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How To Focus During Your Warm-Up Routine – Peaksports Video

Sports Psychology Video

Concentrate Before The Game In “Sessions with Doc,” Dr. Patrick Cohn answers your sports psychology and mental training questions about focus in competition. Here’s the question Dr. Cohn answers this week about how to concentrate while warming up for competition: PAULA ASKS: “I have a hard time focusing fully on my warmup and my horse. I find I … Sport Psychology Article…

Figure Skaters, Do You Use a Mental Warm-up Routine?

Figure Skating Warm Up

Precompetition Routine For Skaters Do you currently mentally prepare for competition? If not, you should have a warm up routine that includes your mental prep… By using a pre-competition routine, you can feel focused and prepared to succeed! Your mental preparation is crucial for peak performance and involves more than just visualizing a successful performance. Without a pre-competition … Sport Psychology Article…

Athletes Who Lose Confidence When They “Lose” Warm Ups

Losing Confidence

Does Your Confidence Tank After the Warm Up? Do you (or your athletes) have to perform well in warm ups to feel confident at the start of competition? I’m sure you build confidence from lots or practice and training. But what happens to your confidence when you don’t perform up to your expectations during the the warm up? … Sport Psychology Article…