Do You Worry About What Others Think – Video

Sports Confidence Buster #5

Many athletes worry too much about what others think of them. These athletes worry that others, such as teammates, coaches, parents, and friends might think badly of them. We call this social approval

If you think this way, you want to be admired, accepted, respected, or liked by other athletes, coaches, or teammates. Part of this is just human nature, but it can turn into a confidence-killer for athletes.

Athletes who worry about what others think engage in a process called false “mind reading.” Mind reading is when you make invalid assumptions about what others might think of you.

In this week’s video, I discuss you can stop the mind reading and not lose confidence from this phenomenon.

Video on What Others Think

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The Focused Athlete

It’s probably no secret that you have many opportunities to become distracted in sports. Athletes are bombarded with both internal and external distractions everyday in practice and competition. Focused athletes are able to get the most from their skills because they are more efficient with practice and more concentrated in competition. Athletes who lack focus let distractions run wild through their mind and don’t know how to adjust or refocus.

The Focused Athlete was developed for any level coach, parent, or junior to professional athlete who wants to improve performance and gain a competitive edge. It does not matter if you are a fledgling junior athlete; or a seasoned professional, plagued with distractions; or you just wanting to learn how to improve concentration…

“The Focused Athlete” is a complete system to teach you how to focus like a champion and harness the power of a zone focus every time you step on the playing field, court, track, or course in practice and games!

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