The Focused Team DVD Program for Coaches

Boost Your Team’s Concentration Effortlessly – In Just 7 Days…

“Discover Proven Mental Focus Strategies to Help Your Team (or Athletes) Overcome Distractions, Peak Perform Under Pressure, And Enter The Zone Effortlessly – In Just 7 Days!”

Is Your Team Under-performing Because of Too Many Mental Errors?
Learn Mental Toughness Strategies to Boost Your Team’s Performance!

From the Desk of: Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D.

Dear Coach or Mental Coach,

I’m master mental game coach Dr. Patrick Cohn, and as you will read here, I have a new powerful concentration-boosting mental toughness program designed just for coaches like you! But first, please answer three important questions…

  1. Do you get frustrated with your team’s repeated mental errors that are causing the team to under-perform in competition?
  2. Are you tired of lack-luster practices when your athletes don’t seem to focus their best in training and go through the motions without intensity?
  3. Do you feel like pulling your hair out of your head when you have to remind your players to “concentrate” because they always seem preoccupied or distracted?

If you said “yes,” I can help! Many coaches experience these same feelings of frustration. Your team’s ability to cope with distractions and focus well in practice and competition will directly influence the team’s performance and success!

As a sports psychology expert for many top athletes in the world, including NHL Athletes, NASCAR Racers, and PGA Tour champions, I know that the biggest challenge athletes face today is how to overcome distractions and stay focused in competition.

Team Members Who Are Easily Distracted…

  • Make more mental errors and thus under-perform.
  • Let distractions enter their mind easily and stay there.
  • Do not get the most out of their practice time.
  • Dwell on and beat themselves up for past mistakes.
  • Are trapped inside their head because of too many internal distractions.
  • Can’t focus in the present moment because their minds are trapped by too much mental clutter.

For the last two decades, I’ve been coaching athletes at all levels – junior to professional – and helping them optimize their physical ability by teaching them the secrets of top performing athletes. Now, you too can learn my system for coaching your athletes to zone concentration – exclusively for teams!

Mental focus is the number one challenge coaches must address in order to help their team reach peak potential. Ask any coach what the top skill a team must possess for success…and he or she will reply – The ability to concentrate consistently!

Team Members Who Can Achieve a Zone Focus…

  • Can easily recognize the mind is distracted and get back to the task at hand.
  • Are able to raise the bar of their performance during crunch-time in competition.
  • Thrive in the heat of battle and love the thrill of crunch time performance.
  • Want to “take the last shot” of a game to win it.
  • Get the most out of practice time and thus can apply what they practice to competition.
  • Are able to let go of mistakes quickly and get back to the present.
  • Can recognize when teammates are struggling and help them refocus.

How Well Would Your Team Perform if They
Could Easily Cope with Distractions and Have
Focused Intensity in Practice and Competition?

Like most coaches, you probably assume that more practice should translate to better performances in competition . But, this theory is flawed! Effective and focused practice translates into team success. Without a focused team in practice, it’s difficult for learning and progress to take place!

And to succeed in competition, your team must have the ability to focus under pressure, fend off distractions, and prepare their minds for any breakage in the flow of play.

What Are My Credentials?

As a dedicated sports psychology expert, I have researched and worked with thousands of elite athletes for nearly two decades. Over this time, I have compiled an impressive list of accomplishments and credentials such as:

  • Working with some of the top athletes in the world including PGA Tour winners, NASCAR winners, and NFL and NHL athletes on techniques to improve confidence, focus, and composure for sports – for nearly 20 years.
  • Interviewing many top athletes in the world including Thurman Thomas, Michelle Akers, Ernie Els, Mario Andretti, and Helen Alfredsson to uncover the strategies, techniques and skills that keep these professional athletes at the pinnacle of performance.
  • Authoring and producing an extensive library of sports psychology books, videos, audio programs and training seminars. (Visit the proshop or seminar page for details).
  • Earning a Ph.D. in Sports Psychology from the University of Virginia having published more journal articles than any other students at the time.
  • Owning and operating the leading mental training web site with thousands of current subscribers who are reaping the rewards that mental game coaching brings to their performance.

Now, you and your team can tap the same powerful mental training strategies that I have used to help my teams and athletes reach their potential.

With my step-by-step practical DVD and Workbook program, your team can easily absorb and immediately APPLY the key mental game strategies to boost concentration and achieve a zone focus…with little effort (or precious practice time used) on your part!

I’ve developed my Mental Training DVD Program to “package” myself as your team mental coach using the same strategies I teach to my teams and athletes!

My new system is a ground-breaking mental training program to help your team overcome distractions and focus their best when needed. I deliver my new program in a step-by-step practical DVD and workbook format.

I have done my homework for you by compiling the most comprehensive mental training program to date! As coach or team leader, you facilitate my step-by-step DVD program in just 7 effortless days! And it requires less than 30 minutes to conduct each of the 7 sessions with your team!

My DVD program is called…

“The Focused Team:
A Step-by-Step Plan for Coaching Athletes
to Zone Concentration-in Just 7 Days!”

