Shooting For Excellence: Going For It In Golf

Go For It Mentality

What Is The “Go For It” Mentality In Golf?

Many golfers don’t have the “go for it” mentality.

Some golfers are content to play it safe and conservative.

The “play-it-safe” mentality is synonymous with caution and caution never transfers into excellence; caution produces average.

Playing it safe says, “I’m just happy to be here,” while the go-for-it mentality shouts, “I’m here but not for long. I am going higher.”

Playing it safe is rooted in doubt and fear… Going for it is steeped in confidence.

Playing it safe tries not to fail… Going for it is aggressive, optimistic, and focused on success.

Playing it safe never results in optimal play… Going for it pushes you to uncover your true potential.

Simin Feng, 20, decided to go for it when she competed in the 2015 LPGA Q-School and it proved to be the difference-maker. Feng took a five-shot lead into the final round and closed with a 3-under 69 for a seven-stroke victory. Feng lead wire to wire, won medalist honors and earned her full LPGA Tour card.

Feng didn’t have the same mentality at the Qualifying Tournament in 2014. Last year, Feng just wanted to finish in the Top 20 and decided to play it safe. While she still earned her full card, Feng finished with a tie for sixth place.

Feng set her sights on playing optimally and going for each shot. Feng wasn’t looking to just earn her card but to win the tournament.

FENG: “My mindset coming into the tournament was to try and win. Instead of thinking top 20, I think trying to win gives you a little bit of an edge. I wanted to try and finish on top of the leader-board and now I have a chance.”

How To Improve Your “Go For It” Mentality

What’s holding you back? Identify the reasons that cause you to play it safe. Are you afraid to fail? Does the fear of making mistakes cause you to put on the brakes? Do you feel the need to be perfect?

Next, spend some time giving yourself a reality check. What if you fail or are not perfect… Does that mean you can’t succeed? Is it possible to play your best when you experience some pressure? Have you ever played great golf despite feeling some pressure?

Stop accepting the play it safe attitude. Commit to go for it and take risks. Look for opportunities to go for it. Focus on the shot you want to hit instead of the shot you fear will happen.

Remember… nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Golfer’s Mental Edge

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The Golfer’s Mental Edge 2.0 Audio and Workbook program is ideal for any amateur, collegiate, junior, and tour professional golfer.

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