How to Mentally Focus In Games

What Are The Top Distractions For Athletes?

In this week’s sports psychology podcast, mental game of sports expert Dr. Patrick Cohn talks with Dr. Megan Melchiorre.

Dr. Megan is new at Peak Performance Sports. She is the lead mental coach specializing in working with youth and high school athletes in various sports. She was a collegiate volleyball player and coach. She’s also participated in numerous other sports.

In this podcast, they will answer the question of the week…

“How do you teach players to mentally focus throughout an entire game?”

COHN: Dr. Megan, obviously focus is super important for any athlete and certainly volleyball players.

COHN: What are the challenges you find that players tend to struggle with or what gets in the way of focus when playing?

MEGAN: In a volleyball match, players can be distracted by a number of things especially playing a tournament in club… There are over 100 courts in 1 area, so many whistles, balls, fans… it gets pretty chaotic in there.

MEGAN: Those are external distractions but there is another category of internal distractions, such as negative thinking…

MEGAN: What do YOU think are the top distractions for athletes, Dr. Cohn?

Listen to this week’s podcast to learn what mental game tips Dr. Cohn and Dr. Megan give to athletes about maintaining focus throughout an entire game:

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Dr. Megan Melchiorre is a mental game coach specializing in volleyball and is the newest member of the Peak Performance Team starting in office May, 2018. She competed collegiality in volleyball and coaches club volleyball teams.

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