The Focused Team DVD program is ideal for any coach or mental game coach that wants to help athletes focus better in practice and competition, cope better with distractions, and to help teammates perform at their best.

“The Focused Team” DVD and Workbook program includes:

  • A 68-minute DVD Program that takes you and your athletes through 7 step-by-step mental training sessions.
  • A 65-minute coach or team leader CD training program that trains you on how to conduct the team meetings and facilitate the team exercises for each of the 7 sessions.
  • The Focused Team Assessment to quickly test your team members’ ability to focus in session one of the program.
  • Five 34-page athlete workbooks jam-packed with exercises to help each athlete easily apply the sessions to both practice and competition.
  • One 42-page Coach’s Workbook & Guide including special coach’s’ tips that help you easily implement, conduct, and apply the team meetings and discussions.
  • The Focused Team Post-Game Focus Assessment to help your team members stay committed to the program and test their application of the mental strategies they have learned.
  • The Focused Team Accountability Contract that is designed to help all team members adopt specific team mottos and affirmations to improve communication.

How Does “The Focused Team”
DVD Program Work?

Absolutely everything is included in my program to help lead your team to zone concentration – from helping your team members buy into mental training to assessing their focus – to follow up assessments.

We surveyed hundreds of coaches, like you, to discover what they need to implement a successful mental training program. The results…. 65% of all coaches wanted strategies to apply mental skills to competition!

BUT I did one better than that! I teach you and your athletes how to easily and quickly apply mental skills to both practice and competition! Your team must first apply mental skills to practice in order to be successful in competition.

I include everything you need in “The Focused Team” program to successfully implement a mental training program and boost team concentration. You get The Focused Team DVD, 5 athlete workbooks, one coach training workbook, a coach training CD, The Focused Team Assessment, and post-performance follow up tools.

The DVD program leads your team through seven team mental training sessions and one summary session. The daily sessions are as follows:

  • COACH INTRODUCTION – Outlines and previews the program for you as coach.
  • SESSION 1 – Importance of Mental Training & The Focused Team Mental Focus Assessment
  • SESSION 2 – Identifying Your Zone Performance
  • SESSION 3 – The Top Barriers to a Focused Team
  • SESSION 4 – Defining Important Performance Cues
  • SESSION 5 – Applying the 3 R’s for Refocusing
  • SESSION 6 – Prepare Yourself to Cope with Any Challenge
  • SESSION 7 – Using Process Goals to Achieve a Zone Focus
  • The Focused Team: Post-Game Focus Assessment

Prior to starting the DVD program, you complete The Focused Team Coach’s CD Guide, which teaches you the important points of the program – session-by-session – and trains you to lead the team discussions and daily exercises.

“The Focused Team” program begins by presenting the importance of mental training and zone focus. Then, I help you teach your athletes to embrace mental training. You also have access to The Focused Team Assessment to test your athletes focusing ability. You will effortlessly facilitate each daily session using the DVD and the coach/facilitator’s workbook.

Each athlete workbook comes with a post-performance mental focus assessment to check their athletes’ application of the mental strategies in this program.

What Are Coaches & Athletes
Say About Me?

“Your Insights Were Invaluable!”

“Great news. In the last three weeks, we captured the following: our league championship; the northern Ontario [N.O.S.S.A.] Championship; the provincial “AA” [O.F.S.A.A.] Championship and finally the Hawaiian Sun & Surf Invitational Championship. The team is totally elated. I would like to thank you, on their behalf, for the information you supplied on mental preparation. It was invaluable, especially when we were behind in both the quarterfinals and finals of our provincial championship. We remained focused and played relaxed! Your insights, which we incorporated into our practices, were part of the reason for our successes.”
~John Jeffries, Wildcat Volleyball

“You Have Made a Huge Impact!”

“The 3 R’s have already made a tremendous difference in my life.  Not only have I been able to use this process of thinking in softball, but in all aspects of my life.  Having this thought process has allowed me to enjoy life and RELAX.  You have made a HUGE impact on my life.”
~Christine Steines, Clark College Softball Team

“Your Books Are Useful As Athlete & Coach”

“As a former, Division I college athlete, I understand the mind-body training that is necessary to reach peak performance. I have found many of your books useful not only as a player, but also as a coach. Not only did my players come away with a better sense of themselves as athletes, but most importantly, as complex human beings.”
~Jill Petersen, USGA Foundation

“No More Deer in the Headlights Look!”

“WOW!!! What a week I had. Results aside, the way I finally felt while performing and competing was really my win. I was able to perform with a confidence that allowed my style to shine through. No more entering the arena with that “deer in the headlights” look or feeling, no evaluating myself while I was performing – and, I actually left the arena after my patterns feeling like I had had a lot of fun.  I am looking forward to continuing to work with you to build on the strategies that you helped me create and to keep growing. Thank you so much”
~Julia Dreyer, National Champion Equestrian

“You Have Inspired Me!”

