Athletes Mental Edge Workbook System

The Athlete’s Mental Edge workbook system 2.0 is designed for both mental coaches and sports team coaches. And no matter if you are a 20-year mental coach veteran or just starting your career as a mental coach, you’ll love the simplicity of the workbooks, and your athletes will appreciate your organization.

Helping Young Athletes Kick Perfectionsim

Parents and their kids learn how to overcome perfectionism and fear of failure—the number one mental game challenge for kids in sports today. Once your kids conquer perfectionism in sports, you’ll find that they’re likely to perform more freely, intuitively, and spend less time avoiding mistakes.

The Ultimate Sports Parent Audio Program

As the parent or coach, learn how young athletes overcome the top challenges they face, as well as the top “mental game” challenges that cause anxiety for sports parents. You and your young athlete will learn just what it takes to cultivate confidence, focus, and composure in sports. Learn how to support kids in sports!

Arm Pump Solved CD Program For MX

MX racers learn the top four mental breakdowns that can cause arm pump, why some theories about arm pump are dead wrong, how to fuel your self-confidence before each moto so you can make it to the podium, and how to race with freedom and composure. Learn six mental strategies to help you race your … Read More

Soccer Confidence Audio & Workbook

Designed to teach soccer players how to perform with confidence, composure, and focus in training and competition. “Soccer Confidence” is also great for coaches and parents who want to learn how help their players be mentally tough on and off the field. Workbook and 4 CD’s to help players improve mental toughness for soccer.

The Confident Figure Skater Audio Program

This Audio/CD and Workbook program is ideal for any competitive figure skater. It’s a complete brain dump of the TOP eight mental training sessions Dr. Cohn teaches figure skaters to help them improve their mental game and consistency – from how to mentally prepare for competition to performing under pressure.

The Confident Gymnast Audio & Workbook

If you are ready to improve your mental toughness and perform with ultimate self-confidence in competition, we have a program that will do just that. Your gymnastics mental game experts share with you powerful mental strategies to help you (or your team) perform your best in training and competition.

Tennis Confidence Audio & Workbook

The Tennis Confidence Audio and workbook program is an ideal program for any competitive tennis player. You will learn how to overcome a lack of focus, low self-confidence, and other mental game obstacles you experience when you play in matches. Learn practical mental game strategies to overcome mental game barriers.

The Focused Sports Kid Audio & Workbook

“The Focused Sports Kid” helps sports kids who get easily distracted and can’t maintain their focus in competition. In this program, you and your athlete learn concentration-boosting strategies to help young athletes develop laser focus during competition. Audio/CD and workbook for both Athletes and Parents.

The Composed Sports Kid Audio & Workbook

This simple-to-follow workbook and Audio program for young athletes and their parents helps kids cope with frustration and anger in sports. Each of the 7 daily lessons provides step-by-step suggestions to help athletes let go of mistakes. Parents can help their kids with the information in their own Audio and manual, too.