Figure Skaters, Do You Use a Mental Warm-up Routine?

Figure Skating Warm Up

Precompetition Routine For Skaters

Do you currently mentally prepare for competition? If not, you should have a warm up routine that includes your mental prep

By using a pre-competition routine, you can feel focused and prepared to succeed!

Your mental preparation is crucial for peak performance and involves more than just visualizing a successful performance.

Without a pre-competition mental routine, you’ll not be as focused and mentally prepared as possible for competition.

Every figure skater needs to create a mental routine that will help improve confidence, composure, and focus before stepping onto the ice.

Your mental warm up routine should include:

  • Focusing on the process, not outcome
  • Getting into a confident state of mind
  • Visualization of your program
  • Letting go of outcome expectations
  • Managing your jitters

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