How You Can Become A Peak Performer in Sports

How You Can Become A Peak Performer in Sports

What Makes an Elite Athlete “Elite”?

Elite athletes aren’t elite just because they are talented. Plenty of talented athletes have not lived up to their potential.

Do elite athletes just have better coaching? Again, many athletes have risen to the top without the best coaching. Likewise, many talented athletes have elite coaches and still consistently under perform.

Elite athletes are peak performers because they are mentally tough and make things happen.

Elite athletes experience similar circumstances as their counterparts, such as slumps, mistakes, and losses. In addition, elite athletes aren’t superheroes. They don’t always have their ‘A’ game.

They get tired and frustrated. Sometimes, elite athletes, like all athletes, want to skip practice.

* Elite ballplayers go through stretches where they can’t get on base. They respond by looking for an answer, taking extra time in the batting cages, and working on their swing mechanics with their hitting coaches.

* Elite basketball players miss shots with the game on the line. Yet they work to manage pressure, maintain confidence and focus late in games. They file away misses and want the ball in their hands the next game.

* Elite swimmers and track athletes miss national cuts early in the season but respond by refining their mechanics and continuing to push themselves in training sessions.

* Elite tennis players lose to lower-ranked opponents, but they learn from their mistakes and mentally reset for their next match.

In all these cases, elite athletes DO extra. They take action by working on their mental and physical games. They find a way around obstacles and keep grinding through the long season. 

They know they can turn things around and take personal responsibility for their performances.

These solutions give elite athletes a sense of control over their athletic destinies and help them maximize their potential.

The things that help make an elite athlete “elite” are not an inborn quality but a combination of mental skills and decisive actions. 

Those same mental skills are available to you and help you consistently overcome adversity to perform at your peak.

Among the mental skills of elite athletes that you can develop are the following:
* High stable confidence
* Laser-focus
* Emotional management
* Visualization
* Goal setting
* Performing under pressure
* Dealing with mistakes

In his first season with the New York Mets, elite pitcher Justin Verlander has been trying to find his stride. Over his 18-year career, Verlander has been one of the most consistent and dominating pitchers in the MLB, racking up 246 wins. 

However, Verlander has started the season slow with a 2-2 record, and the early-season favorite Mets are 20-23 over the first 43 games in the 2023 MLB season.

Verlander admitted to being frustrated, but he is not giving in to frustration.

VERLANDER: “Everybody’s frustrated. We expect to be better. I expect to be better. I think this entire organization expects to be better. There’s only one thing left to do, and that’s put your head down, work hard and find your way out of this slump.”

Like all elite athletes, Verlander is committed to taking action to turn his season around.

VERLANDER: “But I think we’re past the point of waiting for that to happen. We need to make it happen.”

Talent is important, but mental toughness and strong mental skills are necessary for peak performance, and all athletes can learn those skills.

Three key elements to develop your mental skills are:

  1. Commitment – You must be willing to work and dedicate time to developing your mental game.
  2. Planning – You need to know how you can learn mental skills and the resources available to you.
  3. Practice – Mere knowledge about the mental aspects of peak performance won’t improve your game. You must work to develop your mental game and apply those skills to competitions.

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