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How to Improve Your Preshot Routine

Grow Confidence Athletes

Top Mistakes Golfers Make With Preshot Routines How many times has indecision and self-doubt interfered with playing good shots? Spending extra time standing over the ball questioning your shot strategy, thinking of last second adjustments and possible outcomes is a surefire method to interfere with making a good swing. When you overthink, over-analyze or have too many swing … Sport Psychology Article…

How to Use Mistakes to Improve Performance

How to Use Mistakes to Improve Performance

Focus on Mistakes to Learn From Them There is a fine line between recognizing and dwelling on mistakes. You need to be able to identify miscues or missed opportunities from a competition to learn from them. The key is how long you think about those mistakes. Let’s look at the following scenario. Bob G. is a freshman collegiate … Sport Psychology Article…

Manage Pressure Like an Olympian

Skiing Olympics Level

How to Perform Well Under Pressure Are you able to convert pressure into energy, enthusiasm, or excitement during high-level competition? Athletes who choke under pressure usually make the moment bigger than it is. In other words, they assign more significance to big tournaments than other competitors. When you view a major competition as the most important part of … Sport Psychology Article…