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The Confident Sports Kid Audio & Workbook

In this Audio program, young athletes and their parents learn about improving confidence in sports, such as managing expectations, and other confidence-destroyers such as doubt. The workbook and CD guide kids, step-by-step, through 7 daily lessons. Also included is a CD and manual for parents or coaches.

The Relaxed Athlete Audio & Workbook

“The Relaxed Athlete” Audio teaches you mental strategies for pregame mental preparation to perform better in competition. Two programs combined into one, you learn how to use a focused and confident pregame routine and the secrets to a poised and relaxed mindset. 14 days of mental game exercises.

The Fearless Athlete Audio & Workbook

“The Fearless Athlete” is program 4 in “The Confident Athlete” audio series. Learn how to overcome the mental handcuffs of perfectionism and fear of failure, leading you to perform with unshakeable trust. Dr. Cohn delivers his new program in a step-by-step practical workbook you use for just 15 minutes a day!

The Composed Athlete Audio & Workbook

Ideal for athletes and coaches who wants to learn how to stay composed and let go of mistakes. You’ll learn a step-by-step system for letting go of mistakes and performing well under pressure. 2 CDs (or 14 MP3s) and Workbook included. For athletes age 13 and older. Program 3 in the series.

The Focused Athlete Audio & Workbook

“The Focused Athlete” teaches you a system to get into a zone focus. 14 days of concentration-boosting exercises and a simple-to-follow 63-page workbook guides you through each of the 14 days, helps you overcome distractions, and focus on what’s relevant to your performance. Program 2 in the series.

The Confident Athlete Audio & Workbook

“The Confident Athlete” teaches athletes how to how to have proactive self-confidence when they step on the playing field, court, track, or course. Available on CD and digital download. For athletes ages 13 and older. Learn how to overcome doubt and other confidence killers. Our most popular program in the Confident Athlete series!