How to Develop a Champion Mindset in Volleyball

Volleyball Mindset Tips

Volleyball Mindset Tips

What exactly is the champion mindset?

A champion mindset is the firm belief that you can compete at a high level and develop the skills to accomplish what you have set out to achieve.

The champion mindset is the embodiment of mental toughness or knowing you can overcome mistakes and obstacles and rise to the level of your competition.

The champion mindset is committed to excellence and is not deterred when the going gets tough.

How can a volleyball player develop a champion mindset?

The answer is quite simple… mental preparation.

Champion mindset is a habit that requires daily attention.

The champion mindset is not a once in a while proposition but something that requires a steadfast focus in all you do (training, practicing, drills, scrimmages and against all opponents no matter their ranking).

Team USA Women’s volleyball team is working to develop their champion mindset as the team prepares for the 2020 Olympics.

Even though the US squad did not make it to the semi-finals at the 2018 FIVB Women’s World Championships, the team realizes that solidifying a champion mindset is key as they continue to prepare to compete for championships in international competition.

Team USA setter Micha Hancock talked about the importance of approaching every match with the same focus and the same mindset no matter the level of competition.

Hancock stated that mindset is not just something you work to develop in competition.

Developing a champion mindset requires full effort and focus in everything you do including every scrimmage, every practice and every drill.

HANCOCK: “I think the good thing for this team is nothing really needs to change, it’s always the same focus. We have this thing called ‘gold-medal match day’ where even if it’s a scrimmage on a Friday that counts as gold-medal match day. We try to keep that standard no matter who, when or what we’re playing and I think it helps at times like this.”

A champion mindset is not just something available to elite athletes.

You also can develop champion mindset.

A champion mindset requires your daily attention. So you need to decide whether to devote your time to developing the champion mindset or not.

As you work on this champion mindset, you will see your level of play improve…

You will feel more confident… You will have those competitive juices flowing and feel physically ready and mentally prepared to take on the challenges in front of you.

The champion mindset is within you… you just need to unleash it.

Tip for Developing a Champion Mindset:

A champion mindset requires practice, so that’s where you need to work on it… in PRACTICE!

View drills and scrimmages as a way to get stronger mentally.

Remind yourself that this is an opportunity to develop a champion mindset.

One effective way to work on your mindset is to support your teammates with positive communication.

At the beginning of each drill and scrimmage focus on being a great teammate and create a scenario in your mind that mirrors a similar situation you will face in a match.

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