How to Gain Control of Your Performance by Giving Up Control

Sports Psychology Podcast

In this week’s sports psychology podcast, Dr. Cohn responds to a question from an elite softball pitcher regarding her pattern of losing control suddenly during a game.

In this Podcast, Dr. Cohn discusses how some athletes try to “over control” their performance and begin to try too hard. He explains how this leads to a tendency to think too much and over analyze your performance. Dr. Cohn talks about giving up control, performing like you know how, and as a result, gaining back that control and feeling relaxed and confident.

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The Relaxed Athlete

Relaxed athlete

The ability to relax and play your game under pressure is what separates the winner from the loser in any competition. Champion athletes train hard in practice, are motivated for the right reasons, and are able to raise their game in crunch-time with two minutes remaining in the game..

A relaxed and confident performance begins in the mind! When you are mentally prepared to compete, you can have an optimal level of intensity AND poise!

The Relaxed Athlete program is ideal for any athlete that wants to overcome pregame anxiety, worry, or excess tension and learn to perform with poise. It’s also ideal for any coach or parent who wants to teach athletes to perform with poise and relaxation in competition.

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