Pregame Mental Preparation for Young Athletes

“Discover How Athletes Can Mentally Prepare for Competition in Just 10-Minutes”

Mental Game Coach to Pro Athletes & Award-Winning Parenting Author Share Proven Lessons for Pregame Mental Preparation.

From: Dr. Patrick Cohn and Lisa Cohn
(Authors of The Confident Sports Kid Series)

Dear Parents and Coaches,

The MOST important time for kids to be focused and confident is just before competition. However, before competition is when kids feel anxious, distracted, worried and tense about outcomes. Feeling this way can undermine athletes confidence and performance.

In addition, as sports parents and coaches, your behavior can make or break your athletes’ mindset before a competition or performance. You can make your athletes feel more anxious, worried, tense or distracted—even though you don’t mean to do this.

But you can learn to say and do the things that boost sports kids’ confidence and composure just before a game or competition. And young athletes, too, can learn to take steps that will make them feel confident, energized, and focused just before competition.

How Kids Struggle To Get Mentally Ready for Competition

Parents ask us:

“How do I support my athlete without putting more pressure on him?”

“I am more nervous than my son before games. How do I as a parent stay calm and not show I am nervous before games?”

“My challenge is not to talk too much about the upcoming games or what they need to do. I want to psych him up and encourage him but don’t want him to feel that he has to perform perfectly.”

“How do I help my kid understand that mental prep is as important or even more important than physical prep?”

“How do I keep my daughter loose in games like she is at practice? Her practices far out measure her game time skills.”

“How can I pump up my athletes and be positive without being overbearing or getting in their space? How can I help my child to play with intensity?”

Young athletes and their parents and coaches tell us that sports kids often struggle with these pregame mental game challenges:

  • They feel pressure to excel from expectations they feel from others
  • They focus too much on the outcome instead of the process
  • They fail to take charge of their confidence before the compete
  • They don’t trust in their skills when they go from practice to competition
  • They hang on to mistakes and dwell in them in competition
  • They worry too much about what others think about their performance
  • They tighten up and play safe when they feel pressure to succeed
  • They interpret pregame jitters as harmful to their performance

Here’s The Good News…
Young Athletes Can Learn The Secrets to Mental Preparation

Sports kids can now learn how to manage the expectations they feel, cope with pregame pressure, and take charge of their confidence before a game or competition–in just 10 minutes a day!

They can learn how to focus on the things that help them, rather than hurt them. They can even learn how to use pressure and pregame butterflies to improve their focus and energy. All of this is just 10-minutes before competition!

In addition, kids can learn how to trust in their training and “win ugly.” That means they let go of trying to perform perfectly and do whatever it takes to get the job done. When they do this, they can play intuitively, “get in the zone,” perform better and have more fun.

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What Are Our qualifications?

About Dr. Patrick Cohn

As a well-known sports psychology expert and mental game coach, Patrick Cohn has studied, researched, and worked with thousands of athletes for 25 years. During this period of time, he has complied an impressive list of accomplishments and credentials such as:

  • Working with some of the top athletes in the world, including PGA Tour winners and NASCAR winners, on strategies to improve confidence, focus, and composure for sports for over 20 years.
  • Interviewing many top athletes in the world, including Thurman Thomas, Michelle Akers, Ernie Els, Mario Andretti, and Helen Alfredsson to uncover the strategies, techniques and skills that keep these professional athletes at the pinnacle of performance.
  • Authoring and producing an extensive library of sports psychology books, videos, audio programs and training seminars. (Visit Mental Training Proshop.)
  • Earning a Ph.D. in Sports Psychology from the University of Virginia, having published more articles than any other students at the time.

About Lisa Cohn

Lisa Cohn is an award- winning parenting writer and seasoned sports mom. Lisa has been quoted by the Associated Press, Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor and Seattle Times and has appeared on many nationally syndicated radio shows. She has written for Mothering, the Christian Science Monitor, the Huffington Post and Yahoo! Parents. She’s the host of Ultimate Sports Parent Radio, a podcast series which has more than 150,000 subscribers.

Help Your Kids Get Mentally Ready for Competition with…
“Ten-Minute Pregame Prep: 8 Mental Game Lessons For Young Athletes.”

