Improve Concentration in Sports

“A Step-by-Step Plan To Boost Concentration And Overcome Distractions in Sports!”

Master Mental Game Coach to Pro Athletes Shares His Secrets to Developing Superior Concentration.

If you’re an athlete who is frequently distracted, loses focus in competition, or wants to learn more about how to focus better under pressure, you must read this mind-altering article.

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Concentration and the ability to focus under adversity is what championship athletes do best.

It only takes one distraction to enter your mind for you to lose a critical point, miss a putt, or lose a second off your lap time. You cannot afford to let distractions run wild in your mind and cause you to make errors at critical times in the game!

Can you Identify with any of these common brain cramps?

Golfer Loses Match After Losing Focus

“My match was going along really well until I began to think about my finishing score. I got ahead of myself and my game fell apart. I could not stop thinking about the final score and winning the match.”*

Baseball Pitcher Distracted by Inner Demons

“When I get behind in the count, I think back to the last batter that I walked. I think too much about the last batter that got a hit or I walked and it distracts me on the mound.”*

Tennis Player Unravels After Losing First Set

“I can’t stand to lose the first set of the match. I get so frustrated by dwelling on the lost set, that I blow the next set and the match – I can’t stop dwelling about the past. Help!”*

Motocross Racer Loses in Lead

“In some on my races, I get a good start and begin to check out. But 2 laps later, my mind starts to wander because I am not racing anyone. I make mistakes and crash or get passed.”*

I have helped my students overcome every one of these problems. You can discover my unique solutions to concentration breakdowns.

Learn How to Get the “Eye of the Tiger” Focus!

Discover how you can harness the power to total concentration and learn…

1. What Michelle Akers told me about how good players focus in competition and how you can do the same.

2. The secret to getting into the zone by using your ideal state all the time when you compete.

3. How to quickly identify distractions that sabotage your concentration and how to quickly refocus after distractions.

4. How to use pregame routines to help you harness the power of zone concentration before competition.

5. How to use preshot routines before shots or servers to help you be more task-focused instead of worrying about results.

7. How a daily mental rehearsal helps you boost your concentration subconsciously.

Why Mental Training is Worth Every Penny

As a dedicated mental game coach, and sports psychology expert, I have studied, researched, and worked with thousands of athletes for nearly two decades. Over the course of my twenty-some years working I’ve accrued an impressive list of accomplishments and credentials such as:

  • Working with some of the top athletes in the world including PGA Tour winners and NASCAR winners on techniques to improve confidence, focus, and composure for sports.
  • Interviewing many top athletes in the world including Michelle Akers, Ernie Els, Mario Andretti, and Helen Alfredsson to uncover the strategies, techniques and skills that keep these professional athletes at the pinnacle of performance.
  • Authoring and producing an extensive library of sports psychology books, videos, audio programs and training seminars. (Visit the proshop or seminar page for details.)
  • Earning a Ph.D. in Sports Psychology from the University of Virginia having published more articles than any other students at the time.

What Students Say About “The Confident Athlete Series”

“Gives Me the Edge Over My Competitors”

“I just finished ‘The Confident Athlete Program‘. Improving confidence is a never ending process. I think that confidence boosting is an awesome area. Having a daily mental plan for mental “work outs” can turbo charge anyone’s confidence level…. Studying almost all of Dr. Cohn’s mental game materials gives me a real EDGE over my competitions and most importantly – a boost in my daily life.”*
~Radek Sefcik, member

“I Love The Entire Program”

“I enjoyed ‘The Confident Athlete Series’ very much. I particularly liked the format, the ease of the program, and the 2 CDs that accompanied the workbook – 10-20 minutes a day was simple to adhere to and put in my busy schedule. I love the part about confidence with grace, and what I want to portray and feel the minute I step foot into Los Angeles for nationals. I love the affirmations, the relaxation techniques, and just the entire perspective of the program.”*
~Sarah, US National Aerobic Gymnastics Team

“The Best Doubles Score I’ve Shot In Four Years”

“I can see that The Confident Athlete Series program is really sort of a lifestyle change. Just as weight loss involves a change in eating habits, confidence involves a change in thinking habits. I recently participated in a registered Skeet tournament and shot the best doubles score I’ve shot in four years. I attribute that score to your program!”*
~Kevin Lutgen, Shooter

“I Am Once Again Enjoying Golf!”

“As a result of reading and implementing The Confident Athlete Series,’ I am once again enjoying golf and letting bad shots roll off my shoulders and appreciating my good shots without attaching expectations. Thanks Dr. Cohn!”*
~Stu Blasius, P.G.A. Golf Professional

Today professionals and amateur athletes from all over the world pay me huge sums to help them improve performance because they recognize the empowering effect mental game coaching can bring to their game. My mental training system uses real-life tested mental game strategies that build confidence and focus easily and quickly, which helps you perform better.

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional athlete, I’m offering you all of my focus- boosting secrets so you can develop superior concentration starting today.?

