Sports Psychologist Near Me

Sports Psychologist Near Me

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With today’s video technology, athletes, teams, and coaches can learn sports psychology strategies from anywhere in the world. You can work with a mental performance coach or sports psychologist from the comfort of your own home or a hotel if you are traveling for competition.

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Before mental performance coaching via Zoom was popular, Peak Performance Sports has delivered mental skills training to athletes and teams via Skype video conferencing for many years. In addition to working with athletes in many countries, we’ve worked with athletes across town because of the convenience of video mental performance coaching. Using video technology helps save you drive time, which you can be using for practice.

About Us

I’m Patrick J Cohn, Ph.D. the owner and founder of Peak Performance Sports. I’ve helped athletes and teams for over 30 years improve their performance, overcome slumps, get past the yips, and get in the winners’ circle again. My team of mental performance coaches help you improve your mental game from anywhere in the world.

Why Mental Performance Coaching?

Do you find that you or your athlete is under performing in competition? Are you frustrated with not performing up to your potential you show in practice? At Peak Performance Sports, you learn the secrets to improving your performance via mental performance coaching. Now you can get expert mental performance coaching from anywhere in the world from the leaders in mental training.

If you perform like a star athlete during practice but choke or lose confidence during competition, the most likely culprit is your mental game. Do you find yourself going into a slump for no reason? Do you get so frustrated that you can’t think clearly in competition? Are you so critical of your performance that you lose confidence? These are all reasons that you can improve your mindset for sports.

“Mental coaching has helped me immensely. It has taught me what to focus on in and out of the racecar… How to stay calm and focused have been the key skills that I have learned, which are important to becoming a better and more confident racecar driver.”*

~AJ Allmendinger, NASCAR Driver

At Peak Performance Sports, we’ve helped athletes improve their mental game and performance for more than 30 years. You’ll learn the same mental skills we teach to pro athletes to perform more consistently in competition. Read more about Peak Performance Sports certified mental performance coaches…

Peaksports Mental Performance Coaches

Georgia Miller, M.E., MGCP, Mental Coach to HS & Junior Athletes

Mental Performance Coach Miller

Coach Miller, M.E., MGCP is a mental performance coach for Peak Performance Sports. She earned a master’s degree in Athletic Counseling from Springfield College. She is a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional (MGCP) and is working towards becoming a Certified Mental Performance Coach (CMPC) with AASP.

Georgia is a mental performance coach for athletes in all sports including baseball, gymnastics, basketball, softball, field hockey, wrestling, ice hockey, musicians, dance, and football. She specializes in working with young athletes, high school athletes, and sports parents in all sports.

Jaclyn Ellis, M.S. MGCP, Mental Coach to HS and College Athletes

Mental Performance Coach Near Me

Coach Jaclyn Ellis, M.S., MGCP, is a mental performance coach for Peak Performance Sports. She earned a Master’s degree from Illinois State University. Jaclyn is completing professional certification as a Certified Mental Performance Consultant through AASP. She is a Certified Mental Game Coaching Professional (MGCP) with Peak Performance Sports.

She is a mental performance coach for high school and college athletes in all sports. She’s provided mental performance coaching to youth, high school, college, and adult athletes in all sports including soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, golf, hockey, lacrosse, gymnastics, cheer, dance, cross country, wrestling, football, and American Ninja Warrior.

Zoom or Facetime Mental Coaching Session

Watch a sample of a Mental Coaching Session with Coach Jaclyn Ellis via Facetime. Peak Performance Sports, LLC offer Sports Psychology Coaching via Facetime, Zoom, Skype, and Phone with Athletes from all over the world–from the comfort of your home or hotel room!

Patrick Cohn, Ph.D. MGCP, Mental Coach to Professional Athletes

Sports psychology Coach

Dr. Patrick Cohn is a mental performance coach and founder of Peak Performance Sports. Dr. Cohn teaches mental skills to professional and collegiate athletes and teams worldwide from a variety of sport backgrounds. He instills confidence, composure, focus, by teaching athletes and performers mental game skills to perform at maximum levels.

In addition to working as a mental coach with athletes in a variety of sports, Dr. Cohn teaches his mental game coaching system to coaches, therapists, life coaches, and psychologists. He developed the Mental Game Coaching Professional (MGCP) certification program for mental coaches in training.

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Mental Coaching Success Stories

“The Last Competition Went Perfect.”

Mental Training for Dancers

“The last competition went perfect. I would say it was a very positive performance. If I look at the videos and ask, do I look confident? Yes. Am I letting go of mistakes and staying in the moment? Yes. Am I instinctual? Yes. Am I positive towards my partner? Yes. So over all from a mental game point of view I would say this was a successful competition.”
~Tal Livshitz, Amateur Latin Line Dancer, Top 3 in USA

“I Had the Best Nationals I Have Ever Had.”

“Patrick, with your great instruction on the mental game, I had the best nationals I have ever had. And even more important, I got through the five days relaxed and had fun – a new concept in my life! The bottom line – I got five firsts and one second! Thank! You are just what I needed.”*
~Dennis O’Brien, swimmer

“We Had a Great Season and Finished 2nd in the State”

“Dr. Cohn, we had a great season. We finished second in the State Tournament. We scored 163 points, which is 11 more than we scored the year we won the state tournament. We had three individual state champs. We really improved our mental preparation in the post season. The kids bought in and really worked at it. We will definitely need you again next year. Hopefully, you can help us reach our goals next year.”*
~Coach Jim Bird, Head Coach Osceola High School

“He’s Soaring with Confidence Right Now”

“I want to thank you for the great work you are doing with Ty. He seems to be soaring with confidence right now. We are flying out to see him pitch next weekend. He threw well Friday night and is drawing a lot of interest from several Division I schools. I’ll let you know how he looks.”*
~Randy Sullivan, Baseball Parent

“Helped Me Become a Better Putter”

“To win at any level, you have to train both your mind and body. Dr. Cohn does an excellent job of teaching you how to develop confidence and touch around the greens, both of which are vital to any player’s success. Dr. Cohn has taught me excellent practice drills for putting that have helped me become a better putter.”*
~J.L. Lewis, PGA Tour winner

“Dr. Cohn Help Me Get on The Podium”

“Your mental coaching has helped me be mentally prepared ready to go racing. To be a MX champion, your body and mind have to work together on the track. Dr Cohn helped me get on the podium even under tough circumstances and strengthen my mental game side of racing. I am ready to win this championship now.”*
~Max Anstie, Pro MX racer

“I was so calm and ready to trust in my skills”

“Thanks a lot for your help with the mental coaching. I’m so happy I won against David Allen. I was nervous earlier in the day, but when I got to the arena, I was so calm and ready to trust in my skills. I stayed patient and stuck to the game plan.”
~David Price, British Heavyweight Champion 2012 & 2013


*Testimonials found on this site are examples of what we have done for other clients, and what some of our clients have said about us. However, we cannot guarantee the results in any case. Your results may vary and every situation is different. No compensation was provided for these testimonials. Note: Our mental performance coaches are certified MGCPs and not “sports psychologists.”