Mental Coach

MGCP Certification Course

If you are a sports-psychologist-in-training, sports coach, life coach, therapist or psychologist, we can teach you how to improve mental toughness in athletes! Learn Dr. Cohn’s proven MGCP mental coaching system for instilling confidence and success in athletes! Save 10% with early registration. Spring, Summer, and Fall courses.

Improving Credibility for Mental Coaches

My new program helps new and experienced mental coaches gain credibility in your field of expertise. In “Improving Credibility,” sports psychology professionals learn how to get organized with your business documents so you can look professional, how to harness social proof from athletes and coaches, and learn the top tactics to improve your credibility as … Read More

Working With Sports Parents/Young Athletes

The Mental Coach’s Playbook is a tool for mental coaches to help them improve efficiency and success as a mental game coach working with sports parents and their young athletes. Learn the top issues for young athletes and their parents. Learn how to be more successful when working with young athletes.

Mental Coach Online Success Formula

Our program guides you, step-by-step, to greater success as a mental coach using an online presence. We develop your website using a powerful and easy-to-learn content management system, teach you how to publish new content quickly (without paying a webmaster huge fees), and get you noticed online by the athletes and coaches.

Business Secrets for Mental Game Coaches

Our mastermind and coaching program for mental game experts is all about like-minded professionals sharing information and tactics to help each other grow. Each month we’ll meet within a highly interactive session to brainstorm, share ideas, develop partnerships, and learn how to grow our businesses.

MGCP Self-Paced Course

Armed with field-test sports psychology strategies and proven techniques, you can coach your athletes more powerfully and lead them to victory more often. The self-paced mental game coaching program will provide you with mental game coaching tools and techniques to empower your athletes with the latest strategies.

The AMAP Assessment System

The AMAP System licenses to you our exclusive mental game assessment. You learn how how to easily identify your athletes’ mental game challenges, what mental game issues to look, and how to do a summary of the AMAP. The AMAP has several purposes beyond its use as an assessment tool.

Athletes Mental Edge Workbook System

The Athlete’s Mental Edge workbook system 2.0 is designed for both mental coaches and sports team coaches. And no matter if you are a 20-year mental coach veteran or just starting your career as a mental coach, you’ll love the simplicity of the workbooks, and your athletes will appreciate your organization.

The Relaxed Athlete Audio & Workbook

“The Relaxed Athlete” Audio teaches you mental strategies for pregame mental preparation to perform better in competition. Two programs combined into one, you learn how to use a focused and confident pregame routine and the secrets to a poised and relaxed mindset. 14 days of mental game exercises.

The Fearless Athlete Audio & Workbook

“The Fearless Athlete” is program 4 in “The Confident Athlete” audio series. Learn how to overcome the mental handcuffs of perfectionism and fear of failure, leading you to perform with unshakeable trust. Dr. Cohn delivers his new program in a step-by-step practical workbook you use for just 15 minutes a day!