Imagine Being Able to Harness a Zone Focus Every Time You Step onto the Practice Field Or Perform in Competition

Can you experience yourself right now walking out onto the court, diamond, course, or playing field with complete focus on the job at hand with the Tiger Woods stare in your eyes? Imagine feeling ready, focused, in the zone, and ready to dominate your competitors.

You can learn how to harness a zone focus just like I teach the pro athletes. It’s not hard or impossible to achieve – I help athletes reach their goals everyday and you too can learn the same focusing strategies I teach to my students who pay me well over $1000 per day for personal coaching.

Below you can read about my program – A 14-Day Plan for Superior Concentration…

Or You Can Get More Focused Right Now!

Below, you can order the digital download version or have the program shipped to you.

The Focused Athlete Audio
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Distractions Are Plentiful in Sports

It’s probably no secret that you have many opportunities to become distracted in sports. Athletes are bombarded with both internal and external distractions everyday in practice and competition. Focused athletes are able to get the most from their skills because they are more efficient with practice and more concentrated in competition. Athletes who lack focus let distractions run wild through their mind and don’t know how to adjust or refocus. Here are some examples…

Problem #1: You are preoccupied with a school or work project outside of sports that causes you to lack focus during competition.

Problem #2: No matter how hard you try to focus, your mind wanders to other things, which causes you to make more errors.

Problem #3: You focus so much on the outcome of the game and who will win that you can’t play in the present moment.

Problem #4: You think so much about your competition and how fast or strong they look that you are unable to focus on the real task or your own performance.

Problem #5: You rush to your match and hurry to get ready – this leaves you unprepared and unfocused at the start of competition.

Athletes who lack total focus feel out of control and can’t get any momentum. Athletes with superior focus feel in control and ready to do battle with the competition.

Which mindset would you rather take into every competition – out of control or mentally prepared? You can empower yourself to take action now. I have the focusing strategies to help you find the zone more often and and stay in the zone!

The Focused Athlete: A 14-Day Plan for Superior Concentration

“The Focused Athlete” is a complete system to teach you how to focus like a champion and harness the power of a zone focus every time you step on the playing field, court, track, or course in practice and games!

Below, you can order the digital download version or have the program shipped to you.

The Focused Athlete Audio

Digital Download CDs & Workbook

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I am literally giving away ALL MY FOCUSING SECRETS in this 14-day step-by-step workbook program.

The Focused Athlete” program consists of 2 audio CD’s that include 14 days of focus boosting exercises and a simple to follow workbook that guides you through each of the 14 days, helps you apply the strategies, and customizes the exercises to your personal focus challenges.

The 2 CDs and workbook guide you through 7 sections every day for 13 days…

The Warm Up
Prepare your mind to focus with an introduction to the daily focus booster.

Concentration Clip
Learn by example by tapping into the mindset of champion athletes.

Daily Objective
Define what you need to learn each day and set goals to achieve them.

Daily Focus Boost
A daily confidence boosting exercise you can do in your own workbook.

Affirm Your Focus
Ingrain and deepen your focus ability each day with mental imagery and positive affirmations.

Take Focused Action
Goals and specific tasks to help you take action and apply what you learn to competition and practice.

The Focus Scoreboard
Test your understanding and application of the principles and concepts each day.

Then on day 14, you learn how to put all the concentration strategies to work with our exclusive Focused Athlete Mental Imagery Program…

**Focused Athlete Mental Imagery Program**
Practice all your focusing strategies with our exclusive 16 minute mental imagery pregame program, which includes a relaxation program and focusing practice.

Ideal For Coaches, Parents, and Athletes at Any Level

The Focused Athlete was developed for any level coach, parent, or junior to professional athlete who wants to improve performance and gain a competitive edge. It does not matter if you are a fledgling junior athlete; or a seasoned professional, plagued with distractions; or you just wanting to learn how to improve concentration…

“The Focused Athlete” works because I have used these same
mental game strategies successfully with my students for over 15 years!

If you have any reservations about the appropriateness of my program for a young or junior athlete, don’t worry. You can sample the program and return it if you find that your athlete is too young or not mature enough to apply the principles – for a full refund! However, we recommend parents work through the program with children aged 12 or younger.

“You Are the Best Mental Coach.”

“Your response to the throwing problem in front of the coach covers so many situations in life…that is the beauty of playing sports…the life learning experiences. Keep up the good work…you are the best mental coach.”*
~Bill Brennan, sports parent

Less Than the Cost of a New Golf Club

I would love you to work with me as a personal coaching student, but for many athletes personal coaching with is simply out of budget range. So, I’m on a mission – I want to impact as many athletes as I can and make a difference in your mental game and performance right now without the need to hire me one-on-one.

I also want to get you hooked on the benefits of mental training strategies and show you how a zone focus can be the difference between good and superior performance.

As a bonus, you can apply my 14-step focusing program beyond sports to other areas of your life including school, work, relationships, or frankly any endeavor you pursue. Without the ability to focus your mind on your goals, consistent success will be fleeting.

