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Mastermind Coaching Programs Q&A

OK, so I’ve had a bunch of questions about my new mastermind coaching program for mental game coaches. I’m going to share my answers with you today…

*Who can enroll in the mastermind group?

Any mental game expert who already works with athletes but wants to learn from others about how to improve credibility, get more work with athletes, and learn how to develop mental game products.

*Do I have to be a certified MGCP to enroll in this program?

No, any mental game experts committed to helping athletes can enroll. I encourage all my MGCPs to enroll too, but I want to open up the mastermind program for anyone who wants to network with like-minded professionals.

*When and where do you have the monthly meetings?

The mastermind group meeting will be conducted via teleconference, so you can join from anywhere in the world. We’ll meet on Thursday evening (Eastern time) or another time that works for all participants.

*How long does the program take to complete?

The “Business-Building Secrets for Mental Game Coaches” is an ongoing monthly program as each participant evolves and learns from each other. Currently, I have 10 Modules planned, which will take at least one year to complete or more.

*When will you open up this program again?

I won’t open up this program again until 2010. I want to move through each of the 10 Modules systematically so you can get the most benefit from the program.

*Why do mental coaches who are not MGCPs have to pay an initiation fee?

My certified MGCPs already have a premium membership to This is where the program will be delivered digitally.

You’ll have access to the program documents in a special section of the member area and everything else in the member area too. I also included a nice bonus for non-MGCPs to make up for the initiation fee.

*What are you, Dr. Cohn, going to share with the group?

I’m going to share all my “secrets” for how to expand your reach, gain credibility, get more work with athletes, and earn passive bucks – online and offline.

If you work with athletes on the mental game and are passionate about helping athletes reach their goals, but would like guidance with expanding your practice, this is a great chance for you to network and learn from others.

Only one day left! The “Business-Building Secrets” program closes Thursday, April 23, 2009. And I won’t offer this again until next year. Enroll today:

Your Master Mental Game Coach,

Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D.,

p.s. I’ve started taking early registration for the summer MGCP course. Please contact me if you want to enroll.

Boost Your Self-Confidence With Mental Game Coaching!

Master mental game coach, Dr. Patrick Cohn, can help you or your athlete(s), ages 12 and up, overcome mental game issues with personal coaching.

You can work with Dr. Patrick Cohn himself in Orlando, Florida or via Skype, FaceTime, or telephone. Call us toll free at 888-742-7225 or contact us for more information about the different coaching programs we offer!

What are our students saying?

“WOW!!! What a week I had. I was able to perform with a confidence that allowed my style to shine through–no more entering the arena with that “deer in the headlights” look or feeling. I stopped evaluating myself while I was performing, and I actually left the arena after my patterns feeling like I had experienced a lot of fun. Thank you so much.”
~Julia Dreyer, National Champion Equestrian

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