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Help Young Athletes Improve Confidence Quickly And Overcome Common Confidence Killers That Destroy Motivation And Fun in Sports!

7-Day Program For Sports Parents and Kids Boosts Young Athletes’ Performance, Happiness and Success
…In Sports And Life!

Dear Parents and Coaches,

Confidence is the Number One trait that determines whether young athletes achieve their potential in sports.

When kids lack confidence, they doubt themselves, stop taking risks, play tentatively, and are hard on themselves. As a result, kids often lose their motivation to improve. Ultimately, these barriers keep them from enjoying sports and making the most of their physical talent.

As sports parents and coaches, you play a critical role in determining whether your young athletes feel confident. What you say, what you do with your hands and body during games or competitions—even how you think about sports—will affect your kids’ confidence.

Here are some of the top confidence killers for young athletes:

  • They hold high expectations (“I need to make four 3-pointers and block five shots in today’s game”).
  • They call themselves negative names (“I’m too skinny to play football”).
  • They tell themselves I can’t… statements (“I can’t score when I play against this team”).
  • They harbor other goofy beliefs (“I only score if I eat granola bars for breakfast or wear a red headband”).
  • They doubt their abilities. (Can I really make that shot?)
  • They worry about what everyone thinks of them. (“Coach is going to bench me if I make a mistake. My friend Sarah is here watching and may not like how I look.”)

Most young athletes struggle with at least some of the above confidence killers.

But here’s the good news… Kids can learn how to overcome these confidence busters and perform with confidence. When they do this, parents and coaches see radical changes in their mindset and performance.

Confident sports kids embrace competition and thrive on it. They aren’t afraid of taking risks. They maintain their confidence even after making mistakes. Their self-talk—what they say to themselves while practicing or performing—is positive and supportive. They generally perform better than kids who lack confidence, even if they’re less talented than the other kids.

Parents and Kids Struggle with These Confidence Busters

Here’s what parents typically report to us about their kids’ confidence…

Negative Thoughts Drain Kids’ Energy

“The negative thoughts literally drain energy. If they are having these doubts about their performance when playing sports, they are likely to be experiencing doubts in other areas of their life as well. Consider how often they are quietly beating themselves up. The worst part is if there is no intervention, this self criticism continues into their adult life.”*

Perfectionist Trains Like Champion, Falls Apart During Competition

“My youngest is a perfectionist and although he trains like a champion, he gets on the blocks and voila…all his practice, his physical memory, his belief…blow up! It doesn’t matter what we say, how we say it, self-doubt seems to creep in… Both sons have what it takes physically….but will their heads get in the way?”*

Daughter Dominates in Scrimmages, Plays Poorly in Games

“In Basketball my daughter dominates in scrimmages during practice and can shoot 3 pointers better than anyone in her school including the young men. When she gets on the court during her basketball games she gets that ‘Deer in the Headlights’ look and plays poorly, rarely taking a shot. I have tried everything to help her but I am at the point where I don’t know how to help her through this. How do I get her comfort level back when she is on the court?”*

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What Are Our Qualifications?

About Dr. Patrick Cohn

As a dedicated mental game coach, and sports psychology expert, Patrick Cohn has studied, researched, and worked with thousands of athletes for nearly two decades. During this period of time, I have complied an impressive list of accomplishments and credentials such as:

  • Working with some of the top athletes in the world, including PGA Tour winners and NASCAR winners, on techniques to improve confidence, focus, and composure for sports for over 20 years.
  • Interviewing many top athletes in the world, including Thurman Thomas, Michelle Akers, Ernie Els, Mario Andretti, and Helen Alfredsson to uncover the strategies, techniques and skills that keep these professional athletes at the pinnacle of performance.
  • Authoring and producing an extensive library of sports psychology books, videos, audio programs and training seminars. (Visit the Mental Training Proshop or sports psychology seminar page for details).
  • Earning a Ph.D. in Sports Psychology from the University of Virginia, having published more articles than any other students at the time.
  • Owning and operating two leading mental training web sites with hundreds of current members who are reaping the rewards mental game coaching brings to their performance.

