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Overcome the Imposter Syndrome

Defining Athletic Success on Your Terms

Improve Your Mental Game Have you ever wondered, “Can I compete at this level? Do I have what it takes? Everyone is so much better than me”? Even though some athletes achieve a certain level, they doubt their ability to compete at the next level. At the very foundation of confidence is the question, “Do

Can You Make a Living as a Mental Game Coach?

Mental Coach

Becoming a Successful Mental Game Coach I’m often asked by persons who want to get into mental coaching full time this question: “Can I make a living as a mental game coach?” My short answer is “yes.” A handful of people–who don’t teach sports psychology at a university–do make a living as a mental game

Mental Game Lessons from John Wooden

Basketball Confidence

What’s the Most Important Skills for Athletes to Possess? Anthony Robbins sent me an interview he did with the legendary basketball coach John Wooden, who recently passed away at age 99. This was one of the best interviews Wooden gave, according to Robbins. Today, I want to share with you something that Wooden said that I

Mental Coach Mastermind Program – Questions Answered

Master Mind

Mastermind Coaching Programs Q&A OK, so I’ve had a bunch of questions about my new mastermind coaching program for mental game coaches. I’m going to share my answers with you today… *Who can enroll in the mastermind group? Any mental game expert who already works with athletes but wants to learn from others about how

Sports Psychology: Another Mental Game Coach Success Story


Mental Game Success Story I’m honored when experienced mental game experts – people who have been mental coaching for eight or more years – contact me to help them improve their ability to help students. Dr. Kevin Roby, of Golf Psychology Consultants, worked with a few golfers a year for about eight years prior to