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If You’re Under Performing in Games, Please Read This…

Sports Psychology for Hockey

Are you (or your athletes) performing inconsistently in games with less confidence in games than in practice? Do you lose confidence easily after a couple of mistakes? Do you become so frustrated with your game that you can’t focus for the next shift?

If you answered yes to these questions, it’s a good bet that your mental game might prevent you from consistent performance in games. How much time do you spend improving your mindset for hockey compared to the time you spend improving your physical skills?

If you’re ready to improve your mental training and toughness for hockey and perform with stable self-confidence in games, I have a new mental training program for you…

I’m Dr. Patrick Cohn, owner of Peak Performance Sports. I’d like to introduce my new program that shares powerful mental training strategies to help you (or your team) perform more consistently at your peak in hockey games…

Hockey players often complain about…

  • “My confidence seems to disappear when I go from practice to games and I don’t know why.”
  • “I get frustrated when I make mistakes and my confidence sinks.”
  • “I get nervous and anxious in big games and feel too much pressure and expectations to be perfect.”
  • “I train so hard in practice, but in a game situation, I doubt myself and don’t perform the way I do in practice.”
  • “I play too tight and anxious. I try not to screw up and then perform too tentatively?”
  • “I know I should, but I have no idea how to mentally prepare for games.”

These hockey players suffer from…

  • Fear of failure and worry about outcomes.
  • Inability to take practice confidence into games.
  • Fragile confidence after a bad series or making mistakes.
  • Poor emotional control or ability to cope with mistakes.
  • Inability to play freely and relaxed in games.
  • Lack of a pregame mental preparation routine.

You can get help with all these challenges and more with our new Mental Training audio and workbook program made for top hockey players in mind…

Introducing…. The Mental Edge for Hockey Program

Sports Psychology for Hockey

The Mental Edge For Hockey:
Mental Game Strategies for Peak Performance

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About the Author

I’m Dr. Patrick Cohn. I’ve helped thousands of elite athletes including top youth, collegiate, and pro athletes from many sports for three decades. I’m the president of Peak Performance Sports. I’ve been an author, professional speaker, and a leading sports psychology expert for over 30 years.

I’ve worked with hundreds of elite hockey players just like you. Our mental coaching programs instill confidence, composure, and mindsets that enable athletes and teams to reach peak performance.

I’ve worked with the Miami Dolphins coaches staff, profession hockey players, junior hockey players, and collegiate hockey players for many years as a mental performance coach. I’m also the author of the popular workbook series “The Confident Athlete.

Practical Mental Game Strategies

You learn proven and simple mental game strategies so you can overcome fear of failure, lack of confidence, slumps or poor composure, take your practice game to competition, and boost your confidence in hockey. You learn simple, actionable mental game strategies to help you perform at your peak!

I’ve worked with athletes for 30 plus years – and know the top challenges that undermine performance when you perform in games. Now you can tap into my expertise and experience in coaching hockey players on the mental game.

In this program, you’ll learn the TOP 10 mental training lessons for hockey players – the same strategies I teach one-on-one athletes I coach on the mental game. My clients pay thousands of dollars for personal coaching, but now you can have the same strategies to improve your mental game – at a fraction of the price.

Who Should Get “The Mental Edge For Hockey”?

“The Mental Edge For Hockey: Mental Game Strategies for Peak Performance” Audio and Workbook program is ideal for any youth, junior, collegiate, or pro hockey players. In addition, hockey coaches and parents can benefit from this program by helping their athletes learn the strategies provide in “The Mental Edge For Hockey.”

  • Hockey Players: Get the mental edge by learning how to take control of your confidence, mentally prepare for games, and perform with composure under pressure.
  • Coaches: Boost your team’s confidence using simple, proven mental strategies in a unique workbook format.
  • Parents: Help boost your athlete’s confidence. Help them improve their consistency in games.

What’s Included In Program?

“The Mental Edge For Hockey” is a complete brain dump of the TOP TEN mental training sessions we teach our hockey players to help them boost their mental game and improve consistency – from how to mentally prepare for games to performing under pressure to building unstoppable confidence.

11 Hockey Mental Toughness Sessions with Audio and Workbook:

  • Session 1: How to Manage Strict Expectations
  • Session 2: How to Focus on One Play at a Time
  • Session 3A: How to Fuel Up Your Confidence
  • Session 3B: How to Manage Confidence Killers
  • Session 4: How to Improve Trust in Your Hockey Skills
  • Session 5: How to Cope with Mistakes
  • Session 6: How to Stop Worrying About What Others Think
  • Session 7: How to Overcome Fear of Failure
  • Session 8: How to Play Functionally Instead of Perfectly
  • Session 9: How to Improve Pregame Mental Preparation
  • Session 10: How to Manage Your Mindset Between Shifts

“The Mental Edge For Hockey” Audio and Workbook Program Includes:

  • 11 “Mental Edge” PDF workbook to guide you through my mental toughness sessions and to overcome mental game roadblocks and improve your mindset on the field.
  • 11 “Mental Edge” confidence-boosting sessions on audio. Each 20-25 minute session includes one mental training lesson to help you improve confidence, focus, composure, and develop focused routines.
  • 11 “Mental Edge For Hockey” Post-Game Assessments to help assess how you are doing and provide the answers to make any adjustments with your mental game.
  • 3 “Mental Edge” bonus programs for setting smart goals and coping with pregame jitters.

Enjoy 6 Bonuses with Your Program!

BONUS #1: Pregame Mental Preparation Cheat Sheet
Use this cheat sheet to help you remember the most important pregame mental preparation strategies to get ready for games. On PDF and Word in case you need to tweak your pregame routine preparation (bonus value = $20).

BONUS #2: How to Cope with Pregame Jitters
You’ll learn the difference between normal, pregame jitters and performance anxiety. You’ll also learn how to embrace pregame jitters as helpful to your performance (bonus value = $50.00).

BONUS #3: Mental Game Strategies For Smart Goal Setting
You’ll learn how to set smart goals to help you improve your performance and strive for success (bonus value = $50.00).

And 3 other Bonus programs!

Total VALUE of Bonus Package: $120.00!

“Mental Edge For Hockey”
Audio and Workbook Program

Sports Psychology for Hockey

Digital Download ONLY – Get immediate access to the program.
No shipping costs! Avoid costly international shipping charges!

Price – $199.00

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We stand by our work 100%… we never want you to feel like buying “The Mental Edge For Hockey” Audio and Workbook program is a gamble. Embrace my strategies and apply it 100% to your game.

If you’re not happy, for ANY reason in the next 30 days, just contact us by email or phone, destroy the program files, and we will buy it back. You’ll get a courteous refund of every penny!

Thank you for reading about “The Mental Edge For Hockey” Audio and Workbook Program. I’m certain that this program can help rocket your confidence, focus, and composure to new heights. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Your Mental Game Coach,

Dr. Patrick Cohn,
Hockey Mental Training Expert
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Mental Training for Hockey
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