Mental Training Expert, Dr. Megan Melchiorre, Psy.D, MGCP

Sports Psychology Coach

Mental training expert Dr. Megan Melchiorre specializes in sports psychology strategies for volleyball players and all athletes. She is a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional (MGCP) and is the director of mental game coaching at Peak Performance Sports. She joined Peak Performance Sports to work with youth, junior, and high school aged athletes on mental toughness.

Dr. Megan has 25 years of experience in the sport environment, being an athlete, coach, and mental coach. She was a participant in numerous sports including collegiate volleyball at Peace College in Raleigh, NC. She has also coached club and high school volleyball. She works with high school, college, and professional athletes to improve their confidence, focus, and other mental game challenges that block success.

Dr. Megan has extensive experience working with youth to high school, collegiate, and professional athletes.

In addition, Dr. Megan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development, a Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from California Southern University. Dr. Megan is the director of mental coaching for athletes and assists in product development for Peak Performance Sports.

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What Athletes Are Saying About Dr. Megan Melchiorre

“Really Helped Me Excel as a Player”

“Working with Coach Megan during the duration of football season really helped me excel as a player on the field but as well as with tackling obstacles in life. Her coaching has allowed me to stop being so hard on myself during a game and just allowed me to move on and play my game, which would help me bounce back from mistakes. Very grateful that I was able to work with coach Megan during football season.”*
-Hunter Malsch (Kicker), 2017 Big 8 Punter of the Year

“Dr. Megan Can Really Understand What it Takes to Be Excellent”

“She’s worked with teams and athletes and helped them build mental toughness. Dr. Megan cares more about the person than just the performance and when we do that as people. The best skill about Dr. Megan is that she can really just understand the whole psyche, what it takes to be excellent and great and really challenges people in a good way… She does a great job of executing a mental game plan.”*
~Dr. Rob Bell at DRB & Associates

Listen to the Audio from Dr. Bell:

“The Girls Really Improved Through The Season”

“We had a great result working with Megan for our 15s volleyball team. Our main goal was to keep focus and working towards improving our mental game. She taught them how to use separate cues to keep them on track and work on dealing with mistakes. The girls really improved through the season and reached many goals in place when we were able to break down our mental game.”*
-Liz Markovitz, Head Coach at Jammers Volleyball Club

“My Performance Has Changed Drastically”

“Megan has helped me persevere through my problems on and off the field. Especially on the field. My performance has changed drastically (in a good way of course). I would like to thank Megan and my parents for giving the opportunity to succeed.”*
-Teddy Kramer, DA Soccer in Indianapolis

“Helped Me Realize My Expectations Were Inhibiting My Goals”

“Coach Megan has really helped me to strengthen my mental game.  She helped me realize my expectations were inhibiting my goals and my performance. After working with her and doing several exercises, I restructured my goals and have a better idea how to be a top performer. Coach Megan understands the players mindset and I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with her. I will take what I learned and apply it not only in sports but in my academic life too! Thanks so much Coach Megan!!”
-Sarah Durham, DS at Jammers Volleyball Club

“I Feel Like Her Time With Us Has Been of Enormous Benefit to These Girls”

“My 14 year olds club season started out with a bang! However, as we neared the middle of the season, we could not seem to get past our “3rd place” finishes. Something seemed to be missing… That’s when we reached out to Dr. Megan for help! The more we discussed the importance of consistency and how it helps with focus, the girls began to grasp a better understanding of the concepts and contribute more. Our next match, I found the girls using what they had learned. And…our performance improved over the course of the next month dramatically!!  We began to overcome a trailing scores more easily, and finally… when we were down 16-24 and we came back and WON…I knew we were really progressing!! It’s been great to watch the girls use the techniques and cues Dr. Megan shared with them! I feel like her time with us has been of enormous benefit to these girls personally—AND to our TEAM as a whole! Thanks so much Dr. Megan!!”*
-Nancy Cates, Head Coach at Jammers Volleyball Club, Board Member of Jammers

“This Weekend I Played The Best Ball I’ve Ever Played”

“I just wanted to tell you that you helped me so much this season. This weekend I played the best ball I’ve ever played and I think you and your concepts and the mental part has 85% or more to do with it! So, THANK YOU!”*
-Sarah D., Volleyball Player

“She Remained Positive Till The End And That’s a Great Improvement”

“Ananya lost her match against the 3rd seed 6-1, 6-0. Many games went to deuce and the match was almost 1.5 to 2 hours so the score line does not reflect her performance. She and her traveling coach say that she remained positive till the end and that’s a great improvement, thanks to you. She really enjoys talking with you and finds the sessions very productive.”*
-Prasad Vartak, Tennis Parent

“His Throws Were Way More Accurate And He Seemed More Confident”

“I feel the ritual you suggested for him worked GREAT – it was simple, yet distracting enough to slow him down and be effective. He did well! His throws were way more accurate and he seemed more confident.”*
-Tara Harrison, Baseball Parent

“He Looked Very Solid and Composed”

“He has made great effort, and progress in the mental side no doubt. I’m so proud of him too. By the way, he has done today what I can call it the perfect mental game today. The match was extremely tight with a tough player, he lost the first set 4-5(1), then he started to take more risks and overcome his fear he won the second 4-1, then he played a super tiebreak, he won 14-12. He did not show any frustrations at all during the match, he looked very solid and composed, he has taken great productive risks on match points to his opponent. He is extremely happy… Thanks Megan for your support and effort with Amr.”*
-Mohamed Ibrahim, Tennis Parent


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