Are You In The Middle Of A Hitting Slump?

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In this week’s sports psychology podcast, mental game of sports expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn, answers a question from a high school baseball player who is struggling with his hitting.

Listen to this month’s sports psychology podcast to learn how to improve your performance in sports and other mental game barriers that limit your performance.

COHN: “Were you a great hitter in the past and all of the sudden your game has gone in the tank? I answer a question from a high school baseball player, Izzy. He knows he is struggling with his hitting right now and wants to get back on track. Here is what Izzy had to say, ‘My name is Izzy, I play high school baseball and now I’m currently a sophomore. Last year as a freshman, I was a terrible hitter and could count the number of hits I got in the entire spring and summer season on two hands. Before when I played little league and travel ball, hitting was no problem and something I could always rely on. And now as a high school hitter I have no idea what’s wrong. My form is the same as when I was good. I’m thinking this may be more of a mental game problem. When I tried out for my high school team, the coaches were actually impressed with my ability to hit for power and strength. But when the season started, I felt like since they had talked to me so much and thought so much of me when I got up to the plate, I would think about that and not actually think about putting the bat on the ball…'”

COHN: “There are a lot of things that can change your hitting from one season to the next. First of all, you want to look at things like a change in mechanics, whether it’s your stance or your swing, for example. Often, if a new coach comes in or you go into a new team situation and you change your mechanics, you can start overthinking the mechanics pretty easily…”

Listen below to hear what Dr. Patrick Cohn says about hitting slumps and how to overcome them…

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