to Stay Focused After a Challenging Discipline
  • Session 6: Make Your Mind an Asset: How to Be Dynamic Instead of Perfect
  • Session 7: Compete Without Fear: How to Conquer Fear of Failure
  • Session 8: Get Focused For Triathlons: How to Unleash Your Competitive Edge

“Triathlete Confidence” Workbook Program Includes:

  • One PDF workbook to guide you through my mental toughness sessions and to overcome mental game roadblocks.
  • 3 premium bonuses included…

3 Free Bonuses Worth $60!

Bonus 1: Train With Intensity: How to Train Smarter

  • You’ll learn smart training principles to improve the quality of your training and improve your performance in races. (Bonus Value: $20)

Bonus 2: Embrace Physical Discomfort And Break Through Performance Barriers

  • You’ll learn how to set training goals to push you beyond your comfort zones for long-distance racing. (Bonus Value: $20)

Bonus 3: Race Day Tips For Coaches

  • Coaches will learn mental game tips to help their triathletes on race day. (Bonus Value: $20).

Value of All Bonuses = $60! Instantly Download Your Bonuses After Placing Your Order!

What’s the Cost of “Triathlete Confidence?”

“Triathlete Confidence” workbook program is the most comprehensive mental game program we’ve offered to the public. We’re virtually giving away all our mental game secrets for the incredibly low price of only $97.00, including the free bonuses!

Of course, we’re happy if you instead choose to enroll in our one-on-one mental coaching program! However, our one-on-one personal coaching program starts at $600 for one month of coaching!

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