About Lisa Cohn

Lisa Cohn is an award-winning parenting writer and sports mom to five children. Lisa has been quoted by the Associated Press, Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor and Seattle Times and has appeared on ABC Radio Network’s “Satellite Sisters” and many nationally syndicated radio shows. She’s the host of Ultimate Sports Parent Radio, a podcast series which has more than 120,000 subscribers.

What are Readers Saying About Us?

“Each Race He Was More Calm, Composed, And Relaxed”

“I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful programs. My son Kai was one of the fastest 10 and under swimmers in Southern California and after he “aged up” to the 11-12 group he really lost confidence swimming against the much faster and bigger boys. He started with the Confident Sports Kids series and really enjoyed each and every lesson. He then started the Composed Kid series and built on the important building blocks that he was using from the first series. I so happy to report that Kai was able to swim to best times in each and every event he swam at the biggest and most important meet of the year in So Cal, the Club Championships. Each race he was more calm, composed, and relaxed. The final race was one that he was ranked last and one of his goals was to try for top 16…he was 49th! He cut over 4 seconds off his time ending up in 17th. He was ecstatic to say the least.”*
~DD Bartley

“I Can Not Thank You Enough”

“I appreciate the advice to parents as to how to help your child become more mentally resilient to bullying in sports. The specific advice and scenarios are extremely helpful for any child on a team and very helpful in guiding parents, coaches and administrators in how to deal with bullying in sports. I cannot thank you enough for your input, and I am so reassured to know that there are people like you who are writing articles and doing interviews on such timely and important matters.”*
~Julie Goot

“The Material is Excellent. Very Happy With My Purchase.”

“I think the material on your web site and the communications I receive are excellent. I find the advice practical and the topics that are discussed, very relevant to my own experiences. I feel very happy with my purchase of the Ultimate Sports Parent Program. Your materials are top class. I will continue to study them.”*
~David Wormald, Sports Parent

“Every Parent Should Be Required to Listen”

“I just listened to ‘The Ultimate Sports Parent Program‘ on a drive back from North Carolina. Every parent should be required to listen to it!  I thought it was great. Thank you.”*
~Rita, Sports Parent

“A Wealth of Knowledge and Practical Tools for Sports Parents”

“Dr. Patrick Cohn and Lisa Cohn are to be congratulated! Together, they offer a wealth of knowledge, information, and practical mental tools for sports parents on the substantial “mental game” challenges and pressures facing today’s young athletes.”*
~Marc D. Anderson, LCSW, MGCP, Mental Game Coach

“The Difference in My Son Was Miraculous”

“I recently bought your program for kids who are perfectionist, “Sports Parents Top Dilemma . I must say that the difference in my son was miraculous. Also, since my son read the program and did so well, I see his old self (fear of failure) coming back little by little. Do you have any other resources’ that I could get for him? He loves to read and has requested more. He even wants to go into the field of sports psychology. I am so thankful that I found your program. It has made such a huge impact on our family.”*
~Sports Parent

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Here’s What You’re Getting…

The Confident Sports Kid” program is actually two programs: one that teaches sports parents how to boost their kids’ confidence, and another that teaches young athletes age 8 to 18 how to improve their self talk, avoid negative thinking, overcome expectations that limit confidence, and much more. The program will help kids boost their confidence in sports and life…and enjoy sports more.

In this program, you’ll receive the following:

Confidence for Young Athletes

Athletes’ Step-by-Step Workbook

An easy-to-read illustrated, 56-page workbook for kids aged 8 to 18. Kids learn how to overcome beliefs that hurt their confidence, learn how to control their inner critic and doubt, find out how to see themselves as winners…and more.

For each of seven days, kids tackle a specific mission, and then follow our step by step guide for achieving their confidence boosting goal.

Audio CD Program for Athletes

An audio program prepared just for young athletes that guides them through all seven days of the workbook exercises and provides additional ideas for completing the training program.

Parent/Coach Training Manual

A 62-page manual that teaches parents and coaches how their behavior can undermine or boost kids’ confidence. The manual identifies classic no-no’s in sports parents and coaches.

It gives concrete strategies…even suggested phrases and sentences…for communicating better with young athletes to boost their confidence in sports.

