Visualizing and Assessing Your Shots Properly

What to do To Properly Visualize Your Shot

Do you visualize your shots before you hit them but then freak out when a shot doesn’t come off accordingly?

In this week’s golf psychology session, mental game of golf expert and author of The Mental Game of Golf, Dr. Cohn, responds to a question from Juan who had this to say about his game:

“I’ve been told to visualize my shots during my pre-shot routine. But when I visualize a shot and I don’t pull the shot off that I just visualized, I start to get disappointed and question why. Should I visualize a good shot every time?”

COHN: This is super common with young golfers and young athletes alike, is they tend to have very high expectations for their performance. Sometimes the acting out is to show you that she’s actually better than that. It’s okay for her to hit a bad shot or have a bad hole, for example, early in the round, you need to impress upon her that she’s not going to play perfectly. It’s early in the round a lot of great opportunities to come…

Listen to the podcast now to learn what Dr. Cohn has to say about visualizing your shots but maintaining proper composure even after the shot was not how you visualized it.

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