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“As parents, we supply our sports kids with all the best in equipment and coaches. But just having the right mindset using sports psychology is the least expensive and most effective investment in them.”
~Julia Dreyer, sports mom to two champion equestrians

From: Dr. Patrick Cohn and Lisa Cohn, Award-winning Parenting Write

Dear Sports Parents,Sports Parents Tips

Every day, we receive letters from parents like you who want their children and teens to excel in sports. However, these parents can see fear, doubt, and frustration on the faces of their kids who struggle with the “inner” game of sports. But these parents have no idea how to help their kids overcome the worries, expectations and self-defeating thoughts that prevent their young athletes from feeling confident and successful. Parents report that their young athletes:

  • Perform like stars in practice, but freeze up or play tentatively during games or competition
  • Are distracted by worries about what a coach or teammates think about their performance
  • Doubt their abilities as athletes at just the wrong moment during competition
  • Expect too much of themselves, then beat themselves up for not meeting their high expectations
  • Fall short of reaching their physical potential because they’re afraid of failing
  • Freeze up and look scared when faced with competitive pressure
  • Criticize themselves often after making mistakes
  • Under-perform in response to negative feedback from jealous teammates
  • Perform badly when their coach is hot-headed, upset or critical
  • Lose confidence after working with a negative coach

It’s difficult for sports parents to watch their kids under-perform in sports and lose self-esteem due to fear, doubt and tentativeness. It’s hard to stand idle and watch.

The solutions are not obvious. However, you, as a parent, can learn how to respond to your athletes’ fears, doubts, and frustrations. You can develop happy, successful kids who are “mentally tough” in sports – and life!

A child or teen athlete may possess all the talent in the world. But if he can’t “get his head in the game” and realize his potential, his performance will suffer and he will be unhappy. Below are classic examples from parents about their kids’ “mental game” roadblocks:

Mom’s Basketball Son Freezes Up During Games

“My 13-year-old, has the athletic ability to lead any team to victory. He does great in practice, but he often can’t capitalize on his talent during games. His mind is filled with doubts and indecisiveness. He freezes in games and plays tentatively and stiffly, then he gets down on himself for not performing well.”*

Soccer Daughter Worries Too Much About What Others Think of Her

“My 14-year-old daughter’s soccer coach says her athletic gifts could land her a scholarship. However, before games, she obsesses about what the coach and other players think of her performance. She worries about how she looks in her uniform and whether her best friend will score more goals than her and tease her. If she makes a mistake during a game, she plays too safe and then hates herself for it later. I feel at such a loss to help her.”*

Poor Coaching Crushed Son’s Confidence

“My 7-year-old son just finished his first year of football with some of the worst youth coaching I’ve seen. He started at quarterback, is very athletic and extremely intelligent, and LOVES football… He finished his season with his confidence absolutely crushed by the coaching he was subjected to. How do I rebuild his confidence in himself?”*

Son Immediately Focuses on the Negative After Mistakes

“My son is a good athlete who has always had success in sports. However, he seems to focus on the negative, not the positive. If he is practicing hitting, and doesn’t make good contact, after about three swings I hear, ‘I stink.’ Unfortunately, things tend to go down hill from there.”*

We have helped sports parents overcome these very challenges and many more like these. And we have the perfect solution for you to help your child overcome mental challenges and gain confidence in sports!

Who Are We and How Can We Help Bewildered Sports Parents?

As a leading “mental game” coach, and an award-winning parenting writer, we have studied and worked with sports parents from all over the country. Their young athletes are all ages and skill levels. We’ve helped these parents boost their kids’ confidence, focus, and performance.

Dr. Patrick Cohn has worked with some of the top athletes in the world – including PGA Tour winners and NASCAR winners – to improve their confidence, focus and composure. He has interviewed many world-renowned athletes, including Thurman Thomas, Michelle Akers, Erine Els, Mario Andretti, and Helen Alfredsson to uncover their “mental toughness” strategies. He has authored and produced an extensive library of sports psychology books, videos and audio programs. He earned a Ph.D. in Sports Psychology from the University of Virginia and owns and operates the leading mental training web site in the U.S. at Peaksports.com.