“Dr. Cohn, one of my goals is to become a world-class-coach. And there are a few coaches from the US who inspired me most. John Wooden, Don Shula, Pat Riley, and now I also list your name. Best regards from Germany.”

The Focused Team

The DVD, CD, and workbook guide you through 7 sections every day for 7 days…

  • The Kickoff
    An introduction to each daily mental training session.
  • Fundamentals
    Terms and basic knowledge your team must understand to proceed.
  • The Playbook
    A practical brainstorming exercise for the team, either as an individual, or small group mental game exercise.
  • The Practice Plan
    Strategies to help you apply the mental game lesson to practice.
  • The Game Plan
    Strategies to best apply the mental game lesson to competition.
  • Team Commitment
    How teammates can help each other commit to the daily lesson.
  • The Team Huddle  
    Team discussion questions relevant to the daily session or lesson plan.
  • Review
    Other helpful information for the daily mental training lesson or review.

Ideal For Coaches, Mental Game
Coaches, and Team Leaders

The Focused Team” DVD program was specifically developed to help coaches, junior to professional, and mental game coaches or sports psychologists who want to teach athletes the mental skills to boost concentration for a competitive edge.

The practical strategies you learn in The Focused Team do work because I have used these same mental game strategies successfully with my teams and individual students for over 15 years!

A Small Investment in Your Team’s Mind
Can Yield Championship Performances!

I love to work with athletes and teams, one-on-one, and am happy to help you with a team mental training program. But hiring me to conduct a live seminar isn’t within every team’s budget.

That’s why I created “The Focused Team” DVD Program, so that any coach or team can have access to the powerful mental toughness strategies I use when conducting live seminars with my teams!

You can own your personal copy of “The Focused Team” today at a special introductory offer price of only $299.00 (plus shipping). If I conducted this unique program live and in person for your team, it would cost well over $2000, but I want to help as many coaches as I can by offering it to you at this special introductory price!

Please do not delay – when the first 100 copies are sold out, the cost will increase to $360.00.

In summary, THE FOCUSED TEAM DVD program includes:

  • A 68-minute DVD Program
  • A 70-minute coach or team leader CD training program
  • The Focused Team Mental Focus Assessment
  • 5 34-page athlete practical workbooks (*additional workbooks available)
  • One 42-page Coach’s Workbook & Guide
  • The Focused Team Post-Game Focus Assessment
  • The Focused Team Accountability Contract

Learn Powerful Mental Strategies And
Maximize Your Team’s Focus Immediately!

The Focused Team

Act Today and Get Three Special Bonuses to Download Immediately!

Special Bonus #1 – Start Today with Your Program!

“Sharpen Your Focus: Practice Drills to Improve Concentration”

A few athletes are born with excellent concentration powers and do not have to work at it. However, many athletes must work hard to improve their focusing ability both in practice and competition. In this special report, you learn the most popular practice drills to improve your team’s concentration for sports.

Learn how to increase the time athletes can concentrate without becoming distracted!

Download this PDF report immediately and begin to help your team sharpen their concentration skills while you wait for “The Focused Team” program to arrive via mail. PDF report value: $15.00

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Coping with Distraction: How to Focus Your Best with Non-Stop Distractions

A free one-hour bonus audio program of a live teleclass given by myself. Learn how to identify typical distractions in sports and how to refocus when distracted. I discuss five elements to focus, internal and external distractions, how to focus with distraction, and how to anticipate common distractions.

Download this special audio program now while you wait for “The Focused Team” to arrive by mail.

Special Bonus #3 – A Peak Performance E-booklet on Focus

“The Critical Mental Skill of Concentration in Sports”

Included in your program is a free 24-page e-book on concentration in sports. This e-book is an excellent primer to “The Focused Team” program. This e-book helps you understand the importance of concentration in sports and the problems athletes encounter when they do not concentrate on the task at hand.

Download this bonus immediately and learn my most important skill for concentration – The Three R’s for Refocusing. Downloadable E-booklet value – $15.00.

The Focused Team

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“I Stand Behind My Work”
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I stand by my work and reputation as a leading mental game coaching professional. If you are not completely satisfied with “The Focused Team” DVD program, you can return the DVD, CD, and 6 workbooks (within 30 days) for a full refund, no questions asked! And you can keep the special bonuses to boot!

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The Focused Team

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Thank you for taking the time to investigate “The Focused Team” – the best investment you can ever make to help your team perform – in practice and competition – with complete focus on the task at hand! I look forward to helping your team achieve their goals this season!


Sports Psychology Expert, Dr. Cohn

Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D.
Master Mental Game Coach

Peak Performance Sports, LLC
P.O. Box 3188
Windermere, FL 34786-3188

P.S. You now can have your own personal mental coach on DVD for a fraction of the cost of hiring a sports psychology expert to conduct a live seminar. “The Focused Team” gives you a step-by-step, proven system for boosting concentration in both practice and competition! Plus, you get my two special peak performance bonuses all for the small investment of $299.00.

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