4 Ways to Improve The Mental Skill of Confidence

Improve Confidence

Developing a Higher Level of Confidence

You here athletes and coaches talk so much about the importance of confidence for athletes. But do you work on this mental game skill?

Athletes with a high level of confidence…

–Can better handle pressure during critical moments of competition.
–Perform with consistency for longer periods of time.
–Are more motivated to achieve goals.
–Don’t play with fear or anxiety.
–Rise up to meet the rigors of training.
–Learn from mistakes rather than allowing mistakes to kill confidence.

If you don’t believe in your ability to perform well in competition, chances are you won’t go all out or even take the necessary risks to play your best in games.

Basically, a lack of confidence sabotages performance because it undermines your ability to perform freely–in the flow.

Unfortunately, athletes rarely spend time working on the mental game skill of confidence.

Those athletes that lack confidence or have more doubt believe it’s some kind of permanent affliction that they need to live with.

However, confidence can be improved. Like a plant, confidence requires daily attention and needs to be fed properly in order to grow.

Here’s a recent example we see from a collegiate athlete…

UCLA tight end and fifth-year senior Nate Iese’s play on the field has benefited from increased confidence during his final collegiate year.

Iese bounced around playing various positions on both sides of the ball before finding success as a tight end.

Eight games into the 2016 season and Iese is third on the team with 23 receptions for 371 yards with a team-leading four touchdowns.

Iese had a breakout game in a losing effort against Utah with eight catches for 146 yards and two touchdowns.

IESE: “I’m feeling very confident. Like I said, I gain confidence week to week. The more reps I take, the more confidence I gain. Hopefully I’ll be able to put another game like that out there, but also get a win.”

How has Iese improved his confidence?

By focusing on developing his confidence with meaningful reps and challenging himself on a daily basis.

IESE: “I’m very satisfied with what’s happening now. I’m not content at all. I want to keep progressing every week. The more reps the better for me. I feel like I’m getting better with repetition, but I just want to contribute to the offense and get a win this week, so that’s my main focus right now.”

If you want to improve your performance, work on improving your confidence the first priority.

4 Strategies to Improve your Confidence:

1. Note your strengths and don’t be afraid to improve your weaknesses – When you talk and think about the things you do well, your confidence grows and your mood improves.

2. Set attainable goals for yourself – Set short term goals that you can achieve. As you accomplish these smaller goals, you will feel better about your prospects of achieving more in the future.

3. Practice like it matters – More meaningful repetitions in practice will improve your physical skills and increase your belief that you can replicate these skills in competition.

4. Stop measuring your success based on the success of others – Comparing yourself to others is a sure-fire way to lower confidence. Keep the focus on yourself and look to improve your skills each day.

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