Confidence for Young Athletes

Audio CD Program #2: Parent/Coach Training Program

An audio program prepared specifically for parents and coaches that takes them through the 7-Day program and offers additional tips from Dr. Patrick Cohn not covered in the manual.

Dr. Cohn teaches you how to help instill confidence in your young athlete.

Seven Easy To Learn Steps:

  • Day One: Evaluating Kids’ Confidence
  • Day Two: Overcoming Beliefs that Sabotage Confidence
  • Day Three: Learning How to Control the Inner Critic and Doubt
  • Day Four: How Kids Can See Themselves as Winners
  • Day Five: Boosting  Confidence with a Confidence Resume
  • Day Six: How Kids Can Talk Themselves Into Feeling More Confident
  • Day Seven: How to be Confident On Game Day

Here’s what your kids cover each day.
The lessons are short and succinct and free of jargon:

  • Warm-up – An introduction to get kids ready for the upcoming lesson.
  • Today’s Mission – The overall mission for today’s lesson.
  • Athletes’ Worksheet – Specific exercises your athletes complete to boost their confidence.
  • Things to Talk About – Discussion questions to talk about with a parent or coach.
  • Today’s Practice – Tips for how to apply today’s strategies in practice.
  • What Did You Notice? – A short section asking kids to assess how well they implemented the mental strategy into today’s practice.

What’s The Cost For All This?

We reward people who take action. Including $115 value in bonus programs (see below), you can purchase the CD for kids, the workbook for kids, the CD for parents, and the manual for parents and coaches for only $97.00, $87.00 for the digital download version!

Confidence for Young Athletes

Digital Download CDs & Workbook

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ll assume all the risk to make this a no-brainer for you. We’re so confident that you will love our new program that we offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

If you don’t like the program–for any reason at all, ship it back for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase date. No questions asked. And you keep the bonuses! Fair enough?

When you click “Order Now” below, you’ll be taken to an order page where you can order your program – just have a valid credit or debit card handy for your order.

Special Bonus Programs

Special Bonus #1:  Pregame/Pre-competition Routine ($30 value)

Your athletes must apply what they learn in the program to be successful. A pregame routine is the perfect way to apply what your athletes learn. This guide summarizes the top mental preparation strategies and tells your athletes exactly how to be proactive with their confidence. You can modify the guide to fit your athletes’ needs.

Special Bonus #2: Parent and Coach Checklist ($20 value)

What should you, as a parent or coach, say and do just before competition to help athletes get into a confident mindset? Learn how you can reinforce our mental strategies so you’re part of the solution and not part of the problem! Help your child play with confidence. Download immediately!

Special Bonus #3: Post-Game Strategies for Helping Kids Remain Confident ($30 value)

Kids today tend to beat themselves up after competition when they don’t perform up to their expectations. This hurts their confidence going forward. Parents can add insult to injury when they harp on mistakes. Download this audio program from Lisa Cohn and Dr. Cohn to help you learn what to do and say. You’ll also learn how to help kids assess their performance after competition in ways that will ensure they grow their confidence!

Special Bonus #4: Post-Performance Assessment ($15 value)

“The Confident Sports Kid” post-performance assessment helps your athletes assess their mental game and confidence after each performance. Help your kids evaluate their mental game based on the strategies they’ve learned in the Confident Sports Kid. You’ll learn how to help your athletes make adjustments based on their own self-assessment.

Special Bonus #5: The Confidence-Expectation Connection E-book ($20 value)

As your athletes boost their success in sports, their expectations can increase in ways that threaten their confidence. If kids don’t reach their own expectations – “I should score 10 points today” – confidence can take a blow. Learn how to identify and discard the very expectations that will dampen kids’ confidence.


Confidence for Young Athletes

Digital Download CDs & Workbook

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Thanks for spending the time to read about “The Confident Sports Kid” CD and Workbook program. It’s the best investment you’ll ever make to help your athletes boost their confidence, stay mentally tough after making mistakes, and mentally prepare for adversity.


Lisa Cohn and Dr. Patrick J. Cohn

p.s. You can download the bonuses right away after purchase and begin learning while you wait for your CDs and workbooks to arrive via mail.

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