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Tips To Becoming A Resilient Golfer

Golf Resiliency

Do Negative Emotions Destroy Your Golf Game? Are you a resilient golfer and able to keep your emotions in check after a bad shot? Or do negative emotions destroy your golf game? Can you recall the last time you missed a shot and landed in the rough… Were you able to focus and get back on track? You … Sport Psychology Article…

Wie’s Mental Game Lessons for Winning US Open

Mental Toughness

Wie’s Mental Toughness Michelle Wie won her first U.S. Women’s Open last Sunday, but not without more tension than Kaymer’s nine-shot victory the week before. After making a double on the 16th hole, Wie stated she was shaken. “It was pretty scary. I gave myself a nice heart attack,” Wie said. “I think I aged about 10 years … Sport Psychology Article…

The Mental Game of Golf with Lynn Marriott

Sports Psychology Podcast

In this week’s sports psychology podcast, mental game of sports expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn interviews Lynn Marriott about her approach to mental coaching. This podcast is a special preview of one of 14 interviews with nationally recognized top sports psychologists. In this excerpt, Lynn Marriott tells Dr. Cohn who influenced her mental game philosophy. She talks about how … Sport Psychology Article…