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  • If you are using your mind effectively between points.
  • This one strategy that can help you let go of the last point.
  • The top mental game skills you need to master to boost your confidence and performance between points!

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Tennis Psychology Report Success Stories

“I Already Improved My Mental Game”

“I have really enjoyed listening to your tennis psychology podcasts on iTunes and reading your E-books. I just found your web site and I already have improved in my mental game. I played in a tennis tournament this past weekend and played with the amount of confidence I should have in myself. If I lost a point or made a stupid error, I knew how to deal with it and move on to the next point. I didn’t get frustrated.”*
~Melanie Lewis, Junior Tennis Player

“I Played Much More Freely”

“I have already seen an improvement in my game since downloading your report on common mental game errors in tennis. I found by just focusing on a single point, I played much more freely, didn’t manufacture my strokes, and didn’t dwell on errors. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your work.”*
~Lizzie Feess

“Thanks for All the Guidance”

“Thank you for all the knowledge, tools, material, and guidance you have given me throughout the MGCP course. It was truly a great experience. I am looking forward to integrating your mental training system to students at the club, as well as to athletes that truly are committed, and strive towards reaching their peak performance.”*
~Tim Whitehead, Tennis Coach

“Couldn’t Have Won without Your Mental Training”

“I subscribed to your free tips and I am a big fan of mental training. I recently won the Houston Fall Festival Tennis Tournament in Men’s 4.0 Singles Division and ended the 2009 year ranked 10 in Texas. I wanted to thank you for helping me become mentally tough on the tennis court and in life. I really couldn’t have won this tennis tournament without your mental training.”*
~Leon Hui, USTA Amateur Men’s 4.0

“Helped Me Overcome a Lifetime of Tournament Performance Anxiety”

“I want to let you know that your “Tennis Confidence” CD program has been extremely helpful to me. I listen to the CDs in the car and the program is helping me overcome a lifetime of tournament performance Anxiety. Thank you!”*
~Wing Yu, Tennis Player

“Absolutely Loving Your Weekly Videos And Tips”

“ABSOLUTELY LOVING your weekly videos and tips. I have a young high performing tennis player who is the opposite of today’s video. He almost needs the thrill of competition and a match to perform well. In fact the more people that are watching and the higher the stakes the better he usually does.”*
~Julie, Tennis Mom

“I Am Gaining Insight From Your Material And Knowledge”

“I coach at the Mitchell’s Plain Tennis Club in Cape Town South Africa. Using your material we have started a mental strength program to assist our players. Some of the kids are already participating in higher tiered tournaments, while we are preparing the others for competition. I am gaining much insight from your material and knowledge and am now reconstituting my own mental strength experience to help turn them into better athletes.”*
~Andrew, Mitchell’s Plain Tennis Club Coach


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