Sports Psychology Picture Books for Young Athletes

The Confident Sports Kid Picture Book Series

Young Athletes Learn Valuable Life Lessons Through Sports

It’s never too early to educate young athletes on mental game principles that will help instill confidence and success in sports. Dr. Patrick Cohn, author of The Confident Athlete Series and The Confident Sports Kid series, bring a line of educational and fun picture books.

Our series of sports psychology picture books are available to download and read with your young athletes, ages 5 to 10. Your kids will enjoy the educational and inspirational easy-to-read stories written for competitive young athletes.

Both parents and young athletes will enjoy the important lessons they learn. In The Confident Sports Kids Picture Book Series, young athletes and their parents learn valuable lessons through sports about confidence, focus, letting go of expectations and pressure, and how to be more successful in sports using proven sports psychology strategies.

The author, Dr. Patrick Cohn, is a renowned Sports Psychology Expert at Peak Performance Sports in Orlando, Florida. He’s the author of The Confident Athlete CD series and co-author of The Confident Sports Kid CD series.

The Best Tennis Lesson (Digital eBook)

Sports Psychology Picture Books for Young AthletesJunior tennis player, Angela, hid her frustration from her coach and her parents when she was making mistakes in the tennis match. She worried about what they would say about double faulting–losing two points in a row.

Tennis made her happy. She loved playing it, and loved the feeling of hitting a good shot–not because her parents loved watching her play.

But she worried too much about what others thought about her play. Angela realized now more than ever that if she wanted to do well and relax, she needed to play for herself and focus only on the game.

Kids Learn: How to relax and enjoy playing their sport without fear of disappointing others.
Parents Learn: The encouragement their child needs to enjoy game play and perform up to their potential.

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James Lazar, The Soccer Star (Digital eBook)

Sports Psychology Picture Books for Young Athletes

“James could kick a soccer ball before he could stand. He scored his first goal before he owned soccer shoes. James even won a soccer trophy at age four! When he still had a few baby teeth, everyone knew that James Lazar would grow up to be a soccer star.”

James Lazar, the Soccer Star, struggles with wanting to be perfect. James is afraid of not being able to live up to his nickname “Star” because he doesn’t always make the best shots. With the help of his favorite Pro Soccer player, Lightning Rick, he realizes the real reason he is a star. It’s not because he makes all the perfect shots and goals, but because he loves the game he is playing!

Kids Learn: That it’s okay to make mistakes and not always have the perfect shots.Also, kids learn that the real reason for playing a sport is because you love it and enjoy playing it.
Parents Learn: How to spot perfectionism in your child and how to encourage your child without enabling them to be perfectionists.

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 Skating Friends, Best Friends (Digital eBook)

Sports Psychology Picture Books for Skaters Lisa and Ashley were best skating friends. As they looked at Lisa’s figure skating scrapbook, they wondered what they should put at the end. Later, at practice, Lisa nailed a double toe loop twice and all her friends would see it. They complimented her and Lisa loved complements from others.

But she worried that her friends didn’t consider her such a great skater anymore after a poor performance in the last competition. Lisa smiled. Lisa learned a valuable lesson, with the help of her best friend, that even if she didn’t get as many medals or trophies as other skaters, she knew her friends were still true friends.

Kids Learn: That their friends and family will still love and accept them without the need of a perfect score. Parents Learn: How to encourage their children, even when they don’t perform the best in competition.

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 Johnny and the Missed Grounder (Digital eBook)

Sports Psychology Picture Books for Baseball PlayersAfter winning the championship game 7-1, Johnny slumped and set down his glove. Although his team won the game, Johnny couldn’t celebrate the win with his teammates. Johnny was too busy replaying his one error in the game, a missed grounder, over and over in his mind. It was the play that allowed the Badgers to score their only run.

He was the reason his team did not score a shut-out. Johnny was so fixated on that one error that he was unable to enjoy his team winning the championship game. With the help of Johnny’s dad, Johnny learned that mistakes are part of sports and how he, in fact, did contribute to the team’s success.

Kids Learn: To shake of mistakes and realize that it’s okay not to be perfect.
Parents Learn: How to encourage their kids when they make mistakes or are too hard on themselves.

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Myra Wins a Medal (Digital eBook)

Sports Psychology Picture Books for GymnastsMyra, a young gymnast, watched as the winners of the skating competition received their awards. For the second year in a row, Myra had fallen on her beam routine. Would she ever be good enough to make it to the podium? She compared her athletic skills to the other girls who’d won. The very next day at practice, Myra slumped and lost confidence in herself. She thought that she would never win.

Myra loses her confidence when comparing herself to other gymnasts. Her self-doubt crept in to the point where she felt like giving up on the sport altogether. After speaking to her coach, her coach asks her to come help with some of the younger Level 1 gymnasts. She realized her talents and recovers her lost confidence after reminiscing and encouraging little gymnasts to feel confident.

Kids Learn: That comparisons are harmful to your self-confidence. Kids will also learn some skills needed to help recover confidence.
Parents Learn: How to encourage their child’s confidence.

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 Back in the Swing of Things (Digital eBook)

Sports Psychology Picture Books for Young Golfers

Jake, a young golfer, grabbed his clubs and headed toward the clubhouse after playing a round with his friend Marty. Jake has trouble bringing his practice game into tournaments. At practice, he performs well, but when he plays in a tournament he can’t seem to play the same game. When asked if he was playing in the tournament at Forest Oaks, Jake was uncertain.

He felt intimidated by the kids who practice at Forest Oaks because they have the best clothes, clubs, and coaches. After his mom signed up Jake to play in the tournament, he asked to withdraw. He feared once again that he would not score well in the tournament. With the help of his friend, Jake learns that golf is not about winning, but trying to do your best on each shot.

Kids Learn: To enjoy their game and not compare themselves to others. They learn that competitions should be fun, just like the fun they have practicing.
Parents Learn: How to allow their children to enjoy competitions.

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