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Mental Coach Online Success Formula

Our program guides you, step-by-step, to greater success as a mental coach using an online presence. We develop your website using a powerful and easy-to-learn content management system, teach you how to publish new content quickly (without paying a webmaster huge fees), and get you noticed online by the athletes and coaches.

Business Secrets for Mental Game Coaches

Our mastermind and coaching program for mental game experts is all about like-minded professionals sharing information and tactics to help each other grow. Each month we’ll meet within a highly interactive session to brainstorm, share ideas, develop partnerships, and learn how to grow our businesses.

Baseball Confidence CD Program for Coaches

Learn how to teach your team to have unshakable self-confidence (practice and drilling are not the only methods to develop confidence). It’s not hard or impossible to achieve. Your athletes can learn the same strategies Dr. Cohn teaches to ball players who lack confidence or have his doubt.

The AMAP Assessment System

The AMAP System licenses to you our exclusive mental game assessment. You learn how how to easily identify your athletes’ mental game challenges, what mental game issues to look, and how to do a summary of the AMAP. The AMAP has several purposes beyond its use as an assessment tool.

Athletes Mental Edge Workbook System

The Athlete’s Mental Edge workbook system 2.0 is designed for both mental coaches and sports team coaches. And no matter if you are a 20-year mental coach veteran or just starting your career as a mental coach, you’ll love the simplicity of the workbooks, and your athletes will appreciate your organization.

Mentally Tough in The Face of Bullies

Some kids have to deal with being bullied by other athletes, or even coaches! In this program, sports parents, coaches, and their young athletes learn mental game strategies to cope better with bullies. One Audio and workbook program teaches parents strategies for understanding and stopping bullying in sports.

Confident Sports Kid Picture Books

It’s never too early to educate young athletes on mental game principles that will help instill confidence and success in sports. Dr. Patrick Cohn, author of The  The Confident Sports Kid series, brings a new line of educational and fun picture books. Our new series of sports psychology picture books are available to download–for ages … Read More

Helping Young Athletes Kick Perfectionsim

Parents and their kids learn how to overcome perfectionism and fear of failure—the number one mental game challenge for kids in sports today. Once your kids conquer perfectionism in sports, you’ll find that they’re likely to perform more freely, intuitively, and spend less time avoiding mistakes.

The Ultimate Sports Parent Audio Program

As the parent or coach, learn how young athletes overcome the top challenges they face, as well as the top “mental game” challenges that cause anxiety for sports parents. You and your young athlete will learn just what it takes to cultivate confidence, focus, and composure in sports. Learn how to support kids in sports!

The Confident Racer CD Program

Overcome most common mental game roadblocks to a racer’s success. Learn how to implement the six most powerful mental game strategies to supercharge your confidence and help you get into a “zone” focus. Cultivate a winning mindset by implementing the prescribed steps for pre-race mental preparation.