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“How Golfers Can PLAY WITH Confidence And Mental Toughness on the Course”

From the Desk of: Dr. Patrick Cohn
Re: The Fastest Way to Improve Mental Toughness in Golf

Dear Golfer,

Does this scenario sound familiar…

You love playing golf and practice hard to best you can be…

You also know the mental game is vitally important for the success, but don’t know where to start…

So, consider this…

How elated would you be if you could take your practice game to the course more consistently, perform with superior confidence, and stop under performing in tournaments or money games?

Yes, you can learn to have mental toughness, which ultimately would help you shoot lower scores and get more out of your practice! How awesome would that be for you?

As expert mental performance coaches, we understand that many golfers sabotage their success with mental roadblocks such as:

  • Fear of failure and embarrassment
  • Worry about disappointing others
  • Lack of focus in pressure moments
  • The inability to stay composed due to frustration
  • Lack of trust in skills on the course
  • Perfectionism and trying too hard, and
  • Lack of mental toughness in general.

I know it’s really annoying for you when you work your butt off and not get the most of your game on the course…

And how frustrating is it when other golfers–who don’t work half as hard as you–perform with more confidence and shoot lower scores in tournaments?

How often do you ask yourself these questions?

  • How do I improve my confidence in golf?
  • Why is my confidence so fragile when I play?
  • When will I perform up to my ability in tournaments?
  • Will I ever be the golfer I know I can be?
  • Will I ever show others I can be a good golfers?
  • Do I need to quit or find another sport?

And what’s even more painful is when golfers further sabotage their success by changing their technique or coach in an attempt to play better, but this backfires.

With over 35 years of experience working with golfers to improve their mental game, we understand your frustration with not being able to perform to your potential–up to the same level of performance you show in practice.

My team and I have helped thousands of golfers get over the hump by identifying mental game challenges that limit their success.

If you’re in this boat, then you can learn how you take your game to the next level with one-on-one Mental Performance Coaching–no matter where you live…

One-on-One Mental Performance Coaching

One-on-one live coaching is the fastest way to improve your mental toughness and perform with confidence so you can enjoy golf again…

We help you:

  • Identify the mental blocks that undermine trust in your skills during competition.
  • Overcome strict expectations that cause most most to feel pressure.
  • Get laser-like focus when you compete and cope with distractions.
  • Uncover the secrets to performing with stable, proactive confidence.
  • Overcome frustration and let go of mistakes quickly.
  • Develop preround mental prep routines to improve your consistency.

How pumped would you feel if you can learn the mental skills we teach junior to professional golfers to help them have more fun and shoot lower scores?

Your Golf Mental Performance Coaches

Sports Psychology Expert Dr. Cohn
Dr. Patrick Cohn

My name is Dr. Patrick Cohn. My team of mental performance coaches and I help golfers learn mental skills for success. I have over 35 years of experience in mental performance coaching for golf. We’re experts in helping you develop the mental toughness of champions.

I earned a Ph.D. specializing in sports psychology from The University of Virginia under Dr. Bob Rotella. We’ve helped 1000s of golfers in your situation improve performance via mental performance coaching. That means you learn how to overcome mental block and beliefs that keep you stuck in a web of anxiety and learn mental strategies to get into the zone.

I’m also the creator of the MGCP sports psychology certification program we have certified 100s of life coaches, mental game coaches, and psychologists in our system for helping athlete achieve peak performance.

Mental Performance Coach Jaclyn Ellis
Jaclyn Ellis, MS

Jaclyn Ellis, M.S., MGCP, is a mental performance coach for Peak Performance Sports. She earned a Master’s degree from Illinois State University. Her passion is working with athletes, coaches, and parents to enhance both performance and enjoyment of sport.

She has a background in competitive sports including soccer, golf, volleyball, hockey, baseball and tennis. Jaclyn is currently completing her requirements to be a Certified Mental Performance Consultant through AASP. She is a professional member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). She is a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional (MGCP) with Peak Performance Sports.

But don’t just take my word for it…

See What Our Clients Say

Changing My Routine Has Been a Big Help

“You helped me with my routine—it’s almost like it has a flow to it—you pull your club and boom you are into it. You should glide through the routine. It’s when you try to make yourself stick to a cadence; the routine feels out of sync. Helping me get into the flow of the routine has been a big help.”*
~Joe Durant, PGA Tour winner

A Great System for Helping Golfers

“To play well, you have to believe you can play well. Confidence goes a long way in golf. Patrick has developed a great system for helping me improve confidence and my overall mental approach to golf.”*
~Brian Watts, 11-time Winner on the PGA Japan Tour

 The Mental Keys to What Makes a Great Putter

“I think Dr. Cohn’s research with players, and studying great players, being around great players, and working with players, has given him the insights and the keys to what makes a great putter. Dr. Cohn’s instruction will help players of any skill level improve their putting.”*
~Grant Waite, PGA Tour Winner

Developed Confidence and Touch Around the Greens

“To win at any level, you have to train both your mind and body. Dr. Cohn does an excellent job of teaching you how to develop confidence and touch around the greens, which are vital to any player’s success. Dr. Cohn has taught me excellent practice drills for putting that have helped me become a better putter.”*
~J.L. Lewis, PGA Tour winner

My Focus is Sharp and I Feel Relaxed

“I am so grateful for your insights and experience. My focus is sharp and I feel relaxed but ready to meet whatever challenge comes up. If I make a mistake, I am able to let it go and move on immediately. You have really helped me allot to get back on track and get things going again.”*
~Suzanne Strudwick, LPGA Tour

Mentally I am a much better player now

“After working with you at the end of 2001, I went from 51st to 18th on the money list. Mentally, I am a much better player now. Your golf psychology lessons on setting goals, playing without expectations, and reacting well to mistakes has made a big difference. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to continuing to improve my mental game.”*
~Tjaart Van Der Walt, Tour Winner

YES! I want to take my practice game to competition and perform with more confidence!

Here’s What’s Included in the One-on-One Live Video Mental Performance Coaching

  • Golfer’s Mental Aptitude Profile (GMAP) to uncover mental game roadblocks
  • AMAT Pre-coaching Assessment to test the strength of your current mental game.
  • 4 45-Minute Private One-On-One Zoom Video Coaching Sessions
  • The Golfer’s Mental Edge audio and workbook program.
  • Our one-on-one LIVE Mental Coaching grows your confidence faster.
  • You learn how to unlock your mental blocks that keep you stuck.
  • Addresses your specific triggers and beliefs that lead to under performance.

You also get…

  • Free unlimited text messaging or email communication for one month.
  • Weekly mental game action plans for success.
  • 30-minute sports parent or golf coach coaching session.
  • Custom session summaries sent to your inbox.


Complete the form below to start the process to improving your mental game and performance! Or call us at 407-909-1700 or 888-742-7225.

Here’s Everything You Get Today

  • 4 Live Private, One-On-One Zoom Mental Coaching Sessions (per month)
  • GMAP mental game assessments prior to the coaching
  • The Golfer’s Mental Edge audio and workbook program (value – $299.00)
  • Unlimited text messaging during business hours
  • Weekly action plans for practice and competition
  • Parent- or coach-only 30-minute mental coaching session

Start the process now to uncover your mental blocks and learn proven mental strategies to improve the consistency and level of your performance!

To You Success,

Dr. Patrick Cohn

P.S. – If you want to to take your practice game to the course, perform with more confidence, and boost your composure, then one-on-one mental performance coaching with my team or I is the fastest way to achieve this.

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