Dr. Cohn’s, sister, Lisa Cohn, is an award-winning parenting writer, youth coach and sports parent to four young athletes. The host of “The Ultimate Sports Parent,” a popular Internet radio show, she has interviewed scores of parents and young athletes about kids’ “mental game” challenges. Her parenting articles have appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, Mothering, Parenting, the Washington Times and other publications. She’s been quoted about parenting issues by The Associated Press, Washington Post, Time Magazine and the New York Times.

“Helps Give Athletes and Parents the Competitive Edge!”

“Performed without Fear and Focus on the Process”

“The Ultimate Sports Parent Workbook Program totally changed our families approach to sports and I am so very grateful. My boys 7 and 10 are able to deal better with negative coaches, perform without fear, and focus way less results and focus better the process. One boy was amazingly able to regain composure and end the season with a positive attitude. I am on your web site all the time and am currently beginning The Confident Athlete series.”*
~Sarah Bateman, Sports Parent

“Maintained Total Composure! “

“We have purchased all of your CD’s, my child has gone through The Focused, Confident, Composed, and Fearless Athlete Programs. And I just listened to the Ultimate Sports Parent CD. I can’t tell you enough how helpful these have been. My child just played in a major competition and he maintained total composure, fought in competition mode not training mode, was totally confident. THANK YOU! I really believe that God lead me to your web site.”*
~Sports Parent

“Will Give You a Competitive Edge”

“The Ultimate Sports Parent program is well designed to help parents and athletes come to terms with developing well rounded student athletes. This workbook will help give athletes and parents the competitive edge.”*
~Mike Maveus, athlete & youth sports coach

“Every Parent Should Listen To It!”

“I just listened to The Ultimate Sports Parent CD program on a drive back from North Carolina. Every parent should be required to listen to it! I thought it was great.” Thank you.”*
~Rita, Sports Parent

“Practical Mental Game Tools for Sports Parents!”

“Dr. Patrick Cohn and Lisa Cohn are to be congratulated! Together, they offer a wealth of knowledge, information, and practical mental tools for sports parents on the substantial “mental game” challenges and pressures facing today’s young athletes.”*
~Marc D. Anderson, LCSW, MGCP, Mental Game Coach

Tap into 15 Years’ of Research and Experience with Young Athletes

You can benefit from our 15-plus years’ of work in sports psychology and sports parenting research. Now, you can tap into our secrets to sports success through a cutting-edge, 14-day program that helps young athletes overcome the top “mental game” challenges that sports parents face—and the top challenges young athletes face. In our 14-day program, you and your young athlete will learn just what it takes to cultivate confidence, focus, and composure in sports!

Through our extensive research, we’ve discovered that the parents of top-performing, happy, young athletes know how to support their kids in sports. These parents understand just how to:

  • Communicate with coaches
  • Boost their kids’ confidence on game day
  • Help kids stop worrying about what others’ think
  • Teach kids no one is perfect
  • Give kids appropriate feedback after defeat
  • Free kids to trust in their own abilities, and
  • Help kids focus on what’s most important….And more!

These secrets – and much more – are just what we’ll teach you in our innovative program,

“The Ultimate Sports Parent:
A 14-Day Plan for Kids’ Success in Sports.”

Sports Parents Tips

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“A Useful Tool and Resource for Parents of Young Athletes”

“I found the workbook to be a useful tool and resource for parents of young athletes. If you have a serious young athlete and you could use some guidance in how best to support and encourage them, then this is a great program for you.”*
~Jeff Maveus, Youth Sports Coach

The 2 CDs and Workbook Guide You Through
7 Sections Every Day for 14 Days

Our 160 minute, 2-CD program (with 118-page workbook) guide you through the top 14 sports parenting lessons. What’s in “The Ultimate Sports Parent: A 14-Day Plan for Kids’ Success in Sports?”

  • DAY 1 – Positive Communication with Your Athlete
  • DAY 2 – Helping Your Athlete Establish Appropriate Goals
  • DAY 3 – Providing Positive Motivation for Your Young Athlete
  • DAY 4 – Instilling a Confident Mindset in Young Athletes
  • DAY 5 – Boosting Performance by Improving Your Child’s Focus
  • DAY 6 – Helping Kids Stop Worrying About What Everyone Thinks
  • DAY 7 – Teaching Kids No One is Perfect
  • DAY 8 – Guiding Your Children as they Cope with Difficult Feelings
  • DAY 9 – Dealing with Kids’ Difficult or Negative Coaches
  • DAY 10 – Helping Young Athletes Deal with Competitive Pressure
  • DAY 11 – Freeing Your Athletes to Trust Their Skills on Game Day
  • DAY 12 – Providing Athletes with Positive Support After Defeat
  • DAY 13 – Helping Your Child or Teen Cope with Little Playing Time
  • DAY 14 – Instilling a Competitive Edge in Your Young Athlete

Invest in New Clothes and Equipment?
Or Your Child’s Mind?