With our pregame mental preparation program, young athletes, parents and coaches learn how to identify classic mental game traps kids fall into before a game and how to avoid them. Parents and coaches learn to identify what they may say or do that contributes to such challenges before a game, and get tips for boosting kids’ pregame confidence rather than inadvertently hurting their confidence.

In the program, kids listen to a ten-minute audio program just before each competition that teaches them a specific mental game skill. Simply load the audio onto their mp3 player or your phone before a game (we provide you with instructions on how to do so).

Along with the program, the parents’ and coaches’ manual helps you support your young athletes’ mental game before a competition.

Kids learn eight mental preparation skills along with parents and coaches:

  1. Manage their expectations
  2. Focus on the process
  3. Take charge of their confidence
  4. Trust in their training and win ugly
  5. Let go of mistakes
  6. Stop worrying about what others think
  7. Cope with pregame pressure
  8. Use pregame jitters to their advantage

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Mental Preparation for Young Athletes

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“Your Short Session Had a Profound Effect”

“Thank you Dr Cohn! Your session of assessment tremendously helped our son who plays Texas high school football! The tips you gave him in that short session had a profound effect on his performance. We would highly recommend you for anyone looking to improve the mental aspect of athletics! Thanks for your commitment to helping others!”*
~Deborah Holden Walls

Kids Learn Practical Pregame Mental Game Strategies

Your athletes will learn practical mental game strategies to help them get mentally ready to compete, which is when their mindset is most critical…

First, your kids get 10-minute audio programs for young athletes (including cheat sheets for review), which walks them through eight simple lessons for pregame preparation in sports.

Second, parents and coaches receive 8 simple manuals for 8 practical mental game lessons to help you understand and instill each lesson. You’ll learn about how you might distract your young athletes and how this hurts their game; and how to behave and help your athletes prepare before competitions to give them the mental advantage.

Kids learn mental strategies for better pregame mental preparation to boost their mental game in competition. Young athletes discover why it is so important to have pregame mental preparation before competition. Most importantly, the program teaches them what hurts their mental game before competition and how to better prepare for game time.

We even provide specific suggestions aimed at helping you communicate to your kids in ways that enhance their pregame mental preparation. As sports parents ourselves, we understand that it’s not always easy saying the right things prior to game time!

Here’s what People Say About Our Resources

“Helped Our Daughter Tremendously”

“We just completed the first ten tips, it has helped tremendously for (our daughter) and us. We’ve learned to keep our behavior and comments in check. She’s letting mistakes happen and not worrying about them, she’s now just moves on to the next play with the same attitude as before the mistakes. She’s playing more aggressively all game. Her coach even mentioned that whatever we are doing, keep doing because it’s working.”*
~Scott, Sports Dad

“The Resources You Have Available Have Been Wonderful”

“The resources that you have available on your website have been wonderful. I am slowly learning [and hopefully] in time that a sound mental game may be more important then the actual physical part of the sport that your child plays. Yes you have to have the talent but the mental game is what sets apart as a very good athlete compared to an elite athlete. As a parent, you need to find the time to teach yourself and help your child understand the Psychology of sport. All the hard work on the ice/field could eventually pay off and not just in sport but in every day life. Thanks again.”*
~Darren, Sports Dad

“My Boys Succeeded! We Beat A Team No one Could Beat!”

“I read your report and prepared a one-page summary for my team. I asked the team to attend a 10am training session on Saturday before the final on Sunday. (I told parents) they must obtain the one-page summary handout from me and ask a parent to read it to them until they understood what it meant…My boys succeeded! We beat a team that no one could beat during the year, that was coached by a former professional player that had sons of former Professional players in the team and as a result of believing in themselves, they won. In my humble opinion , I look beyond the game and hope the kids have learned a lesson in life that you really can do almost anything if you put your mind to it. We salute you and the wonderful work you do.”*
~Anthony (Tony) Costa, coach

Here’s What You Get…

“10-Minute Pregame Prep”

10-Minute Pregame Prep” is two programs in one: (1) a manual for parents and coaches, and (2) short pregame audio lessons for young athletes.

In addition to learning how to identify what not to do before competition, young athletes learn how to mentally prepare for competition in way that help them trust their skills and excel in sports.

Parents and coaches also learn about what not to do or say to sports kids before competition and how to help them mentally prepare.

