Golf Psychology: 3 Preshot Strategies All Golfers Must Do

Preshot Routine

Preshot Routines in Golf

Believe it or not, your preshot routine is very important to shot making and consistency. But guess what? Far too many golfers just go through the motions physically without mental focus.

Here’s the thing: You really don’t have a preshot routine if you perform your routine mindlessly without mental focus.

Now let’s suppose that you take physical steps to prepare for a shot such as a practice swing, set up, etc. This is a good start, but not the whole ball of wax.

The reality is the physical part of your routine is only one facet to a good preshot routine…

That’s why your mental routine is the most important part of your preshot preparation, but so easy to neglect for most golfers. Get this: your mind controls your body. Your thoughts and images trigger a good swing.

OK, if you want to discover three critical mental strategies you must have in your preshot routine, watch my new golf confidence video. Check out my new golf psychology video to learn the three mental components of a good preshot routine.

I have more details for you about my new CD program, “The Golfer’s Mental Edge,” which will be available this Thursday.

The program is a complete brain dump of everything I teach my personal students in the first eight sessions. It includes:

  • Eight confidence-boosting CDs. Each 55-minute CD includes one mental training session to help you improve confidence, focus, composure, and develop focused preshot routines.
  • MP3 audio recordings of each live session. You can download these to your IPod or computer immediately while you wait for the CDs and workbook to arrive.
  • An 8-Session Golfer’s Mental Edge Workbook to guide you through my mental toughness system and to overcome mental game roadblocks.

But that’s not all…

Be one of the first 10 people to grab by new program and you’ll get a massive bonus package:

  • My Golfer’s Mental Aptitude Profile (GMAP) Assessment and personal mental game plan.
  • A one-year membership to peaksportsnetwork.
  • My Drive for Success Goal Monitor and tracking program.

For all my golf psychology videos, visit the golf confidence video page.

Learn Proven Strategies to Perform with Confidence!

Do you suffer from fragile self-confidence after missed hits, playing with strict or high expectations that undermine confidence or the inability to play freely and relaxed on the course?

If you suffer from lack of focus, low self-confidence or other mental game obstacles on the course, you cant reach your true golf potential…

Successful golfers have learned how to perform with ultimate confidence in competition, so we’ve developed The Golfer’s Mental Edge Workbook and CD program to help you do this!
The Golfer’s Mental Edge program includes the top 8 mental training sessions I do with my personal students to help them boost their mental game and improve consistency on the course.
The Golfer’s Mental Edge program includes 8 confidence-boosting CDs, MP3 audio recordings and an 8-session golfer’s mental edge workbook.

What are students saying?

“The mental side is everything in golf—the ability to see your shot or line and trust that you can hit that shot or putt. Dr. Cohn has helped me trust my game and putting stroke.”
~Frank Lickliter, PGA Tour, Nike Tour Winner

“My confidence level has never been higher! I can’t tell you how clearly I was able to think during all four rounds of tour-school. The simple game plan you gave me really focused me. My confidence level has never been higher during a tournament. No matter how much pressure was on, I was able to control my thoughts and execute. Thank you Dr. Cohn!”
~Patricia Baxter-Johnson, LPGA Tour

Golf-Report-Cover-FInalLearn Powerful Golf Confidence Strategies!

Are you making any “costly” mental game mistakes during your preshot routine?
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Here you’ll learn the top mental game strategies your preshot routine must include, 6 ways your mental routine breaks down, why indecision is your worst enemy in golf and more!

What are customers saying?

“Dr. Cohn, my golf game has improved since the very first time I landed on! You gave me just enough information to improve immediately! After that, it was a mere no-brainer to become a Peaksports Subscriber! Thank you for helping me improve my game and enjoyment – even overnight! You are right on!”
~Randall Estes

Boost Your Self-Confidence And Focus With Expert Mental Game Coaching!

Master mental game coach Dr. Patrick Cohn can help you overcome your mental game issues with personal coaching.

You can work with Dr. Patrick Cohn himself in Orlando, Florida or via Skype, FaceTime, or telephone. Call us toll free at 888-742-7225 or contact us for more information about the different coaching programs we offer!

What are our students saying?

“WOW!!! What a week I had. I was able to perform with a confidence that allowed my style to shine through–no more entering the arena with that “deer in the headlights” look or feeling. I stopped evaluating myself while I was performing, and I actually left the arena after my patterns feeling like I had experienced a lot of fun. Thank you so much.”
~Julia Dreyer, National Champion Equestrian

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