Self-Confidence in Sports and The Power of Words

Confident Self-Talk

The Pyramid of Confident Self-Talk

The positive feedback for The Peaksports Mental Training Bootcamp is coming in to the office. We packed a room at the Omni hotel for a weekend-long jam session of mental training strategies taught by the top mental coaches in the business.The reason why I am writing today is to tell you about one of the presenters at the Bootcamp. His name is Marc Anderson.

Marc is one of an MGCP (Mental Game Coaching Professional) that I personally trained in my mental coaching system.Marc conducted a presentation on “The Power of Words and Self-Confidence.” He did a great job.

Marc said that athletes must empower themselves with powerful words to achieve full-blown self-confidence.In the MGCP course, I taught Marc that athletes use different words for different levels of confidence. For example, some athletes think to themselves, “MAYBE I can perform well today.” Whereas athletes with higher confidence say, “I KNOW I can perform well today.” What a big difference one of two words can mean for athletes! He called this the pyramid of confidence self-talk. Great spin on a concept I taught him in the MGCP program – I was proud.

The pyramid goes like this – starting with the top:

–I know I will…

–I believe I can…

–I think I can…

–Maybe I can…

–I hope I can…

–I wish I can…

I don’t need to tell you what the most effective inner voice is for athletes. You can see his entire presentation and other experts when I release the DVDs soon.


In fact, Marc Anderson resigned from his basketball coaching position to pursue his passion of mental game coaching on a full time basis shortly after he completed the course!

Stay with me here…This is just one example of the mental training material I teach my MGCPs in the Mental Game Coaching Professional Certification Program.

I have a new program starting soon. If you want to learn my complete system for how to do mental coaching with your athletes or teams, I suggest you enroll in my MGCP program.

I am now taking applications for the fall program, which begins in October. I only take a maximum of about five students per course. And I already have one person that has committed to the fall program.

Read more about the program at the MGCP website:

If you want to grab one of the remaining spots for the Spring 2008 course AND receive 10% off tuition for early registration, please complete an application today.

Your Master Mental Game Coach,

Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D.,

Master Mental Game Coach

p.s. Marc had some very nice comments about the MGCP course:

“Thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge in the area of mental game coaching. The organization and content of the MGCP program manual is an excellent and valuable reference to mental coaching with athletes. You have enhanced my knowledge about peak performance and performance enhancement. I feel better equipped with my new and fine-tuned mental coaching tools and skills to be effective mental game coach. Thanks again.”

~Marc Anderson, LCSW, MGCP, Mental Game Coach

You can read other MGCP comments about the program here:

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