10-Minute Pregame Prep Includes Proven Mental Strategies:

The sports kids’ audio is an easy-to-understand, step-by-step audio program for young athletes, age 8 to 15. It tells kids the importance of a good pregame mental preparation, what to avoid doing before competition and what to do to mentally prepare.

Your kids learn many sport-specific examples of things kids should be concentrating on—the thoughts, feelings, cues, or images to focus their best.

The audio guides young athletes through eight short lessons that will help them boost their pregame mental preparation and success in sports. Your kids listen to the audio and then complete the exercises for each of the eight lessons.

We know some athletes don’t have the time to read a 120 page workbook. Here, your athletes only listen to one 10-minute pregame audio lesson per week–and can do this over and over until they learn the lesson.

Get The 10-Minute Pregame Prep Manual for Parents and Coaches

The program includes a training manual that teaches parents and coaches how to communicate and support their young athletes in ways that improve their pre-competition mindset. This manual coincides with the audio session that your athletes listen to before competition.

Parents learn what not to do or say before competition and develop a good pregame mental preparation routine to ensure kids experience happiness and success in sports as a result.

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Mental Preparation for Young Athletes

10-Minute Pregame Prep
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Eight Lessons That Will Help Young Athlete’s With Pregame Preparation

Lesson One: Managing Kids’ Expectations
Lesson Two: Focusing on The Process
Lesson Three: Using Proactive Self-Confidence
Lesson Four: Trusting in Your Training And Winning Ugly
Lesson Five: Letting Go of Mistakes
Lesson Six: Stop Worrying About What Others Think
Lesson Seven: Coping With Pregame Pressure
Lesson Eight: Using Pregame Jitters to Your Advantage

Here’s what your athletes cover each day before competition.

The lessons are short and succinct and free of psychobabble or jargon:

  1. What You Need to Know – An introduction to get kids ready for the upcoming lesson.
  2. What to do Today Before The Game – The overall mission for today’s lesson.
  3. Today’s Pregame Tips – What to do before the game today.
  4. Post-Competition Assessment – Discussion questions to gauge mental skill improvement.

What’s The Cost For All This?

We reward people who take action. Including $75 value in bonus programs (see below), you can purchase the audio for kids and the manual for parents and coaches for only $97.00 (digital download only). Take action today no matter if your athlete are in season or out of season.

Below, you can order the digital program–a zip file–containing multiple files in one.

Mental Preparation for Young Athletes

10-Minute Pregame Prep
Digital Download – Get immediate access to the program.
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Special Bonus Programs Included

Special Bonus #1

Checklist For Pregame Attitude

This is a checklist for sports kids to go over prior to competition to help them identify the mental prep area and “check off” what they are working on for their pregame attitude. PDF report value: $20.00

Special Bonus #2

Helping Young Athletes Embrace Mental Training

This is an eBook to help you introduce your kids to mental training and explain the benefits. PDF report value: $25.00

Special Bonus #3

Post-Competition Assessments

The post-competition assessment helps your athletes assess their mental game skills. You’ll want this bonus to help your kids assess their own mental game based on the skills they’ve learned in 10-Minute Pregame Prep. Then you can help your athletes make any adjustments based on their own self-assessment. PDF bonus value: $20.00

Special Bonus #4

Pregame Tips For Parents and Coaches

This bonus provides sports parents and coaches with a quick checklist to help young athletes feel more confident before competition. It provides you with tips to keep in mind to help your athletes get ready for games. PDF bonus value: $15.00

Special Bonus #5

Questions and Answers About Pregame Mental Preparation

This bonus provides sports parents and coaches with common pregame mental prep questions and our answers to these questions. PDF bonus value: $15.00

Special Bonus #6

Pregame Mental Imagery Program

This bonus provides young athletes with a summary of the mental skills they learn in the entire program in one audio program designed to help them go into competition with the right mindset. PDF bonus value: $15.00

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ll assume all the risk to make this a no-brainer for you. We’re so confident that you and your athletes will benefit from our program that we offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

If you don’t like the program–for any reason at all, destroy the documents and email us for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase date.

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Mental Preparation for Young Athletes

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Thanks for spending the time to read about “10-Minute Pregame Prep” Audio program. This is the simplest and more practical program you will find to help your athletes improve their pregame mental preparation.


Dr. Patrick J. Cohn and Lisa Cohn

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