7 Benefits Of High Confidence For Athletes

Confidence Benefits

How Important Is Confidence For Athletes?

Every athlete and coach knows how important confidence is for peak athletic performance

But too many athletes I work with have fragile or unsteady confidence–they ride the confidence roller-coaster.

Athletes who have fragile confidence can’t achieve their potential. Here are a few of the top confidence killers.

Confidence suffers when you:

  • Have a lot of self-doubt
  • Can’t reach your high expectations
  • Make comparisons to other athletes
  • Try to be perfect
  • Are too critical of your own performance
  • Dwell on mistakes

Do any of these confidence killers sound familiar?

Confidence is a mindset, but its also based on your past history of success. But if you disqualify past success and only think about mistakes, your confidence will be in the tank.

Confidence is how strongly you believe in your ability to perform. It’s based on years of practice and competition, but too many athletes lose confidence after making only one mistake!

High confidence can greatly improve your game. See the graphic below to see how confidence can boost your performance:


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