What would it be worth to you – to perform with superior focus in sports or any endeavor? Should you buy a new piece of sports equipment or invest in your mental game?

You can own your personal copy of “The Focused Athlete” today at a special introductory offer price of only 99.00 $89.00 (plus appropriate shipping). This special program with two premium bonuses is worth at least $199 retail, but as a devoted reader, I am offering it to you at more than 50% off retail price!

We only produced a limited number of copies in the first printing and I’m certain these will sell really fast just like The Confident Athlete did. Reserve your copy today before we sell out of the first printing and the cost increases.

In summary, with THE FOCUSED ATHLETE, you get:

2 CDs packed with focusing strategies that you can enjoy many times again and get refocused over and over.

A 67 page workbook to help you practice and apply the focusing strategies, and individualize the exercises to your needs.

14 Days of focus boosters and other unique exercises to ingrain each focus strategy and help you better apply them to competition.

A daily focus scoreboard that can be used to score your concentration powers at the end of each day’s exercises.

The Focused Athlete evaluation test you can take to test your focusing powers after every performance.

Two additional peak performance bonuses (see below) that makes this purchase a no-brainer.

“The ‘Confident Athlete package‘ was worth its price.
The concepts I learned are very valuable.”*

~John, Golfer

Below, you can order the digital download version or have the program shipped to you.

The Focused Athlete Audio

Digital Download CDs & Workbook

Download Now!
| $79 Digital |Order Sports Psychology CD

Shipped to you!
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Order Sports Psychology CD

Two Special Peak Performance Bonuses Included

Special Bonus #1 – A great Place to Get Started

“Sharpen Your Focus – Practice Drills to Improve Concentration” 

Some athletes are born with excellent concentration powers and do not have to work at it. However, other athletes must work at improving their focusing ability and concentrating under adversity. In this special report, you learn how to use the most popular practice drills to improve your concentration for sports.

Learn how to increase the time you can concentrate without becoming distracted!

Download this PDF report immediately and begin to work on sharpening your concentration skills while you wait for “The Focused Athlete” to arrive via mail. PDF report value: $15.00

Special Bonus #2 – A Perfect Primer Course

Coping with Distraction: How to Focus Your Best with Non-Stop Distractions

A free one-hour bonus audio program of a live teleclass taught by yours truly. In the teleclass you’ll learn how identify typical distractions in sports and how to refocus when distracted. I discuss five elements to focus, internal and external distractions, how to focus with distraction, and how to anticipate common distractions for yourself.

Download this special audio program now while you wait for “The Focused Athlete” to arrive by mail. Downloadable MP3 Audio program value: $30.00.

Below, you can order the digital download version or have the program shipped to you.

The Focused Athlete Audio

Digital Download CDs & Workbook

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| $79 Digital |Order Sports Psychology CD

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Order Sports Psychology CD

You’ve-Got-To-Be-Kidding Money-Back Guarantee!

I stand by my work and reputation as a leading mental game professional. If you are not completely satisfied with “The Focused Athlete” program, you can return the CDs and workbook (within 30 days) for a full refund, no questions asked!* And you can keep the special bonuses to boot!

*Offer does not apply if you purchased “The Confident Athlete.”

What are you waiting for? I am virtually giving away all my focusing secrets in my unique, real-life tested program, available to you at this low introductory price. Take advantage of this price-saving offer today!

Two Easy Methods to Place Your Risk-Free Order:

1. The easiest and most efficient way is to place your order online today and immediately download your 2 bonuses seconds after you complete your order. Click Here to Order Now.

2. Call toll free 888-742-7225 and place your order with a valid credit card. Have your email, address, phone number, and credit card handy.

Coaches: If you want every member of your team to get a copy, email or call us for a special team rate. Tell us the number of athletes you have on your team.

Teachers: If you want a copy for your entire class, email or call us for a special education rate. Tell us the number of students you have in the class.

Below, you can order the digital download version or have the program shipped to you.

The Focused Athlete Audio

Digital Download CDs & Workbook

Download Now!
| $79 Digital |Order Sports Psychology CD

Shipped to you!
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Order Sports Psychology CD

Thank you for taking the time to read about “The Focused Athlete” – the best investment you might ever make to jumpstart your mental focus and concentration skills. I look forward to helping you reach your athletic goals with more focus and confidence than your can imagine.


Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D.
Master Mental Game Coach

Peak Performance Sports
P.O. Box 3188
Windermere, FL 34786-3188

P.S. You can learn the same focusing strategies I teach my personal coaching students for a fraction of the price. Ask yourself: What is total concentration worth to you? Click here to order ‘The Focused Athlete’ – Guaranteed to boost your concentration in practice and competition!


*Testimonials found on this site are examples of what we have done for other clients, and what some of our clients have said about us. However, we cannot guarantee the results in any case. Your results may vary and every situation is different. No compensation was provided for these testimonials.