Parents: Helping Young Athlete Who Wants to Quit

Have Your Athletes Lost Interest?

In this sports psychology video, Dr. Cohn explains how parents can help their talented athletes when they want to quit their sports and improve their mental game for sports. In this podcast, you learn about how athletes place expectations on themselves and also feel them from parents and others. Dr. Cohn answers a question from a parent who is wanting to help her son not to quit his love of his sports.

Dr. Patrick Cohn is a master mental game coach who works with junior to professional athletes at Peak Performance Sports, LLC. ​​​ Improve your mindset for sports with mental training for athletes. Watch the video on how to identify common reason why young athletes decides to quit their sports and know weather they should quit or not.

Many athletes tend not to find their happiness in playing the sport they used to love and thus affects their performance during the game. This kind of situation adds up and sometimes leads to frustrations and other mental game issues.

Resources for Athletes, Coach, and Sports Parent

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Boost Your Confidence for Sports

The Confident Athlete

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