What would it be worth to you for your child to feel confident and successful in sports? How often do you opt to buy the latest and greatest sports equipment instead of investing in your child’s mental game skills?

You can own your personal copy of “The Ultimate Sports Parent” today at a special introductory offer price of only $99.00 $89.00 (plus appropriate shipping). This special program with four premium bonuses is worth at least $199 retail, but as dedicated sports parents, we are offering it to you at more than 50% off retail price!

“The Ultimate Sports Parent:
A 14-Day Plan for Kids’ Success in Sports.”

Sports Parents Tips

Digital Download CDs & Workbook

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“A Proactive Approach to Sports Parenting!”

“The Ultimate Sports Parent program is more about being a great motivator for your kid than being a sideline parent. In other words, this program is the PROACTIVE approach to sports parenting—coaching your kid!”*
~Kris Evenson, Sports Parent

In addition, we’re providing four special bonuses (valued at $62 alone) to help you get started on your mission to be The Ultimate Sports Parent. These are all included as part of the program and you can download all four bonuses immediately!

Four Premium Bonuses Included with
The Ultimate Sports Parent Program

Special Bonus #1: Checklist for Parents’ Pregame Behavior ($15.00 value)

What should you say and do before your young athlete’s game or competition? Why are these moments before the game or competition so critical to your young athlete’s performance and confidence? Learn what to say and what to do before games. Help your child play pressure-free, with confidence and enjoyment! You can download this today!

Special Bonus #2: “Get Psyched for Sports” e-book ($20 value)

In this 70 page e-book from sports psychology expert Dr. Patrick Cohn, learn the strategies that professional athletes use to get their heads in the game just before they perform. Find out how young athletes can boost their performance and confidence by establishing powerful “pre-game” rituals and mental preparation strategies. Test your child’s pre-game attitude and learn the secrets to helping your child focus on what’s most important! Download this e-book immediately!

Special Bonus #3: Get in The Flow of Sports ($12.00 value)

Help your child perform without the burden of strict expectations and pressure. This guide includes innovative tips for helping your child play in the moment and focus on the “process” rather than outcomes. With these “Get in The Flow of Sports” strategies, you can teach kids how to cast aside their worries, insecurities and doubts and focus “in the moment” on what matters most!

Special Bonus #4: Guide to Interviewing Your Child’s Coach ($15.00 value)

Learn which critical questions to ask a potential youth sports coach, how to ask them, and why finding the right coach for your child is so important to your child’s happiness and success!

Order now and you’ll gain powerful tools for boosting your child’s confidence, focus, performance and happinessBecome The Ultimate Sports Parent…in just 14 days with our easy-to-follow (and easy-to-implement) workbook program!

The Ultimate Sports Parent Coaching Option

Do you want Dr. Cohn, a master mental game coach, to guide you step-by-step through The Ultimate Sports Parent Program? As an added option, you can receive four 40 minute Ultimate Sports Parent phone coaching sessions with Dr. Cohn himself to help customize the program to your specific challenges in sports. See details for this special offer on the order page.

Iron-Clad Money-Back Offer

Our product carries a full 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with The Ultimate Sports Parent workbook program within 30 days after your purchase, we’ll refund your money (minus shipping costs) – No questions asked! And you can keep all four special bonuses valued at $62.00! Become The Ultimate Sports Parent Today!

“The Ultimate Sports Parent:
A 14-Day Plan for Kids’ Success in Sports.”

Sports Parents Tips

Digital Download CDs & Workbook

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Thank you for taking the time to read about “The Ultimate Sports Parent” – the best investment you’ll make in your child’s sports confidence and experience!


Patrick Cohn, Ph.D., Mental Training Expert

& Lisa Cohn, Youth Sports Parenting Author


THE ULTIMATE SPORTS PARENT by Peak Performance Sports

Youth Sports Psychology

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