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Thank you for visiting our sports psychology apps for iPhone and iPad. We are pleased to present our latest apps to help improve your mental game for sports and life! Please check out Peak Performance Sports’ Apps on iTunes. If you have any suggestions on mobile applications to improve your mental toughness, please contact us.

Golf Mental Coach – Preshot ($2.99)

Golf Mental Coach - Preshot

The Golf Mental Coach – Preshot iPhone and iPad Golf Psychology App helps golfers improve their mental game for golf. Improve your mental game of golf by learning the top mental strategies for better preshot routines. Created by master mental coach, Dr. Patrick Cohn, author of The Mental Game of Golf, The Mental Art of Putting, and Going Low, Golf Mental Coach – Preshot teaches you the mental steps in putting, full-shot, and chipping routines to improve mental preparation for golf. $2.99 US.

Golf Mental Coach – Currently Not AvailableSports Psychology App

iPeak Coach – Sports Psychology Tips (Free)

Sports Psychology AppiPeak Coach is the perfect free mental training tool for athletes and coaches. Boost your confidence and success in sports quickly with mental toughness tips from sports psychology guru Dr. Patrick Cohn. iPeak Coach Sports Psychology App provides a text and audio sports psychology tip-of-the-day for athletes, coaches, parents or anyone involved in sports. That’s 365 mental toughness tips per year in each of three categories: athletes, coaches, and parents. Free.

Sports Psychology AppCurrently Not Available