Mental Coach Chelsea Brooks

Mental Performance Consultant

Mental Performance Consultant, Chelsea Brooks, M.S., MGCP is a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional with Peak Performance Sports. She obtained a Master’s degree in Sports Science with an emphasis in Sports Psychology from Lock Haven University. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Sport Science specializing in Human Performance from the University of Central Florida.

She has several years of experience as an athlete and coach in multiple sports including an elite spring board and platform diver for 10 years. Her combined 20+ years experience as an athlete, coach, and mental coach help her relate well to athletes and improve athletes’ mental toughness.

Mental Performance Consultant Chelsea specializes in working with with young athletes who want to improve mental skills for success in sports. She also helps professional athletes who want the competitive edge and consistency in their performance to the next level. She brings her personal experiences as an athlete and coach, as well as all of her education and training in sports psychology and mechanics, strength, and conditioning to create a dynamic approach to helping every athlete.

Chelsea Brooks is a partner with Peak Performance Sports, LLC starting in 2018. She was personally trained by Dr. Cohn as a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional (MGCP). She’s also completing her Association for Advancement of Applied Sports Psychology (AASP) certification as a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC).

What Athletes Are Saying About Coach Chelsea

“Talking With Coach Chelsea Really Helped to Get Me Out of The Funk”

“…I think I was tired and frustrated but I think talking with Coach Chelsea really helped to get me out of the funk ’cause I was doing not so great at the beginning but then I did the reset thing she told me to do and it helped.”*
—Petyon Prior, volleyball player

“What Really Makes Her a Great Coach is a Fact That She is Fully Invested in Her Students”

“Chelsea figured out a way to understand who I was as an athlete and worked with the way that my brain function to help me make corrections in diving. She saw my weak spots and help me create a detailed plan that I can work with while practicing in my sport, and in competition. And when I implemented the plan, I had had one of the best experiences in my sport that I ever had. What really makes her a great coach is a fact that she is fully invested in her students.”*
—Sidney Baker-Green, diver

It Was Great to See Her Not Get Down After a Mistake

“She’s had 2 matches since she spoke with Coach Chelsea. This past Weds she did well in the first set and continued to play the second set because one of our hitters was injured. She missed a hit in that second set. She was clearly out of position and hit it into the net. The coach pulled her over to the sidelines and told her what she did wrong in a constructive way. In the past, I would have seen her shrink into herself but this time I didn’t. The next time she was set, she went up and crushed the ball. It was great to see her not get down after a mistake.”*
—Melanie Prior, sports parent

“She Immediately Bounced Back & Got The Next One”

“Wonderful first tournament.  She made mistakes and errors, as expected for a player in her position, but she immediately bounced back and got the next one.  Coming out, she was so happy with her performance, which is a very very different response than I would normally have heard.  We are reviewing her mind set before she goes into privates to get her in the right place before she starts.  She is definitely moving in the right direction in regards to her mental game.  Thank you!”
—LeAnne Garretson-Tran, sports parent


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